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  1. Challenge Cup Run

    I mostly feel that way, but also worry that if we get another easy draw the haters will start making noise that the draw is rigged to get TWP further into the cup, and what is a fake team full of Leigh rejects doing in the cup anyway? Maybe better to really have to earn it every step of the way (no disrespect to Kells who did themselves proud yesterday).
  2. Challenge Cup Run

    try then, and click on all commentaries on the right side to find the Kells/Toronto game in the full list
  3. Wolfpack momentum, a pro rugby team in Vancouver?

    Not interested in a cross code game, but a doubleheader should be possible, and I would welcome that. It does seem stupid to schedule the Arrows game in conflict with the WP home opener. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be a double-header.
  4. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    Good. It's SUPPOSED to be hard to get into SL, and we don't want it any other way! We're looking forward to a tough brawl right to the end with London, Toulouse and any other contenders to get into the Qualifiers (hopefully in the top 2), and then again in those 7 games to try to win promotion. And yes, so far London do look like the better team (especially in the head to head match), and there is no proof yet that we can beat Toulouse. I'm looking forward to more of those tough games to see how good we can get, as our current roster gels some more, as more of our injured players return, and as we add more talent. This is way more interesting now that the competition is tougher!
  5. Jack's is Back! Well to Canada at least

    He is NOT a Canadian citizen, and that is the problem. He is Canadian-ish based on his ancestry. The rules for international competition seem to be looser, allowing him to play for Canada. I think one should need citizenship to represent a country, so much as I like Jacks and hated to see him leave the WP, I think the RFL has it correct in counting him as an import and not a Canadian. One of the ladies (or gents!) in the crowd at Lamport ought to marry him to help him get Canadian citizenship a bit down the road...
  6. Confirmation of game vs. Kells ARLFC

    No, it will be much more satisfying when we win it, some day!
  7. Confirmation of game vs. Kells ARLFC

    I'd prefer it be treated like the Stanley Cup; each player of the winning team gets it for a day, and can have it brought to their home town, anywhere in the world!
  8. Paul Rowley

    I agree with all of this but will add that EVERY coach gets fired at some point. It happens when management decides that the players are no longer listening/responding to him, and almost always when that contributes to a lousy season. And it's almost always soon after the general manager expresses total confidence in the coach when questioned about whether they are about to fire him.
  9. Crowd for home opener

    OHP? Overhead Projector? Ontario Housing Project? Online Haggis Purchasing? not clear on what you were referring to here...
  10. Halifax Feb 18th

    He was sin-binned (around 51') for the dangerous tackle where he lifted the runner's legs above his head, and I agree that was the appropriate call. Was there another tackle you thought deserved a red card? I didn't see it.
  11. RL on Canadian TV

    Wow, that policy is both completely unclear from how they advertise the service and pretty crappy. Good to know though.
  12. RL on Canadian TV

    I subscribe to Sportsnet World via Bell Fibe TV, and have had no trouble watching/recording all the SL games they broadcast on the TV channel. When logged in I can see lots of soccer games (I don't recognize the logos so I'm not sure which league), but absolutely no Rugby League, even scrolling back to yesterday. And when I log our of Sportsnet Now I do not see any mention of any Rugby League.
  13. RL on Canadian TV

    I logged into SN Now but could find no mention anywhere of the WCC!
  14. RL on Canadian TV

    I was unable to find the game on SN Now :-( So I signed up for the watchnrl free trial. Had some audio dropouts, and the thing froze up completely around 51:00, then played fine after restarting. First half was exciting, until things started go8ng as expected...
  15. RL on Canadian TV

    They have some appeal as the underdog, but I can identify more with the Melbourne team as outsiders from a non-traditional RL locale who rock the boat a little (and I am not condoning their past cheating), plus I LOVED Melbourne when I visited in 2014.