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  1. It depends on the other matches this weekend. If Salford win at London and Hull KR win at Toulouse (both expected results), then a win for us over Widnes would clinch at least 4th place (home field for the MPG), with a slim hope of catching Hull KR for 3rd if we beat Leeds and they lose to Widnes. If there are upsets in London or Toulouse, the final weekend becomes a little wilder!
  2. John WP Fan

    New league structure revealed

    I was thinking of the current system, where a Championship team on a much lower budget would have great difficulty displacing one of the bottom SL teams. With the new structure starting in 2019, I agree with you!
  3. John WP Fan

    Season ticket holders appreciation event Sept 17

    I enjoyed the event too. And as usual, David Argyle asked the hardest question, asking Coach Rowley and the two captains if they agreed with the team;'s decision to send Jack Bussey home (they did).
  4. John WP Fan

    New league structure revealed

    Yes, if the salary cap differs greatly between leagues that have P&R between them, it becomes much harder for teams to go up and down. I agree Toronto could not have built a team that may be ready to join SL with a £300K cap.
  5. John WP Fan

    New league structure revealed

    A salary cap set at the right level will help lead to more parity between teams, making for a more competitive league. It's working in the NHL, where the salary cap for the coming season will be about $US 80 million, with a floor (minimum total spend per team) of about $US 60 million. The NHL also gives lower-ranking teams higher picks in the annual amateur draft, which gives them access to the best young players to help them rebuild. The NHL salary cap is set by contract with the players union at half of hockey revenue. For contrast, in major league baseball there is no hard salary cap. There is a "luxury tax" paid when a team's total payroll exceeds a set limit. In the current season that limit is (you may want to sit down) $US 197,000,000. So the richer teams can spend as much as they want, and just pay a penalty for spending too much more than the other teams. The New York Yankees routinely pay $US 20 million a year or more just in luxury tax! The competitive balance in baseball is nowhere near that of the NHL, and I'd suggest the lack of a firm salary cap is a big part of the reason. I think a salary cap is essential. It needs to be set high enough that the league can attract enough talent, and low enough that enough teams can afford to spend that much. The "enoughs" in there are the hard part, and the bigger problem for the RFL is to generate the kind of revenue needed to support the sport and get it to prosper.
  6. John WP Fan

    New league structure revealed

    So does that reduce the total number of votes?
  7. This is one of the differences in sports culture between our countries. In North America is it the custom to play the national anthems of the country/countries of the participating teams (based on the city they represent, not the nationality of the players!) before every game of every professional sport. I understand that may seem strange, and not all of us think it's necessary or appropriate. So God Save The Queen has been played before O Canada at every Wolfpack home game so far, and this will be the first variation from that.
  8. T.O. over TO by 12. But let's make the visitors feel at home here: When UK teams visit, there is always a good part of the crowd who join in to sing God Save The Queen (many know the lyrics as it used to be sung in school when we were young, since we coincidentally share the same Queen). Here are the lyrics to La Marseillaise: I suggest we have those handy and join in to greet Toulouse when it is played on Saturday. Make them feel welcome, and then defeat them soundly on the field!
  9. John WP Fan

    Scrap the Hubcap.

    That's correct. The league has gradually expanded from 6 teams to the current 31 over the past 52 years. It will likely grow to 32 within another few years. There is a hierarchy of minor leagues that develop & feed players to the NHL. So there is in a sense promotion & relegation of players, but not teams. P&R is completely foreign to us here (but watching the Qualifiers, where our team can only go up this year, it seems very exciting!).
  10. John WP Fan

    Scrap the Hubcap.

    An observation about ice hockey in North America: The NHL awards the President's Trophy to the team with the best record at the end of the regular season. Most people cannot remember who won it more than a year back, and I (a hockey fan since the mid-1960s) have no idea what it looks like. In the playoffs, teams in each conference play off, with the winner of each conference going to the Stanley Cup final. Each conference winner is awarded a trophy (the Clarence Campbell Bowl and the Prince of Wales Trophy). It is an established tradition (but not always observed) that the teams winning these trophies DO NOT TOUCH THEM, because they mean nothing, and only the Stanley Cup matters (
  11. Afternoon games (starting around 1pm) are common for baseball, and the CFL Argonauts have 2 home games that start at 1pm as well, so it's not that unusual. We'll see how it works for the WP.
  12. Yes, it's a bit harder, but IMHO it's less than twice as hard, and certainly not the square of hardness. I do believe that the amount of naysaying will grow according to the square law though!
  13. I'm not following this line of reasoning. It seems to me that 2 NA teams are not much harder than 1, especially if they are somewhat close together (Toronto + Montreal, Boston or NY); each visiting team makes one (longer) trip to play both teams back to back, and the NA teams play 2 home games at a stretch. This also equalizes the travel impact for games in NA, as in each case the home team and the visiting team will each have a game the week after travel across the ocean and a game after being in NA for a week or more. Of course the NA teams will still have much more travel overall as they go back & forth for many more games in the UK, but that's part of the deal. Why do you think the difficulties grow according to a square law?
  14. Huh. I agree. It's not unreasonable to ask for some sort of commitment/investment in player development, a promise to meet reasonable stadium standards (we are not there yet), plus a solid financial plan, from ALL teams seeking to enter SL.
  15. John WP Fan

    Toronto V Hull KR Programme

    That guy is me! I send 5 programs each to 2 different guys in Leeds after each game. I can see if either of them have one to spare for you.