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  1. Trevorkfevfan


    Makes you wonder just what Reagans "Star Wars" involved! Can dogs bark in a special disabling code maybe?? That bliddy woman though! Cheese and pork markets come to mind! Its a disgrace!!! 🤨
  2. Trevorkfevfan

    Rugby League in the summer

    Reading through the fore going, its obvious that the round ball fans are of a far hardier nature than those of rugby league!
  3. Trevorkfevfan

    Old grounds

    I always felt Parkside had a real atmosphere but I'm talking of the days of Bill Ramsey and Geoff Gunney and I will always remember them getting to Wembley the same year as Leeds United. Sadly, both lost!
  4. Rodders lurking there!
  5. Trevorkfevfan

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Roy had a lot to say as well, mainly in song. He did a memorable series of tours with the late Tony Benn under the title "The Writing On The Wall". Will be missed by many.
  6. Trevorkfevfan

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Sad to learn of the passing of Roy Bailey, a singer I much admired and enjoyed the privilige of meeting and watching a number of times.
  7. Trevorkfevfan

    Hunslet P

    What can HCP aim for next season? Given that they "did it all" this season seems a bit of an anti climax! Just by way of an observation, they did give Workington a very good game in the Challenge Cup.
  8. Trevorkfevfan

    What now for Toronto?

    On thursday Wilkin said he was going to TWP next season. Wonder if this still going to happen?
  9. Trevorkfevfan

    The TV Thread

    Well, I suspect he may have had many better days!
  10. Trevorkfevfan


    Just a tad hard on Mick Morgan, yes, he does labour his stock phrases but he also notices a lot of the bits of the game not obvious to all and very often spots fouls and playing errors way before Trevor Hunt or the ref!
  11. Trevorkfevfan

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    Come on! Nobody really packs down. The whole charade of a scrum is verging on the ridiculous. They need to reinstate competative scrums!
  12. Trevorkfevfan

    Best time for CC final

    Back to May and use the semis for magic weekend!
  13. Trevorkfevfan

    TV games

    Its since changed to Thatto and Siddal! They are not exactly ultra reliable with their programming!
  14. Trevorkfevfan

    TV games

    Says Thornhill and Lock Lane on my TV!
  15. Trevorkfevfan

    Celebrities/famous people that like RL

    I was at that game and she tried to kick off in high heels! Proper fluffed it as I recall.