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  1. League Express is reporting that both teams will be excepted this week. One of them for 2020, the other for 2021. Which will be joining next year? my money is on Ottawa.
  2. Sounds like snake oil to me. But if they can make some cash, good luck to them.
  3. When they have a home game, the Wolfpack exceeds the entire sum of the MLR attendances figures for that week.
  4. No worries, MMA fighters are known for their financial shrewdness.
  5. Does anyone know any details of the new Scoreboard they are installing over the next month? Will it be a video scoreboard along the lines of what would be needed should they get promoted to SL?
  6. Each of these games is already far bigger than any RL event in England. Plus, the tickets are much more expensive. Don't be jealous, try to improve your product. This not only includes the game itself, but the whole match day experience. If RL is a so much better sport, how come the Broncos can barely pull 2K? Are you going to promote RL by lecturing people on how wrong they are in the entertainment choices?
  7. You completely miss the point. They have been growing the fanbase and commercial sponsors for three years. Them playing with an expensive squad in lower divisions is just the result of the paralysis that is the SL and RFL decision making process. The Ostrich approach of sticking your head in the sand.
  8. SL and RFL the most reluctant expansionist ever. It almost be to be forced on them. Don't give me the lines about Gateshead and Paris, they lasted a season and were in the top flight. Toronto started in L1 and have steadily built the fanbase. The reality is, many clubs do not want expansion to work because it will threaten their position. However, business is about expanding to new markets and if someone else if paying to do it, you would have to be crazy not to be supportive. Especially after they have already proved themselves in the lower tiers. If TWP get to SL, it could really take off here, I just wish more RL fans would have more confidence in their own game.
  9. It was Cumbria a few months ago, then Liverpool, who knows where it will be next for Koukash? He only wants to be in the news.
  10. If the game is going to develop in North America, then Toronto should be free from the threat of relegation, but required to have a guaranteed number of North American players. This number could increasing slowly over time. Treating them like every other team in the RFL will hurt development of the game in a new market.
  11. Simple as can be, let them play their away games first and then all their home games in a block. It is an easy solution. It's only the RFL making it a problem.
  12. It's having an effect in Toronto:
  13. SportsNet, the largest sporting station in Canada, tweeted the TWP score along with other major Toronto teams yesterday. This is a great sign and shows they will be keeping an eye on developments in Ottawa.
  14. Bring on TWP & Toulouse, then you wouldn’t need them.
  15. This game clashes with the Arrows MLR game against Seattle. It's a real shame they couldn't have made it possible to watch both games on the same day, it only needs an hour between the games to make it possible. Interesting to see how this effects attendance for both teams.
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