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  1. Free ticket or not, people aren't going to attend if they don't like a sport. For example, you could give me free basketball tickets to an NBA game, but I wouldn't go.
  2. ojx

    McDermott In As New Coach

    Great, there is also a mention that he will be doing some recruiting, so expect more transfer news soon. When do they start pre-season training? Some lads will need a rest, I was watching Jake Emmitt make the hard yards for Wales against Ireland yesterday.
  3. ojx

    2019 Early Season games

    I love the new logo, it has a real traditional rugby badge look to it.
  4. ojx

    2019 Early Season games

    I'm going to be watching both Arrows and Wolfpack, so Saturday and Sunday game days work great. Sorry to sound like a Doug Ford vilified downtown elitist, but I wish the Arrows could play at better location instead of out in the sticks. Varsity stadium would be a great option for them.
  5. ojx

    Paul Rowley

    Are you kidding me, it looks much easier, no need to play SL teams at all. SL have made a big mistake by getting rid of the 8s. There is now guaranteed to be an SL team relegated every single year. This did not happen with the super 8s.
  6. ojx

    Transatlantic challenge

    Wasn't this game meant to played during pre-season in Florida? I would be all in for that.
  7. ojx

    2019 Early Season games

    Unfortunately, there is no direct flight from Manchester to Halifax.
  8. ojx

    Eric Perez

    Not sure Detroit is a good idea any more. Let the yanks figure their own teams out. For me, Montreal is the next logical step. It's got the French connection and the built in rivalry with Toronto. It would also mean that about a third of the Canadian population was in commuting distance of a game. If there was to be a team in Montreal, it should really go after the francophone market. I think that RL would be hugely popular with the Hockey lovers there.
  9. How has Luke Gale not gotten a yellow yet? Very weak refereeing.
  10. London should have done better in the qualifiers, then they wouldn't have to play away. Pro 14 Union players can mange games in South Africa without all this winging.
  11. ojx

    RL on Canadian TV

    Don't get me started on this. Four of the stations playing the same soccer game really triggers me.
  12. I have never heard you make these points before. Thanks for starting a new thread to rehash them.
  13. Highlander, don't read too much into it, I just literally meant that I hope the game will be free for season ticket holders. I agree that the TWP have been great all season, especially with all the offers and events. I was one of the first to sign up again for next year.
  14. Last meeting this season: Widnes 24 - 26 Hull KR