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  1. ojx

    Eric Perez

    I'm glad you used Hockey as an example. There won't be any new Ice Hockey teams in Canada. They will be in places like Las Vegas and other American cities. They will be located where there are markets to grow the sport, not where the players are developed (often small Canadian towns). This is the exact point that RL is missing, basic business sense.
  2. I hope folks know that Toronto would do massive recruitment if they were promoted, while Salford and Hull KR would lose their short term 8s players and be back to their bottom scraping selves.
  3. IF Toronto get promoted to SL this year, Mr. Argyle should get some kind of award for recruiting the absolute bare minimum of talent needed to achieve this goal. Great atmosphere again today, can't wait for next week.
  4. ojx

    New league structure revealed

    What exactly is this new SL executive all about? Apart from protectionism, their only plan seems to be to increase SL commercial revenue through, wait for it, better marketing of the sport. This is exactly what SL has been trying to do for two decades. When are the innovative plans to actually do this marketing actually coming out? And how will they sell (sorry to pick out these clubs) Wakefield vs Castleford to a broader audience?
  5. ojx

    David Argyle on PTS

    Thats over 2 hours!, what minute is Argyle on? Thanks.
  6. ojx

    Salford sep 8

    I feel we have really missed opportunities in both the Hull KR and Salford games. We now have two must win home games coming up. We need to recruit heavily in the forwards if we are going to compete with SL teams going forward.
  7. Widnes' players agents are already working over time to find new clubs for nest season. I doubt their head will be in the games and more likely they will go from bad to worse for the rest of the qualifiers.
  8. So RL has such a strong foundation that it can tell potentially new fans that they aren't worthy because they don't know enough. They should be criticised for having a good time without studying a 100 years of the sport's history. And why has the sport stagnated again?
  9. ojx

    Should the Wolfpack Pounce on 7's player

    Canada rugby 7s players are no where near good enough for the Wolfpack. This is change is well overdue from Rugby Canada. The national 15s game has been run into ground at the expense of some pointless 7s tournaments. The whole focus should be on 15 a side, 7s is just a carnival sideshow.
  10. How come Toulouse escape the crowd analysis that TWP get? It looks like they are playing in a park with a pretty small crowd. I could take some telling screen grabs of the crowd from the Widnes game. How do they get such a clean ride from the heartlanders?
  11. I agree with several of the posters here, it is looking like the London vs Toulouse game next week might determine who will play TWP in the MPG.
  12. ojx

    Salford sep 8

    Looking at their performance today, that is going to be a tall order. Our only hope is that they are over confident and have an off day. Surely the 3B will be showing this? I'm looking forward to a boozy brunch.
  13. ojx

    RL on Canadian TV

    Looks like Leeds vs Hull KR is not being shown, just two RU Premiership games. Now I'm worried about the Salford vs TWP game not being on next week. What is with DAZN not showing the Pro14 this year? Is there another platform?
  14. Not sure about that, right now only TWP and Hunters would probably be cannon fodder. And that might change soon too.