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  1. ojx

    Wolfpack - Superleague 2019

    This article has been discussed on the "Toronto" thread on the main forum. Here were my thoughts:
  2. ojx

    Arrows into MLR

    Is there an MLR requirement that it has to be a grass field? Lamport would be the other good option, but with TWP and TFCII scheduling will get complicated. What I don't like about York Lion stadium is the track, makes the action seem quite distant. Other than that it is a good facility. I do have worries about the sustainability of MLR based on the crowds they are getting and the amount of travel involved. The investors will have to be in this for the long haul to get their money back. I wonder what kind of relationship the TWP will have with the Arrows? As long as they are confident in their product, I'm guessing it will be supportive. The gulf in quality between SL and MLR players will be huge. I think many will support both teams for different reasons.
  3. ojx


    The RFL have an even worse legal case, as they were the ones who admitted Toronto.
  4. ojx


    I agree, I don't think SL can block them without picking a legal fight they can't afford.
  5. ojx


    Rugby Canada would sanction anything David Argyle wants if he is willing to invest. They are cash poor.
  6. ojx


    RL is the best sport, there is an amazing product on the field, and Coronation Street style drama off it. Who needs boring predictable governance structures like the FA? This is more like WWE.
  7. ojx


    Pro 14 would be the best fit.
  8. ojx


    Mascord is just quoting the Elstone and Hudgell interviews with a sensation headline. Good trade journalism, but pure speculation.
  9. ojx

    July 28th vs. Featherstone Rovers

    I'm not sure I have the stamina anymore!
  10. Nice diversion from the subject, but no, the qualifiers are unknown. If we play other Championship teams at home, then I am pretty confident. I have no idea about the away games, or the games against SL teams.
  11. @Jacko45 save your laughing for when (and if) I'm proven wrong.
  12. ojx

    Arrows into MLR

    The rugby landscape in Toronto is going to change, it seems like the Arrows are in final discussion to enter MRL in 2019: https://ontarioarrowsrugby.com/2018/07/16/release-ontario-arrows-planning-major-league-rugby-entry-for-2019/ I think the best option for Canada would be to get one team into the Pro14. That way the best players can play at a high level and develop. MLR is spreading the North American talent too thinly. York University stadium is also a bit of a trek, but at least the new subway line gets into there now. UofT Varsity Stadium would be a much better option for the Arrows. Don't discount the important of location, especially for the Wolfpack. I don't think the liberty village hipsters will want to go up there.
  13. Haha, You know this is true. There is no way Fev will win in Toronto (never lost at home), and Leigh (at home) to Sheffield and Swinton. Do your really think that takes psychic powers. That is pure logic.
  14. Fev aren't going to win in Toronto and Leigh will get plenty enough points. These are the only two games that matter.