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  1. I'll stand up and be counted as a paying customer. I had 2 season tickets last season, and have renewed them for 2018. My best guess is that the WP did give away hundreds of free tickets each game, but that the vast majority of each crowd were real paying customers. Every game there was a lineup of people buying tickets at the game, so the free tickets were not that pervasive. I did win an extra pair one game and gave them away. It sounds like it may have been easier for the away fans to score free tickets! That's fair enough, as they spent all that money to get here.
  2. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Um, except for most of us fans in Toronto, who are happy to work our way up one step at a time and truly earn our spot in SL when we are ready.
  3. Indeed. My post in the Wolfpack Fans Facebook group celebrating this collaboration has drawn the expected swarm of flies.
  4. I've gathered a lot of my thoughts about the differences between how sport is seen here in Canada and in the UK, based on what I've learned (so far) about what may be my new favourite sport. It's quite long, but if you're patient and interested, take a look at
  5. Yes, and there are examples even here (mostly in baseball) in North America with multiple clubs sharing a very large market: LA, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, New York. There has been talk of a 2nd NHL team for Toronto, or one in Hamilton, and I do think either would work, because there really is a large enough group of hockey fans in Toronto to support more than one team. And when I say "support" I mean sell out a 20,000 seat arena 41 times a year + playoffs, and buy a ridiculous amount of merchandise. My point was really more about making sure each fully-professional team has a large enough market of fans to address, and when you have multiple teams close together, each targeting a small or medium-sized town instead of the larger area or metropolis, it's hard for me to see great success coming of that. I'm not suggesting that these teams should all merge or shut down, just that there is only so much room in any community for a top-flight fully-professional team, and to try to cram too many of those into too small a market is not the best way to grow a world-class league. I know I probably think very differently on this issue than most long-time rugby league fans in the UK, and I'm not trying to start a fight.
  6. I'm from Toronto and would also be disappointed if Hamilton is the next choice. Montreal brings much more glamour, and Hamilton is so close it would be infringing on the Wolfpack's territory. Who would ever consider placing two professional teams less than an hour's drive apart? Crazy talk...
  7. Also, like Toronto, our team is a lot more diverse than just a bunch of Englishmen! We have a Canadian on the fringe of making the team, some Aussies, a Yank or two, a Welshman and now a Fijian and an Albanian! So in a way the makeup of the team does start to reflect our city. Now we just need to add some players from Italy, Greece, Portugal, Hong Kong, Russia, ...
  8. Reshuffling the Forums

    We know that, and that will be a good thing. Last year was fun, and a good introduction, but it was not good or fair competition. We do want to win every game, but it's more fun when every game is a real contest, and not a foregone conclusion.
  9. We know that and we find nothing wrong with that. It's how sports work over here. Of course we love to see a Canadian earn his way into the lineup, but this is a new sport here and it will take a generation to develop real numbers of players with enough skill to play at this level. There is no lack of reality. We are excited about our new team in a fabulous sport, and we think it's going to continue to grow here. The development of local players will happen, but it will take many years.
  10. Reshuffling the Forums

    Thanks. I was mainly just being a bit cheeky, though this morning I noticed that Wikipedia now shows the 2018 membership for the Championship! Also I can't wait for next season!
  11. Reshuffling the Forums

    So the season is now over. When do they reshuffle these forums to move the promoted/relegated teams to where they belong for the new season? :-)
  12. Away trips 2018

    Yes it is. I like it, after seeing it live at the Pan Am games here in Toronto in 2015. We happily embrace both codes of rugby here, and while the more I see league the more I prefer it to union, I'd really love to see another sevens tournament. Totally open to seeing nines as well if there is ever an opportunity, live or on TV.
  13. Away trips 2018

    I’m considering a trip. Will wait for the schedule of course, but I note that the weekend after Summer Bash there is a sevens tournament in London, that I would also find quite compelling. Now if only the Wolfpack were to play the Broncos in London on the Friday night before that tournament...
  14. I recently subscribed to Sportsnet World for the RL coverage. I cannot find the Million Pound game in their listings. I just sent them this email: Hi, I recently subscribed to Sportsnet World because of the Rugby league coverage. It's the only reason I am paying so much extra for this one channel. I've been generally pleased with the amount of coverage of both the RFL and the NRL, watching Super League and Qualifier matches, and the NRL playoff games the last few weeks. I'm very surprised and disappointed not to see the Million Pound Game from the RFL Qualifiers on your schedule. This is perhaps the most compelling game of the season in my opinion, with Leigh playing Catalan with relegation to the Championship on the line for the loser. Are you really planning to ignore this game? It's hard to believe you would show weekly games from the Qualifiers that set up this contest, and then just skip it. Please tell me that you were just waiting to see which teams wound up in this game to decide what time to broadcast it, or on which channel (I see that the NRL Grand Final is making its way to SN1, which is cool), and that I will soon see this appear on my schedule for the coming weekend! If you are planning to just skip this crucial game, I'll have to reconsider whether my investment in Sportsnet World is really worth it. Up until now I have been a proponent of it in the online social media for the Toronto Wolfpack, encouraging others that I am happy I'm spending the money for this. Thanks for your attention to this. John Gross Toronto Wolfpack season ticket holder and semi-obsessed Rugby league fan Please speak up to Sportsnet (email if you would also like to watch this game (at my house if you don't subscribe).
  15. i heard back from Sportsnet. they do not currently have rights to the RLWC may still work something out in the next few weeks. so we wait and see. I’m happy to pay for SN World, so you can all come watch at my place if it’s on...