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  1. Either that or the cheaper option I fancy. Not ideal I don't think.
  2. And now it seems Harrogate will ground share with Doncaster. Have to say I don't quite undertand that when York's Keepmoat stadium is so near. I presume it must be a money question.
  3. I read later today that Harrogate are in the process of removing the plastic pitch and laying a grass surface for the coming season. There is much excitement in Harrogate it seems.
  4. Yes, I can well understand that, I am aware new owners took over Harrogate about 15 years ago. I really have not followed much since.
  5. They have been around a good while, Always entered the FA Cup, I can remember watching them in Harrogate in the 1980's play Blyth Spartans. I suspect they will be well supported in Yorkshire. Very pleasing to me.
  6. Yes, you wouldn't have known it would you? P*ss poor publicity by someone. Supposed to be the 'crown jewels of sport' as well!
  7. Yes, I watched that, very disturbing to hear the amount of influence he has exerted on Society over the years. Some of the consequences of his campaigns were truely horryfying.
  8. I am in the middle of a very entertaining read. '###### Las Vegas'. It a fond look at the history and stars that appeared at Batley Variety Club.
  9. I've been watching the "Mrs America" series about Phyllis Schlafly and her opposition to the Equal Rights Act. Its quite an eye-opening watch and demonstrates rather chillingly attitudes in the USA at the time. Very good.
  10. I heard a tale years ago that one Gary Sprake had tried to claim fame status over Bill Ramsey in the Leeds Mecca. It takes little imagination to consider what the result of that was!
  11. Nick Cave delivers a hearty and enthusiastic cover of an Alex classic. Does this rather well!
  12. Tell your neighbour to stick a bell on its collar. Give the feathered types a bit of a warning of impending doom!
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