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  1. Phew - Thought Adam Fogerty was making a comeback. He played in a few "old fashioned" derby games. Am sure Neil Cowie remembers him well Before that British Heavyweight Gary Mason had trials with London. Not sure if he ever played. Wasnt Sonny Bill New Zealand heavyweight champ as well at one point ?
  2. Good luck Eddie Think he enjoyed watching yesterdays one sided Saints victory Good to seem him having a laugh throughout and a measure of the man that many of the old camera men and presenters were back to see him off
  3. Happy to stand corrected. They should have leased the George then Red Hall always seemed an unneccessary luxury
  4. 2 French SL teams would be great and after the cup win last year surely now is the time to support the French At the moment a Test against them has limited appeal but they need some international exposure. If we won't/don't play them maybe they are better off looking West and playing fixtures in French speaking Canada ?
  5. Can't change time but the RFL should never have bought Red Hall Should have bought the George and developed that as a HQ
  6. Fantastic player Managed his career very well and switching codes between world cups got him max exposure. Fair play If I was coming up from down under for a last pay day wonder what I would choose. The Med, sunshine, beaches and fine cuisine v The M62 corridor
  7. I think all political parties including the mainstream parties are not shy of playing on people's fears and prejudices. Labour - nasty Tories, evil capitalist fat cats, private ownership is evil etc Conservatives - benefit scroungers, public sector inefficiency, champagne socialists, strong and stable etc You can't just attribute it to Brexiteers. Remainers did the same in spades - Project Fear ! You are right though these days nobody listens to opposite points of view, tries to understand what is driving issues or attempts to present the facts in a meaningful way
  8. The main difference I found was that there was no spontaneous chants, songs etc. It all revolves round a bontempi organ player Saying that good specs, endless supply of beer and food delivered to your seats, good grounds and wall to wall coverage in the newspapers Not the worst place to watch sport
  9. Thanks An interesting insight into the things they are considering Space for additional comments would have been helpful. Quite a few Yes/No questions when wanted a Depends and to explain further. Good to see they are consulting though. Hopefully they will build on the success of last time it was here
  10. If SL wanted to be brave it should invite Perth and Adelaide teams into our league and go truly global OK logistical issues but UK clubs could play 2 consecutive weekends down under then get a week off If we were being really really brave the NRL and SL should simply merge. Hemisphere conferences so initially not that much travel leading to cross hemisphere Quarter finals, Semi final and Grand final. GF played in alternate hemispheres. Would be some great games and a global league would attract some big name sponsors
  11. Exciting times Ottawa Bears sounds good. New York Tomahawks ? Rebels ? Re New York surely their first pre season match needs to be against old York
  12. As a sceptic I would agree that Toronto have been a success Good crowds, decent stadium and match day experience, so close to making SL and generated a raft of interest and media coverage The branding and social media/web presence looks good and their links with the UK seem to have overcome some of the travel issues. Good luck to them Will be interesting to see if Ottawa and NY learn from any mistakes made and good luck to them.
  13. Strategic plan shouldnt be that difficult to arrive at - main fault of our game is to try something then drop it too quickly. There have been a string of ideas and initiatives many of which are never given chance to come to fruition. Target the areas/cities etc we think could support a club then use SL to promote the game. For example with a team in Coventry punters might not go along to watch low level fixtures. Different matter if a double header at the Ricoh. See the local club then sit back and watch a SL game. Key thing is dont do it as a one off but instead the game needs to commit to 1 game per season. Same with Gateshead - double header at St James' Park which again Union played at a few weeks back Marketing is key and something we are not good at. Surely though there is an established marketing approach using different media platforms when putting on events like a big match. Pay someone to provide quality advice on this then should have a model capable of being rolled out over and over again. Finally, yes there is a cost to hiring big stadia. However many football clubs are not exactly flush with cash and the possibility of some extra revenue in the summer should appeal to some. Just needs some commercial negotiation so that the stadium owner takes on some of the risk. If it is a win:win deal they should see that there is the possibility of a longer term relationship.
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