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  1. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    The main problem we have is a lack of exposure resulting in poor tv and sponsorship deals like the Stobart one I appreciate that player welfare is essential and that the player pool is limited but over the years we have continually reduced the number of clubs, number of games, number of cups and competitions and what have we got? No media exposure, limited terrestrial coverage, no household names, players being lost to the game due to no game time/reserves and arguably a reduction in the quality of rugby and excitement. We can tinker around with league structures all we like but at the end of the day simply drawing a line somewhere in the Championship and pulling up the draw bridge will only make matters worse and strengthen the misperception that the game is an insignificant M62 Northern game. It will also kill off clubs who dont make the cut. A happy medium would appear to be some form of relaunch and possibly conferences. Like them or not the Wolf Pack and who knows after that generate more media interest than most established clubs and as a game we should milk it while it lasts and ride with it for a while It is a massive decision the game faces and reminds me of the Lyndsay days at the start of Superleague. There are difficult decisions to be made and fans myself included may not like the answers. Should SL include 2 Hull clubs, London, Big cities v small towns clubs, Do we have a league based on local rivalries or widen the geography, expansion clubs v traditional ? If something is brewing I wish the RL /SL would just get on with it. Speculation and post after post isnt doing anyone any good and simply breeds an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion
  2. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    So would become a 20 team closed shop and sod off to any thoughts of future expansion or development ? Why the urge to have Bradford back before they have earned the right. They have failed repeatedly and the demographics of the area don't suggest anything like to change any time soon. If past glories are being used as a criteria could let Workington, Oldham, Swinton back in as well ! It comes down to the same old argument. Do clubs push for a bigger slice of the pie or work together and try and make the whole pie bigger ?
  3. I think the Knights can be used constructively if they are used to play against some of the weaker/development nations I see little point the full England team thrashing teams and benefiting no-one. If teams demonstrate they are strong enough by all means play the big teams If not keep trying and play the Knights. It is not disrespectful but simply ensuring that games are competitive and can benefit both sides
  4. More games for Wollongong?

    Success might be financial but the true cost will be how quickly the players recover and the results over the next few weeks. Short term gain is great but not if you slip out of the top 4 ! Re the future fine to keep taking games on the road. In these days of expansionism why not go the whole hog and invite 2-3 Aussie clubs into the 2019 revamped SL ?
  5. Super League down under

    I agree a regular season NRL game or an NRL team playing a few fixtures here over here would attract big crowds The world is not as big as it was and grouping away games like Toronto would help clubs as well As long as costs are covered and players get sufficient recovery time leagues crossing international boundaries will only increase. Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto in League, South African teams in Unions Pro 14, the Super 14 or whatever it is these days in Union, NFL in London.
  6. Super League down under

    Dont mind some on the road games as adds interest and promotes the game In the current climate though surely a game in Canada/North America would have been much better for our clubs and league.
  7. Dual Registration in 2018.

    Always feel sorry for teh displaced regular with the dual reg system Why not have a rule that if you send a player "down" it has to be for a minimum period. 2-3 months before can call back? SL clubs would have to think twice before they did it. Championship clubs would at least get a player for a bit longer That approach may encourage a proper reserves competition
  8. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    ok so what would you suggest ?
  9. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    How do you feel that the game can attract a wider audience then ?
  10. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    If the Hearns are serious about getting involved turning magic into a nines tournament would be a good idea. It would solve the SL problem about having an additional game which can add bias to the table and the league could revert to home and away. Sufficient prize money would ensure clubs did not send up a second string. It could also allow for expansion areas, expansion countries etc field teams which would add a bit of novelty value and help with PR. In the current climate a tournament including all SL clubs, maybe championship all stars, Toronto, Toulouse, North American all stars, some NRL clubs (squads are big enough), The South etc etc would get some national exposure and interest Alternatively to help SL teams rest players why not let clubs field teams jointly so only a few stars involved ie Saints, Widnes, Wire as Merseyside (I know Wire are in Cheshire), Leigh, Salford, Wigan as Manchester, Yorkshire, Humberside, Cumbria etc etc and why not throw in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and a generic catch all South . May not appeal to the purist but from tv profile and advertising would get wider exposure. Cricket are doing something similar with the 20:20 - while we protect tradition we may need to be flexible re some boundaries Some "merged" teams would add to the unpredictability of things
  11. BBC coverage is undoubtedly poor and the web site very shoddy Thought we had a deal with Talk Sport - have we been getting any publicity from them The whole thing is lacking - if you are not an existing RL fan you would be totally oblivious to the fact that the new season is about to kick off Saying that the old media is changing fast. The league and clubs should be bombarding the likes of facebook, twitter, instagram as that is where its at now. As a luddite not overly familiar with all that - has it been happening?
  12. London Origin team

    In these days of social media gimmicks a North v South match might get a good lot of publicity and heaven forbid probably more if the South won ! With the Jack Charlton grandparent rule applied could be some interesting team line ups The Wigan v Bath challenge games in the 90s got plenty of publicity. Unfortunately I think often the run of the mill regular games in any sport don't get the respect they deserve but add a novelty factor or a twist and the media love it
  13. Thought Sheffield still fell under the Expansion Club tag - only been 35 ish years at a guess since they arrived on the scene !!!
  14. Who misses professional winter rugby

    There is plenty of bad weather in the summer game. There have been a few snowy games in the early rounds in SL and most Grand Finals seem to involve heavy rain. Accept dry conditions make for better handling and it is nicer sitting in shorts and a T shirt in the sunshine rather than trying to feel your toes at places like Watersheddings. Times change and we wont be going back but do have some fond memories of the winter game usually involving extreme weather. Fans clearing snow off the pitch at Watersheddings, watching the wettest match ever Oldham v Saints at Stalybridge, wind blowing parts of the roof off at Knowsley Rd, and fog when you hadnt got a clue what was going on. All good fun. Don't miss it that much but Boxing Day and New Years Day still feel a little bit empty
  15. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Nothing to do with the weather, distance or travel costs - more to do with the fact that in July/August the population of the South West increases drastically giving any game a much better chance of getting a decent crowd