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  1. John WP Fan

    Watching Super League and NRL in Toronto

    I had earlier seen the Wold Club Challenge listed as an upcoming game on watchnrl but now it's not there. I plan to sign up for the watchnrl trial in time for NRL Round 1 in mid-March. Did Sportsnet World end up showing any SL games last week?
  2. John WP Fan

    Watching Super League and NRL in Toronto

    The Wolfpack games are broadcast on GameTV, which is usually free with most cable packages on Rogers and Bell. The games are also streamed on
  3. There is no point in taking a game to Mississauga, or Hamilton. To us, this is one big city and while playing games elsewhere would make the commute more convenient for some, it would not be opening up a new market. Ottawa, Montreal (each with worse winter weather than us), Halifax (sometimes better, sometimes worse), now you're talking new markets.
  4. John WP Fan

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    I hope this is resolved soon. I'll be in the US for the Widnes game and want to be able to stream it via CBC. It was supposed to be available in the USA.
  5. Sorry this is so long, but the topic is confusing, and I'm frustrated. Maybe I can help someone else figure this out (or someone can help me!). Last season I started paying $20 extra each month to Bell to add Sportsnet World to my cable package, so I could watch Super League and NRL games. I was still learning about the sport and wanted to see the game played at a higher level. Sportsnet World showed a couple of games from each league each week. I didn't watch them all but I watched a bunch, mostly recording them and playing them back when convenient for me. I felt it was worth the extra $20/month. I was too lazy/stupid to cancel the channel during the off season. Last week I saw Hull FC vs Castleford in the listings for Thursday (not a scheduled game last week) and got suspicious. It turns out that Sportsnet has pushed Rugby league off this channel into a pricier tier. And this is where it gets confusing. Apparently these games are now available on the Sportsnet World Plus channels. But Bell Fibe does not carry those channels; they appear to be exclusive to Rogers cable (note: Rogers owns Sportsnet). I switched from Rogers to Bell 2 years ago, and I am not keen to switch back. That's the TV side of things. Sportsnet also has a separate online offering called Sportsnet Now, with an app that allows you to watch on any of multiple devices, including the ability to Chromecast to your TV. It gets confusing trying to figure out how this works, and several emails to Sportsnet have not yielded full clarity yet. But appears that if I want to watch SL online, I would need to pay $28/month to subscribe to Sportsnet Now +, a still higher-tier of the online package. I can find no details of which games will be shown or when. Sportsnet Now + does not seem to support watching games after they have been streamed, except for a limited 24-hour "lookback" option on limited channels that doe not include RL. The mish mash of TV vs online offerings is very confusing, and neither Sportsnet nor Bell seem to have any awareness of or knowledge at all of Rugby League to answer my questions. I have canceled my subscription to Sportsnet World. Bell did not show any understanding of my request to refund the past 3 months of fees, based on my claim that they and their partner Sportsnet had lied about the offering. Bell's Fibe app showed a SL game in the listing for Sportsnet World up to last Thursday (it was not shown), and Sportnet's web site continues to claim that SL games are part of Sportsnet World. Apart from switching my TV and internet back to Rogers (gag), my best option may be to subscribe to watchnrl and settle for watching NRL games only. I have enjoyed the NRL games more than SL. It's a better quality game and I have grown fond of a few teams (the Storm, Roosters and Rabbitohs). And watchnrl will let me watch every NRL game, plus State of Origin, and I can play back each game any time (over breakfast will often work for me). OK, I feel a little better after venting. If there is a better (completely legal) option, I'd like to hear about it.
  6. John WP Fan

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    It turns out Sportsnet has pushed SL games (and NRL?) off of Sportsnet World onto Sportsnet World Plus channels, which Rogers carries, but Bell Fibe does not. They suggested I subscribe to Sportsnet Now + for $28/month! I'm chatting with Bell now to see what they know (I expect they will know nothing), and perhaps retroactively cancel my Sportsnet World back to last October.
  7. John WP Fan

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    I now see a Hull FC/Cas game on the Sportsnet World schedule for Thursday. Unfortunately those teams are not scheduled to play this week! Is the listing just showing the wrong teams and it will actually be St Helens/Wigan? I hope so...
  8. John WP Fan

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    No RL showing up on Sportsnet schedules yet at all. I emailed them asking when some will appear.
  9. That has always been the deal. SL clubs ought to be able to afford one flight a year, especially if we are not taking our share of their TV money.
  10. True. But things are similar in hockey, where the last game of the regular season may determine your playoff opponent, and teams routinely fly thousands of miles between games. Hockey is as physical as rugby league, though the players switch off every minute, so they play no more than about 20 minutes a game typically. They play about 3 games a week, so over the course of a week it's similar abuse.
  11. John WP Fan

    Match ticket prices

    Wolfpack single game tickets are available online for $27 (early bird price) + the $4.25 Ticketmaster parasite fee, for a total of $CAD 31.25, or just under £18. All seats are general admission, bench seating. I would not be surprised to see that jump next season, should we succeed in earning promotion to SL. I think they are still keeping prices low to help build a following. (And yes, go ahead and chirp about the number of free tickets if you like now. I have paid for my season tickets 3 years running now and think they have been excellent value.)
  12. My understanding is that we continue to pay the way for visiting teams, regular season and playoffs, until we earn a spot in Super League.
  13. This would not be a big change for the TWP home games, currently scheduled on a Sunday at 2pm EDT (7pm BST) for the opener on April 28th, and thereafter Saturdays at 1pm EDT (6pm BST). Pushing the Saturday games back an hour would not be a big deal, and would likely increase sales for lunch at the 3 Brewers before games. If they are to change game times, the sooner this is done the better. Many tickets have already been issued with the current start times on them.
  14. It may be that some of what seems like self-centeredness from some Toronto fans is still just getting used to a sport that operates very differently from all the other sports we know here. I do agree with the first part of the above; any location for a Grand Final involving Toronto will likely involve a trip on short notice (that can still be planned for in advance knowing it may happen), making it much harder for one team's supporters to show up.
  15. I hope Sky ensures that the broadcast meets their standards; their work was much better than that local broadcasts last year.