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  1. ojx


    Not sure that he even has a plan A.
  2. This is completely normal for a professional sports team!?!?
  3. ojx


    I don't really understand the deal. Hopefully it is all for the good as Argyle still overs over 50% of the club. However, there is no excuse for players not being payed on time when the club is owned by someone as rich as this. Really bad form.
  4. It was still £600,000 that the RFL had budgeted for and then saved. They must be a real financial mess.
  5. Seeing as the TWP chose to forgo their championship winnings last year (£600,000). That is the least the RFL could do.
  6. ojx

    2019 Schedule

    That is great, I'll going to those for sure. With the Wolfpack, that is 14 games at Lamport, which is a decent season of rugby. What about the pitch markings though? I thought it only had permanent soccer and RL lines.
  7. The funny thing is how proud the RFL seem to be of allowing Red Star Belgrade into the cup, it was even a story on the BBC RL site. The article doesn't mention the teams that won't be allowed in (without being extorted).
  8. If TWP were to start a youth team, it would have to play RU for most of the year. This is the only way to get local opposition and then they could do some RL tours to the UK. I don't see another way to do it, they would just have to emphasis the league skills. Unfortunately there is still no articulated plan from Mr. Argyle and company. Any NY team would face a similar dilemma.
  9. ojx

    2019 Schedule

    Been quiet on this board recently. One month till the season starts, so I took a look at the fixtures, here are my predictions: Wolfpack Widnes Toulouse Leigh Halifax Bradford Featherstone Batley York Barrow Sheffield Dewsbury Rochdale Swinton Now you can go place your bets.
  10. ojx

    New Beginnings

    These changes look great. I wish they were in the Championship too.
  11. Only the unpopular ones. Premier League could get another deal in a day!
  12. Is this part of Argyle's secret plan to create a break away league of big city teams? Seriously though, has there been any mention of investment in the Skolars squad for the upcoming season. Maybe they can have a tilt at promotion.
  13. ojx

    TV deal

    Does this mean no away day viewing parties @3B?