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  1. Who's next to join our ranks?

    I agree, but there has to be investors to back it up. Scotland is in the wilderness right now.
  2. Applying the rules at the PTB and a 5m offside line strictly enforced would make a big improvement.
  3. Magic weekend

    The trouble is they are not allowed to serve alcohol until 11:00am. Damn puritans.
  4. Magic weekend

    I'm sure it will be televised as usual. Kick off 1:30pm.
  5. Magic weekend

    It will be too early in the morning for @3BrasseursCA.
  6. Who's next to join our ranks?

    For me (ignorant as I am), it seems that the New York bidders are doing a lot more public self promotion compared to those in Boston and Hamilton. Is this a strategy to try and force the RFL's hand? Is this because they have a weaker case?
  7. League One's Future

    Trouble with SL is that there are only about 4 or 5 super clubs. The rest are hangers on who rely on the salary cap to be competitive.
  8. Clubs strip club saga

    Really, when did it become illegal to have fun. Sure, it's not everyones idea of fun, but these are rugby players not monks. Back "in the day" this would never even have been noticed.
  9. Happy St George’s Day

    Hey, I didn't see TWP send out a message for the St. Jean de Brébeuf day (Canada's patron saint) on October 26 .
  10. Barrow

    I would love to come over for a game, but I don't have the available cash. Hopefully one day, until then I will have to stick to the home games.
  11. TWP in the Challenge Cup

    Hopefully, if there are ever three or four North American teams, they could play in an American championship instead of the Challenge Cup. Similar to the Voyageurs cup for the Canadian MLS teams.
  12. Barrow

    Sounds like we dodged a bullet there. I knew it would be close all the way. Hopefully Barrow can make a tight game of it in Toronto too.
  13. And no away fans. Amazing what can happen when a club takes responsibility for getting their own fans out, instead of moaning about away supporters not buying enough of their pies.
  14. Leigh 38-0 London. Did London not pay the players wages last month?
  15. Barrow

    12-10 to Barrow at the half. Boys need to step it up.