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  1. I am keen to see the likes of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France be able to compete at the highest level for a complete tournament not one off games. In the Northern hemisphere it would also be great if we had a competitive 5 nations of our own Recent years and World Cups have shown that the above countries are nearly there but there is still some work to do. With the development of the game in Belgrade, the East and the Pacific what we could do with is a Nations League like they have brought in in Football. My understanding of the nations league is that there are groups of 4 teams based on rankings in a ladder with movement up and down between groups All test matches would be played between teams at a similar level with the Nations league ladder system allowing teams to rise and fall. To pad out I cannot see a problem in the Knights, Maoris etc being included.
  2. Looking out the window I see we have the traditional Grand Final downpour. As a Saints fan I have endured several wet October defeats. Hope Wire can inflict one on Wigan tonight
  3. I think may would rather have Toulouse and Toronto than Salford and Huddersfield - especially the marketeers and TV companies
  4. headtackle

    London in Superleague

    Congratulations to London - hope they make a good go of it iN SL this time round Hard luck Toronto. Maybe next year - but what odds them buying out the Salford "franchise".
  5. As a Saints fan well played Wire and good luck next week I now wholeheartedly support the poster above who wishes to break the Saints/Wigan/Leeds monopoly although in saying that would prefer to be shouting for Cas next week
  6. headtackle

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    This is a fascinating end to the season and shows that there is much more to the game than SL Can't wait for next weekend to see how it works out As said above though a shame that the recent restructuring could not have factored in a few more clubs. I know there is an issue re money sharing and player pool but a SL containing Toulouse as another French team, Toronto and London would give the league a wider spread and probably more publicity/appeal
  7. headtackle

    ‘League 1 South’

    Looking back MASWARLA was a great league with some dedicated people and a good geographical spread of teams. The committee were active and I remember one time they had the GB coach Phil Larder come down for the weekend to provide coaching for 2 days at Bath University - what would Southern clubs give for that now ? Some long trips between games but not much else to do on a Sunday in those days. The league was well ahead of its time as in those days in places like Bath & Bristol, league was a dirty word and they were still pretending to be amateur.
  8. headtackle

    ‘League 1 South’

    Happy to stand corrected. Was just going off the headline in the Bath Evening Chronicle at the time. Dave Kay was heavily involved with the MASWARLA league and at Bath. A great character who certainly loved his rugby league. Games were on a Sunday afternoon and with pub licensing laws at the time (closed 2-7pm if I recall) the after match beers and food required a little bit of skulking around and some friendly pub landlords. Bath had a good pool of players and from memory even managed to put out a 2nd team a few times. Dave Kay and the committee also managed to arrange for us to play at Knowsley Road as a curtain raiser for Saints/Wakefield which was a great experience for all involved. We played Nutgrove coached by ex Saint Paul Forber, narrowly lost but enjoyed meeting players and Alex Murphy in the bar afterwards.
  9. headtackle

    ‘League 1 South’

    Remember it well - played for Bath 1986-1990 and remember all of the teams above Dursley, Aberavon, Bridgewater & Exeter Uni were also in it if I remember right. Like you say there was quite a spread of teams As an aside Bath were the first southern team to beat a northern team in the Barla national cup when we beat a team from round Wakefield way. Great days
  10. headtackle

    ‘League 1 South’

    Has got to be the way forward as long as it forms part of a pyramid to let all clubs progress as far as they want/are able to go I seel little point in the likes of Hemel and WWR travelling miles each week and getting hammered. It does nothing for them, their opposition or the league. A regional league allows for more local rivalries, reduced travel costs, a more level competition and a place for teams to find their feet before progressing. The issue re fixtures is an issue though especially if have an 8 team North and 8 team south split. Playing the other conference defeats the object and would leave cross conference games to an end of year play off. Longer term would need to look for new clubs north and south. The North could probably use SL reserve teams but the South would need start ups. In the short term why not 3 x 7 = 21 games then cross conference play off/grand final. If needs be have a whole league cup competition with the final played as a curtain raiser at Wembley to help ticket sales generally and give the fans a day out.
  11. Yes am sure it was but dont underestimate the push for league tables and cups. If I remember rightly Union did not have league tables for years (into the 80s) at a guess. Clubs had regular fixtures and the papers used to publish W/L records in some sort of merit table for a comparison but that was nothing formal.
  12. Agreed - wasnt just about pay. Having a proper competition and league tables and cup competitions as opposed to regular "friendlies"
  13. This must support the case for some sort of southern development league for new expansion clubs. There is no point in any team getting thumped like this every week. It does nothing for the game at all and the only positive is that the media dont seem to make anything of it. Re next week they need to be straight and if the game does not imapct on the table for the good of the game be allowed a few academy/fringe players on loan to put a team out
  14. Good summary thanks - answers the first question I always ask - who have they got left to play ? Going to be interesting
  15. headtackle

    New league structure revealed

    I wouldnt want to force an M on any club as all have their own history, traditions and contribution to the game and I wouldnt want my own team to contemplate it Saying that bigger regional teams may help the game with spread and appeal and finances Some say it doesnt work but Catalans if I recall were the result of a couple of previously failing clubs and they seem to have done ok. Welsh rugby union did the same to create its pro 12/14 clubs which seem to be well supported Re the number of clubs and ability for the SL to sustain 12, 14 or 16 clubs. Someone has to finish bottom and in any season there will always be a couple of teams of whipping boys. There always has been and always will. With a smaller number of clubs you can have too much of a good thing and playing a derby or big game 5-6 times a year just removes its importance and intensity. I agree with scrapping the 8s but also with the post above. There is currently more talk and discussion and rumour about expansion than I have every known . The likes of Toronto, Catalans and Toulouse generate more paper/radio discussion than many established clubs and now when there is a chance of moving the game to different level we come up with obstacles to deter it. A conference system with play offs would have left the door open