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  1. headtackle

    This Forums Members age

    The skew towards oldies is a little worrying for the game and is also probably reflected in the crowds at a lot of clubs. A big problem for a lot of sports will be engaging the youth of today. Live football is losing them to the FIFA Xbox/Playstation generation and we need to make sure we dont go the same way
  2. headtackle

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    Remember the days of the Union converts well. Shame it no longer happens as therewas always the element of risk, speculation, anticipation and excitement. Some of them certainly put bums on seats Doug Laughton seemed to have a good eye for talent or a large wallet as Widnes did well from their signings until the money ran out. Was at the Old Trafford World Cup semi. That was a great event and again real anticipation that Wales might cause an upset. Those Union shamateurs did take quite a risk at the time. There was no going back playing wise or even socially if it went wrong and the climate between Union and League was very frosty at the time. Think Clive Griffiths was banned from his home town club house after converting and many other tales like that. Even having a trial as an A N Other was likely to result in a banning. Davies was a class player and made it in an era when there were fewer cameras to pick up on off the ball stuff and plenty of high profile Union players were singled out - Terry Holmes and John Gallagher spring to mind. Mind you the Widnes pack at the time was pretty handy with from memory Sorenson, Koloto, Grima, Faimalo and Eyres setting a good platform and Offiah on the wing to finish things off. Was always laods of speculation and pre chat pages, forums and social media didnt have much of a clue how real they were. Jeremy Guscott was a regular rumour which never happened and Alex Murphy in the Sunday Papers was linked with anybody
  3. headtackle

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    My point exactly - you want the big teams like Saints coming up not small time clubs like them 😊
  4. headtackle

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    You would not need to follow them "over" Barrow but as an extra interest Barrow, Workington, Whitehaven no real prospect of making SL and unfortunately their chances get slimmer each passing year A regional team in SL would mean the likes of Leeds, Saints, Wigan, Wire etc coming to town every now and again and fans being able to see the highest quality RL maybe as a double header Re gaining a following - some aggressive and creative marketing needed. Admittedly this is something the game is not good at. Maybe learn lessons from the Welsh RU creation of new regional teams and the Catalans experience
  5. headtackle

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    I would love to see a Cumbrian club back in SL and the region getting a rugby league boost. Summer rugby and an area jam packed with tourists should guarantee a crowd. There is not that much else to do once you have come down off the fells It seems unlikely that any of Barrow, Whitehaven, Workington will regain former glories and mergers are not politcially acceptable (fair enough) In these circumstances why not establish a new franchise that rotates its home games around the various Cumbrian grounds. The above clubs could act as feeders whilst retaining their own identities and every few weeks one of the big teams would come to town as an extra. Mergers will not work but as in Wales RU you could see a regional team having a chance. Could play games in Carlisle and at a stretch drop down and play some games say in Preston or move across the border and play in Scotland. A nomadic team like this visiting a town once or twice a year and playing a SL club would attract interest and am sure would generate crowds bigger than some of our current SL clubs Seems a shame that such a heartland has been written off and all but forgotten
  6. Why not end the contract with Wembley at the earliest opportunity. Host cities could then bid for the right to host the CC final and the risk relating to ticket revenues is therefore then passed to them Downside - would we get any serious bidders ?
  7. headtackle

    RFL petition

    Cup comps in all sports are on the decline The FA Cup no longer has that much interest from clubs and the glamour of the 3rd round has been diluted. Are we as a game fighting against the tide. Can you these days put all the emphasis on a GF and at the same time have a viable cup competition ?
  8. headtackle

    RFL petition

    The promotion of the Anfield game was a joke. Living in Liverpool you would not have known it was on. Nobody I asked did ! With Saints, Wigan, Wire, Widnes all on the doorstep plus a city population to draw on should have been 40000+. Scousers might be football mad but a properly promoted reasonably priced international sporting event should have drawn many more. As said before on this forum why not offer discounted tickets to LFC and Everton fans and target local schools. The lady that promoted the World Cup would have filled Anfield - where is she now ?
  9. Surely the time has now come for the clubs to breakaway and take control I suggest a meeting be held, somewhere central ie a hotel in the middle of Huddersfield. Plan a revolutionary new league and ditch current management. Must be able to do better 2nd time round
  10. This really is beyond a joke. As above each of Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto, Red Star etc should be welcomed in for the impact they have on the profile of the competition alone. If the RFL are going to seek a bond from clubs that would not fill Wembley have they also sought a bond from Salford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, London, Widnes etc etc On a serious point can the RFL not insure against possible losses to take away this ridiculous situation?
  11. Widnes will no doubt be given an away fixture so will be unable to capitalise Shame Prescot Panthers are not still going as that would have been ideal I live locally and am not sure that other than the university teams any serious RL exists beyond Prescot and Widnes. Most clubs in the city are Union clubs, Collegiate, Sefton, Waterloo. Most of the schools play Union as well Scousers like most sports but have one true love and that is football.
  12. headtackle

    Salford in financial trouble again?

    No surprise really If still operating at the levels the Doc was funding and wrote off, with no fans and presumably not much income since the end of last year Not sure any club should get an advance of SL monies though. Money lost to the game if it then goes into administration or worse.
  13. headtackle


    I don't mind the UK taking its share of genuine asylum seekers or refugees but this should be done through the proper channels and the English channel is not one of them We need to learn from th eexperience in the Med. If we let the dinghies stay or pick them up as a taxi service they will keep coming in increasing numbers. They should all be immediately sent back to France and it made clear this is not the way to do it so word spreads. Anything less and they and the people traffickers will keep chancing it and there will be more deaths in the long run Might seem harsh but should have been done in the Med as well
  14. headtackle

    St.Helens red v

    Friday night still falls under the weekend for many which may explain why sponsors churn over quickly Also marketing budgets have been cut a lot in recent years and while a freebie at the rugby is more fun, for the accountants, a pie and a pint is more cost effective
  15. headtackle

    St.Helens red v

    Its often not that easy to get the guests you want to attend a match at the weekend. A lot of key business targets will be family men/women and despite offers of free rugby and beer often keep weekends free for family time. Businesses often find they get last minute drop outs and either dont get or struggle to get a suitable replacement ie someone who can be of benefit to them commercially. Is the same with a lot of sports apart from football where at some clubs tickets are liek gold dust. Midweek events are easier to attract corporates to but then again who likes Thursday night rugby