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  1. the play offs as a concept is fine with me and as a Saints fan I have experienced both the highs and lows of the GF my gripe is the tinkering with it. Top 5 was the fairest system as gave the top 2 a second chance and that weighting helped the better teams at worst get to the final
  2. headtackle

    One for the expansionists...

    Be a great away trip - Surfing and Superleague !
  3. Signing current Aussie / NZ test players on short term deals in their off season Striking at the play the ball Proper programmes at a reasonable price - not just glossy pages with the same stuff churned out each week Sunday afternoon games and large away support Standing up Transfer fees / rumours / cross code signings Tour games against NZ and Australia and tours that lasted a couple of weeks The smell of aftershave, alcohol and tobacco at Boxing Day derbies Boxing Day derbies Tough away games in Cumbria
  4. If they all took it seriously it wouldn't be any of that Saying that other sports have gone the same way - football reserve games used to be half decent but gone now
  5. The cost of running a SL reserve team must be minimal. The clubs are already on the hook for the wages and insurance so the costs they incur must be limited to small bonuses, opening the ground and transport. I cant see why any club wouldnt want a reserve grade team as a means of blooding promising youngsters or trialists, providing an easier run out for players coming back from injury or simply keeping fringe players match fit Re costs I have been to a number of Saints reserve games in recent times. They have been well attended and gate money and bar/kiosk sales must have near enough covered costs. It should be compulsory for all SL clubs. Below that can probably be more relaxed as in some areas tough enough getting one team out. What have Leeds exactly objected to ?
  6. I don't want it to happen but I think a break away now would be easy to achieve or provoke All existing members plus a few selected others jump ship - the national side without them is then meaningless and plenty of insurers available History tells us that these things don't usually start well , cause loads of upset and disruption but end up with a shake up of the old order and compromise (NRL and in another sport Kerry Packer cricket) Re the first season without national board recognition ? We dont play enough international rugby to make much difference
  7. Maybe but would witholding support push SL clubs towards a breakaway ?
  8. headtackle

    Boom and bust.

    The only way to stop Championship clubs going for the boom and bust model is to let them in and increase the size of SL or go for the SL1/SL2 model. Any stand alone Championship would leave clubs in no-mans land to wither and die - look at what happened when we had franchising SL1/2 would cut off some of the lower / development clubs but those clubs could have formal links with SL clubs and act as feeders/reserve clubs Increasing the size would either need 2 separate divisions which would leave the boom/bust problem. A better way would be to have one division on a conference basis. East/West with a few tweaks to accomodate the likes of Catalans, London, Toulouse and Toronto. Cross conference play offs at the end of the season.
  9. headtackle

    Boom and bust.

    the comparision to football doesn't really work when looking at the Premier League and Championship. it does though when you look at division 2 and the conference. There are many clubs in those divisions spending a lot (perhaps too much) to either cling on to league status or chase the dream and the conference must be the toughest league to get out of in football As an aside do RL contracts have any standard terms in to say for example that a players wages would reduce by 50% or be voidable (either way) in the event of relegation. Wages are a clubs main cost and reducing these quickly is the only way to stay afloat once relegated. I know some other sports have similar and whilst not ideal in terms of job security does allow for some flexibility when the revenue streams reduce. If not the RFL should look to make this a standard term
  10. headtackle


    Therin is a good question. What are the aims and stated objectives of SL - as above ? - to maximise revenue for member clubs ? - to develop and spread the game beyond the heartlands ? - to support the England team ? - to provide a top tier for the game whilst supporting lower division teams ? - provide a bit of schedule padding for SKY TV ? I have no idea. Does SL have a mission statement as at the moment I dont think it does a great deal for anybody and seems to have an aim to keep shrinking the profile of the game and keep moving the goal posts
  11. headtackle


    I stand corrected Good luck with the final push for SL. I think TWP have done things the right way and have so far proved that they would be an interesting addition to SL
  12. headtackle


    This is known to all rugby league fans and I do not disagree at all. Most casual observers of the game including some of the media will not realise this and to them Toronto represents an innovative venture, expansion of the game and an exciting new away venue. American and Canadian observers will not care. They will be more concerned that their team is playing against northern towns they have never heard of rather than large UK cities. SL should milk this as a no lose proposition. Best case they join and prosper and Canadian/US interest in the game balloons. Worst case they collapse a la Crusaders/Paris etc. Not ideal but we have lost clubs before and can simply replace
  13. headtackle


    I think its a bit harsh on Toronto to criticise them at this stage for not developing home grown players. There are many clubs in this country that are not exactly hot beds of development as the lack of interest in the reserve league shows I agree fully that it should be the aim going forward and look forward to seeing a team full of Canadians or Americans but they have only being going for 2 seasons. Once they get the publicity SL and bigger matches will generate I am sure they will find development easier Also a few double standards. Catalans are not exactly full of French players and London in SL were full of Aussies. Always been an issue - if I remember right Halifax once had about 8 or 9 Aussies/NZ players back in the days of Graham Eadie & Co.
  14. headtackle

    Who's up for a mid season 9 s

    What prize money do clubs get from other comps on top of annual SKY money ? League leaders £100k, Superleague ?, Challenge cup ? - we are not talking massive amounts Put up a prize of £50-100k for a days work and am sure the big names would be there and take it seriously. From a development point of view would be better value for money than previous investments and surely the RFL (or professional marketeers - the Hearns) could drum up sponsors. Pre season may well be the best time to play it - but not a bad way to start a season off. Mid season as a replacement for magic could work with clubs then playing their previous magic road game at strategic development venues
  15. headtackle

    Who's up for a mid season 9 s

    The comparision is not exact as 20:20 has the same number of players. Main change - game all over in 3 hours, fast paced, razz matazz, music, fireworks etc When it was pitched though just over 10 years ago there was a luke warm reception from some. Now the games get big crowds and it is probably close to being more popular than test cricket. Re 9s - again look at Union and its international 7s events which are played in strange locations to develop the game. 9s might not appeal to us purists brought up on 13 a side. However fielding 9 players would make it easier for non traditional teams and areas to field teams. The key would be as referred to above making sure that clubs took it seriously and put out strong first teams including the big names. One way to guarantee that - £££££