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  1. Regardless of what was happening on the field, Ray French was guaranteed, at some point, to say: "That's a good ball, that's a better ball!" "The scorer of a try, the saviour of a try" And for Eddie Hemmings, Rob Burrow never ran, he always "scampered".
  2. It's all too predictable, isn't it? Anyone ever accused you of being an incurable optimist? Follow London Broncos for eighteen months and it's guaranteed never to happen again..
  3. Did someone say Bradford? Did someone say all-time great guitarists? And no one said Allan Holdsworth? Crikey. I despair. (P.S. I'm not from Bradford, but I've been there a few times!)
  4. Any team getting promoted under these circumstances would be an embarrassment to the game. But everything will carry on as normal. It has before and it will now. Embarrassment to the game? Nothing compared to the farce of the Gateshead/Hull merger. And about ten people remember what actually happened with that now.
  5. I heard that he died on the morning of the 1999 Challenge Cup Final. If that's the case, at least he was spared watching us go down to what was a record defeat at the time.
  6. To be fair, London *have* brought a lot of new fans to the game. And then lost them.
  7. And only very select areas in between. Not anywhere in Liverpool or Manchester for a start off. Do not, and I really mean this, do not forget Leigh!
  8. Yeah, why not a team in the North East? Then the RFL can throw money at a "heartland" team a year later as part of a "merger". You know, like happened last time.
  9. That is absolutely disgusting and beyond belief.I genuinely despair about some people.
  10. Sorry if that sounds reactionary, but I talked my best mate into going to Tynecastle to watch London against Bradford many, many years ago. And he dragged some of his mates along with him. And they all loved it. And did we follow it up at all? Ever? Of course we didn't. And, to reiterate, I don't think out fanbase puts people off attending games. I'd like to think RL fans are less racist than other sports fans. Best British player in the last 40 years? Ellery, obviously. Nobody is going to argue with that.
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