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  1. John WP Fan


    re Fact 2: I agree that in many ways this feels like an English team, but it is also setting down roots in Toronto. A good number of fans have embraced them, even though the team, league and sport are still nearly unknown here. The fan support will continue to grow, even as (perhaps especially as) the competition gets tougher. There are Canadian companies sponsoring the team and its players (including my company!). And the team and players are working hard to engage with the community, in a myriad of ways. The fans certainly don't mind that the players are mostly English and Australian, though we will certainly enjoy seeing a Canadian or two crack the lineup when they are ready. re Fact 2: I offer the example of Austin Matthews to show that top-quality talent can emerge in a generation (see The NHL moved the Winnipeg Jets to Phoenix in 1996, and within a decade Matthews emerged as a top-calibre star. There are lots of issues with the Phoenix Coyotes and I don't suggest they are a model expansion team, but even they have sparked interest in youth hockey in a place where it was foreign. The Wolfpack are doing a few things to grow the sport (in cooperation with Rugby Canada - there is no schism here between the codes) and I do hope they step that up going forward.
  2. John WP Fan


    That’s the worst idea I can think of. Toronto crowds would be SO excited to go see 4 of the bottom 7 teams visit again!
  3. John WP Fan


    I agree the WP could and should be doing more to develop players. Let's have an official relationship with a USARL team (preferably one based on Ontario!) as well as furthering our deals with the London Skolars and/or Bradford Bulls. I favour minor-league arrangements like these that correspond to how our other major league teams develop and nurture young players, over academies (whatever they are), but I'm open to all options. The focus so far has been on earning our way to Super League, but those player development initiatives are also important, and will help silence some of the criticism. And yes, there should be more efforts to find players who can cross over from gridiron, where that makes sense.
  4. John WP Fan

    Wolfpack - Superleague 2019

    I don't see why that matters but many of us would go once in a while. How many per away game on average? Several to dozens. If you are suggesting that away fans are a necessary part of a club's business model, then you have lost me right there.
  5. John WP Fan

    Wolfpack - Superleague 2019

    I'm expecting this to be resolved by next week, so all teams know what they are playing for before Qualifiers begin.
  6. John WP Fan

    RL on Canadian TV

    Strange, on my Bell Fibe listings, I still don’t see it. I’ll record starting at 6am and hope it’s just the Bell listings that are not correct! Merci!
  7. John WP Fan

    RL on Canadian TV

    Hey, I can’t find the third State of Origin game in my listings? Did this get bumped by all the guys on bikes?
  8. John WP Fan

    Player Sponsorship

    I have sponsored Greg Worthington this season. I gave the team a not-unreasonable sum of money, and in return get: my company logo printed under his photo in the game program each home game (not large) my logo displayed with a link to my company's web site at the bottom of his player profile on the team website (at "sponsored by True North Climbing" announced at the start of each home game a visit by Greg (and a few of his teammates) to my facility a few weeks ago (look for photos and video to be posted soon by the Wolfpack) a visit to the VIP section for me and 3 of my staff at the Leigh game (not the best view from one end of the field, but the drinks & food were free). and I'm also to get a signed shirt, as worn by Greg, to be presented at the end of the season So far I am happy with the deal. I see from Liam's player profile that he too is already sponsored (by TurnKey Site Solutions).
  9. Capacity at Lamport is 9,600. The announced crowd for the Sheffield game was 6,329. I had been hoping we would start off this year where we left off at the end of last season (around 8,000), but I think it's been hard to get the same people coming every week with games every Saturday for 8 weeks running, with a lot of other events on at this time of year, and a major heat wave the past week or so. There are many first-time attendees each week. I thought we would have had sellouts for London and Leigh, and I'm still optimistic the crowds will be larger for our 4 home games in the Qualifiers. For those watching on TV, note that this season the Season Ticket holders sit in the West stand, where there is more protection from the hot sun, leaving the East stand looking rather sparse on TV. The beer garden is still full every game!
  10. John WP Fan

    July 7th vs. Sheffield Eagles

  11. John WP Fan we go!!!!!!!!

    August 4/5 is the Challenge Cup semi-final, and it's still quite possible that one or two teams playing that weekend will be in the Qualifiers! So I'm sure Qualifiers will start the weekend of August 11/12, and you are right it will be 2 weeks, then a break for the CC Final, then 5 more games running through the weekend of September 29/30, with the Million Pound Game no earlier than the weekend of October 6/7.
  12. John WP Fan we go!!!!!!!!

    I think we get 2nd and 3rd from the Championship at home, and 4th away; see chart below. Not that that makes much difference this year, when it's a crazy scramble for 2nd/3rd/4th. I don't think we'll have a clear idea of who winds up where until after the July 22nd games, and perhaps not until after our game vs Featherstone. I'm hoping for Toulouse and Halifax at the Den, as they are the only Championship teams not to make the trip yet.
  13. John WP Fan


    Nope. The Mets are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. The Nets are one of the New York area's 2 National Basketball Association (NBA) teams.
  14. My climbing gym is teaming up with the Toronto Wolfpack on an event next week There are two free offers at True North Climbing for Wolfpack fans and season ticket holders!
  15. John WP Fan

    Toronto and Visa's

    It has already been confirmed, both by the league and the team, that Toronto will host all its home games (and it looks like there will be 4 of those) in the Qualifiers at Lamport Stadium in Toronto. There is no reason to think otherwise. It has also been confirmed that those games will not be all bunched up, so we're expecting mostly alternating games. Though having a few away games first would give the visiting teams a little more time. The admission issue has been well understood for more than a year. All the Super League teams knew last fall when Toronto was promoted that they might have to travel to Toronto this summer, and some have them have known for weeks already that such a visit is likely. I see no reason why the bottom 6 teams at least would not have already done the paperwork for this to be ready to bring their best squad over. And with 3 teams now located outside the UK, knowing the criminal history of your players might be a factor in choosing whom to sign. The Wolfpack have an immigration law firm as a partner, and they assist the visiting teams. I know the part-time teams have very limited resources, but I see no excuse for any Super League team who hasn't done their homework to prepare for a visit to Toronto months in advance. And yes, it would be great if the RFL helped out as well.