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  1. London are reaping what David Hughes has sown.
  2. To me, this is something significant that's getting glossed over. Promotion this year wasn't just pointless (and there's a chance that'll be literal) for the eternal basket-case that is David Hughes' London Broncos.
  3. 100% in agreement with this. (And all those who've expressed similar opinions.) Sort of renders this season and next season a bit pointless in terms of Super League places doesn't it? Just put Wakefield back in now.
  4. Moderators may ban me. The hegemony on here may castigate me. But there were a fair few home home-team influenced refereeing decisions in that first-half. I'm 100% biased. Obviously. Sorry!
  5. Whether Keighley's opinion is disgraceful or not is open to debate, but in this case IMG's criteria is fair in my opinion. For one thing, it's a lot easier for Keighley to recruit players who have previously played for nearby teams than it is for Cornwall.
  6. This is a local sport for local people. There's nothing for you here.
  7. This is a local sport for local people. There's nothing for you here.
  8. Londonbornirishbred is on the nail here. David Hughes: saved the club? That depends what you mean by saved. And Mr Hughes could have employed experts to help cope with this! But he didn't, he employed the people he employed instead... Many? A few zealots even worse than me, maybe. I agree. Still, we can buy a new hat, in colours I like! https://london-broncos-shop.myshopify.com/collections/merchandise/products/2023-london-broncos-bobble-hat (Apologies to supporters of other teams. London Broncos fans of a certain age, like me, can be very bitter, cynical and petty. Because, you know, experience.)
  9. And that's an absolutely fair point about our entry into the top division. In my opinion, other—more established—clubs have had a few more favours from the hierarchy since though.
  10. London Broncos? Tinpot? Yes! Abject failures? Yes! Protected? No.
  11. I'm not a foster parent, or fostered. But I've done some work for people who encourage people to be foster parents, and I don't like this analogy.
  12. OK, I'll revise what I said at half-time: you are not going to find eighty-minute's entertainment better than that anywhere. Ever. Absolutely amazing.
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