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  1. headtackle


    Having an SL based in various "one" part of London didn't exactly drag them in either. League has never taken off in the South and the odds are stacked against it. I can see the marketing value of having teams from the South and other regions in the competition but those teams draw a very small hard core then don't develop further. These days there are so many other things to do at a weekend that persuading punters to commit to a team every weekend is so much harder. Agree that a team playing as "The South" across a few venues would probably not drag fans from London to Bristol but for my money would get a bigger average gate and be a useful development tool. Play a few games in London then head to tourist hotspots in the summer months. A game at Bath's Rec ground, Exeter tapping into holiday crowds, Coventry the British Grand Prix weekend etc to tap into crowds. A one off SL game would attract local interest if promoted well. They might not buy a season ticket but would probably go again the following year. One off fans mean more merchandise sales as well hats, scarves etc - ask the likes of Liverpool and United which type of fan they prefer from a financial point of view (Irish or Norwegian I would guess) Promoting the game this way has a better chance of succeeding than letting a team struggle each week in the lower divisions, playing in front of one man and a dog and then falling by the wayside.
  2. headtackle

    A great gesture by The Doc

    Agreed I think he was rash at the start. Salford signed some has beens and didnt deliver on promises whilst upsetting a lot along the way. He seemed to interfere a lot and high profile disputes with players were not helpful Like you say the last couple of seasons he seems to have settled down but was stuck with what he had. Could be interesting if he pops up elsewhere but one bitten twice shy ?
  3. headtackle


    We have been down the route of stuffing the team with kiwis and aussies before and didnt do much good I dont mind a team in London and a presence there should benefit the game. Just think with all the other attractions and events down there you are always up against it with 1 team and 2 wont help In this day of regional teams a better option would be to have a Southern nomads team playing in London but also the likes of Coventry, Bristol, Exeter, etc. The distances are not large and if was in SL then taking odd big games to big cities as "one offs" each year would attract more punters overall Would help with expansion and getting SL clubs visiting a possible development area when a game is in town is much better than trying to promote the game by playing a L1 team The days of basing a team solely in one town are over. RU now has regional teams at the top level and so do many other leagues.
  4. headtackle

    A great gesture by The Doc

    Depending on the small print it looks like a great gesture from the Doc Watching him when his horse won the Chester Cup last week he seems a genuine sports enthusiast and the good people of Salford may come to regret looking the gift horse in the mouth etc His manner may have upset some but I hope he is not lost to the game. Someone willing to float and debate new ideas (whether or not they are viable) never does any harm to any organisation and I hope he gets involved somewhere else Sadly Salford's problems seem deep rooted. The move away from the Willows didnt help and took away some of the identity. I do fear for them but hopefully if this chunk of debt is removed it may buy them some time.
  5. I agree it is good for our game to have Harry involved - he seems to genuinely enjoy most sport The above was said in jest but saying that a bit of the Meghan sparkle would be great for our game
  6. Hopefully the RL have given him plenty of tickets to the Challenge Cup and Grand Final and we see him and Meghan promoting the game He seems to have been actively interested in Union. Hopefully as an American, Meghan will find our game easier to understand, quicker and more entertaining. As long as she doesnt mix too much with her in law Mike Tindall hopefully she will get to some games
  7. headtackle

    Balancing it All Out!

    Why is a draft illegal - works well enough in the US?
  8. headtackle

    Is today the day?

    To be quite honest I am not sure there are that many well funded and well managed clubs in the RFL or SL and probably never have been My point is that we are at a point where we need to appeal to a wider audience both in the heartlands and further afield and leaving that to chance and the randomness of promotion and relegation is probably the not the best way forward
  9. headtackle

    Is today the day?

    The problem we have is that if we were starting again we would not start from where we are now We do have clubs with more potential and better facilities outside of SL and we also have SL clubs that are not pulling their weight What do we do then ? Stick with the status quo or shake it up select the clubs and regions with most potential, rejig the leagues and start again Neither option sits comfortably with me and I suspect others but that is the problem - I am not sure that as a game we know what we want
  10. headtackle

    Is today the day?

    10-15 years ago I would have supported any clubs right to promotion and relegation and was firmly against the franchise model closed shop. The way the gap has gone though, the stagnation and the increased gaps between haves and have nots I must admit that I have in recent years started to switch camps P&R creates yo yo clubs with not many capable of holding their own or breaking into the leading clubs. P&R causes clubs to chase pipe dreams which whilst no bad thing leads to clubs betting the kitchen sink on promotion or avoiding relegation and paying the price when things go wrong. Finally as the game needs a presence and a strategy that helps it develop, market itself and compete with Union, NRL and other sports should the product be based on the randomness that comes with P&R or should the main division consist of well funded, well managed strategically placed clubs. Taking P&R did create the situation where some clubs did the bare minimum and failed to invest. Am not sure what the answer to that is other than basing an element of funding/prize money on league position so that every game really does count.
  11. headtackle

    Is today the day?

    I would favour the SL/feeder club model. I think you make SL clubs decide on their squad then reserves go to the feeder club. There is no reason for the SL reserves to play at the same ground or even town and as said above they could help with development. I appreciate that SL clubs want to monitor their talent but they can do that by having a stake in the feeder club and helping appoint staff and coaches there that they trust. That would be better than the here his week gone the next approach of DR and would boost the player quality pool in some of the lower leagues. The feeder clubs would play as separate entities in their own name so identities retained. Just need rules over the calling up and sending down of players between clubs. A feeder club should probably avoid its parent club in the cup but cant see much else required.
  12. I would forget the War of the Roses If you want an origin game that would get the medias attention what about North v South With the likes of Louis McCarthy Scarsbrook there are a few genuine southerners and am sure a few more qualify either directly or on a grandparenting rule depending where the North/South line is drawn Maybe just an annual one off game. With all the stereotypes about southern softies, Watford gap, North/South divide etc the media would latch on to it and if the South were able to win a few it would help with player recruitment and development
  13. headtackle


    Congrats to York - it takes some doing to score 144 regardless who you are playing. 60:0 at half time so 84 points in the second half is incredible I do worry for West Wales after this. I have witnessed a couple of these games at Saints (Carlisle and Trafford Borough) and look what happened to them It will get some publicity but not that much. Who knows no such thing as bad publicity so maybe the West Wales public will now have an awareness and may get behind the underdog to help restore pride. Perhaps this is an argument that all development clubs should spend their first few years as feeder clubs for SL clubs. They can then benefit from having access to a better quality player and avoid scores as bad as this. Too late for this season which could be a long one for them. Given the "rugby" talent pool in Wales though it would be interesting if a bigger club did form links, sent a few dual reg players to help stabilise things then use WW as a base from which to identify talent and recruit players from the valleys
  14. Has to be Meninga. Saints had been hit and mostly miss in the late 70s early 80s and he ended the drought and was the catalyst for what followed. Lyon was brilliant but that whole team was and we were spoilt. Barba is a breath of fresh air and long may it last We are lucky to have had all three in the red vee
  15. headtackle

    Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    I don't mind magic weekend being for the charity supporting shirts. Some are better than others but great to support good causes Agree though another retro round would be great. They have tried it on occasions - seem to remember the 100 year anniversary of league had traditional shirts (Saints played in Blue & White vertical stripes). Am sure England v Australia a few years back did something similar.