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  1. New Captains

    Solid choices, I thought Cory Paterson might be in the mix for one of those roles, but things look good going forward.
  2. Perez

    Any update on what Perez is up to these days? Is he still involved with the Wolfpack, or is he full time working on the Boston and Hamilton bids?
  3. Toronto

    Agreed, thankfully they still have to play each other two more times in the regular season and perhaps once more in the eights.
  4. Toronto

    Events like this can often really focus and galvanise a team. Every team needs a story for their season, this provided one for the Wolfpack. Toronto already beat London away last year, and ran Salford within a few points. They are even stronger now, they should have no fear of most Championship teams, and will probably put 50 points on the lower few teams.
  5. Toronto

    Well I've heard it said that people do learn from their mistakes, so they might be the best people for the job.
  6. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    I'm sure the truth will come out in the next few days. I wonder if either side will be looking at litigation.
  7. Toronto

    It is really only a loss of one player, that being Dave Taylor. Bailey did almost nothing last year and is way over the hill. Fui Fui is there mainly for marketing, and wouldn't be able to run over the players in the Championship the same way he could in League One. Dave Taylor's head obviously wasn't in it. This will actually save the Wolfpack a ton of money and the opportunity to get one more willing recruit. Top 3 with Leigh and Fev sill very much on the cards.
  8. Toronto

    Listening to this interview again and reading between the lines, it sounds like Rowley was already having some problems with Dave Taylors' attitude.
  9. Toronto

    Any idea who might be on the market? I'm sure there will be several agents getting in touch today.
  10. Toronto

    Letting Dan Fleming go doesn't seem like such a good idea now. Bailey's actions are particularly disappointing after all the support the club had given him through the drug testing saga, Feel bad for Fui Fui, seems to be more of a follower than a leader.
  11. Shhh, don't tell anyone that TWP has some development plans.
  12. It's not a good rugby tour if nobody has been sent home.
  13. RL on Canadian TV

    I doubt CBC would invest too much if there is only regional interest. SportsNet might be the best hope.
  14. RL on Canadian TV

    That's good news, but GameTV seems to be in only standard definition. Hopefully CBC will get the stream again. I remember the Summer Bash being on SportsNet last year.
  15. Unfortunately, I only have time for naps on the weekend. Just have to keep chewing the spinach until then.