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  1. Was always going be a big ask winning at Wigan who have lost once at home all season. Still we move on can’t see the top 4 changing next season all 4 are miles ahead of the other teams.
  2. Toronto by 18 and super league to bend the rules all next season for them.
  3. muckymunksy

    2019 Signings

    Bill is taking Websters place not Shentons
  4. muckymunksy

    2019 Signings

    Haha he would have 40 trys again if it want for injury.
  5. muckymunksy

    2019 Signings

    Cas have signed Bill Tupou
  6. Saints by 16 we never win there thinking 26-10
  7. muckymunksy

    Rugby League World - Issue 450 Out Now!

    Why do we give this idiot so much publicity? Next it will be another interview with Eddie.
  8. muckymunksy

    Ben Barba signs for the North Queensland Cowboys

    Thought he went weeks ago. Not seen anything of him
  9. Easy night That Jowett lad is Batley level at best.
  10. Just had a look at Wakefield forum on there and you waki lot are a deluded bunch. The posts iv read (still laughing) Mcshane is rubbish Huby is better then Cook Scott moore is better then Mcshane Cas without Powell would be beat by 60% of Super League clubs Had to stop reading in end.
  11. Waki would love to be 3rd this stage of any season but never going happen again.