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  1. "Mobile Rocket Stadium"! Might as well call it Scud Missile Park! (Not my club)
  2. Pedantic? He has not been voted in democratically except on a Labour ticket. He doesn't legally represent any group unless he wins a by-election on his own manifesto. he has no business being included in a leadership meeting. Along with the rest of the windbags, the group are not even not a registered political party!
  3. "Baptiste" ended satifactorily and "Mother Father Son" is getting better by the episode! Looking forward also to the new series of "Line Of Duty"!
  4. Perhaps he was a tad annoyed at TM recognising umuna as leader of an "officially recognised party"! To give this to a bunch who took their bat and balls home is a bit rich! Corbyn is doing a lot wrong at the moment but I can't blame him for this especially after TM's rant last night!
  5. Constructive criticism?? I did ask why Dave Woods appeared to have been dropped but you didn't reply! Maybe you might now?
  6. A repeat of the Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing series starts this evening. Well worth a watch!!
  7. PS. Have they "sacked" Dave Woods as one of the anchors?? Shame if so. I do like his enthusiasm for the game.
  8. The West Yorkshire Woollen towns and Cities have some superb architecture the consequence of the Mill owners benevolence and bequests mostly. Some really interesting civic buildings. We tend to take it for granted and not appreciate it as much as it deserves.
  9. Thanks for the response, shame, I always thought he was a total committed flat capper!
  10. Is Lorne still around?? He used to keen on this.
  11. A "view" courtesy of the Guardian! Hope there are no copyright issues! Would understand removal if so!
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