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  1. I have found that I get much better quality when I cast from my laptop than when I cast from my iPad. I do not understand why (both are on the same good home wifi network), but it's pretty consistent.
  2. Olsi is a really nice guy and we will miss him in Toronto. I hope he does well back with London, and I also hope we get to see him again when the Broncos visit Toronto for a SL game next season (yes, there is a fair bit of hoping in there!).
  3. I agree the beer garden is a deal-breaker, but surely that can be worked out somehow? I don't mind being 3rd in line for dates; it's hard for me to understand how it can be so difficult to accommodate 3 teams playing a total of 45 or so games over 9 months. That's just over one game per week, meaning some weeks they would need to handle 2 of the teams playing the same week/weekend, but most weeks it would be only one of them. I think that would be making better use of the facility and sharing the expenses 3 ways instead of 2. I agree Lamport is more fun and intimate, but BMO is a really nice facility and it seems such a waste to put huge amounts of money into upgrading a second stadium so near by.
  4. The parking lot brings in revenue, and there is also a temporary homeless shelter built on it (taking up 75 of the parking spots); I think that will be there for a few years. I have no idea how the city would feel about using up some of the surrounding space. I think the bigger obstacle is money. The Wolfpack (and I guess the Toronto Arrows of the MLR if I am allowed to mention another sport here) would be the major beneficiaries of most of the expansion/improvement ideas, so the city would likely expect those parties to pay for most of the work. Toronto FC had a similar deal with the city for the improvements to BMO Field, and now they seem to control that stadium.
  5. Very true. I am one of those who hopes we can move to BMO Field. I know Toronto FC doesn't want us, and there are beer issues, but those seems like problems that could be worked out. Argyle has said he wants to stay at Lamport. I think he will need to spend most of the money needed for renovations if they are going to happen.
  6. I do enjoy the games there, but it is a very basic stadium. A major-league team deserves much better.
  7. add seats (i.e replace the benches) add capacity add a roof over each stand I hope the new scoreboard is a large video screen with replay capability (as I believe is expected for Super League) renovate and add more bathrooms (especially for women, who are always in a very long line) dramatically improve the food offerings improve the flow of traffic into the stadium fill in the muddy ground near the west entrance
  8. Wow, that is cool. I never would have guessed that that was what it meant!
  9. Kick off will be at 1pm in Toronto, EDT. That should be 6pm in the UK (I think there is currently a 5 hour difference). But https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/fixtures says Toronto Wolfpack 13:00 LOCAL 19:00 Bradford Bulls and https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/scores-fixtures/2019-05-04 says Toronto Wolfpack 19:00 Bradford Bulls RLFC so I am confused.
  10. I’m watching the Rabbitohs vs Broncos and noticed that the 30 meter lines are marked as “< 3 00” and “3 00>”. Why the double zeros there? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m Canadian!
  11. Toronto's figure is greatly distorted by the 3 "home" games played in the UK. By the end of the season the Toronto number will be more than the SL average, I expect. It is an exciting division this year!
  12. I understand that's the usual way to do it in some places. In North America our experience is different, and it is common for a sport to set down roots top down, starting with a major league sports team to provide exposure of the sport, which then inspires kids to play, and a generation later there is talent coming from the new area. As a Canadian, my best example is the NHL, which has grown from 6 teams (in the hockey heartland!) in 1966 to 31 teams today (Seattle joins in a year as the 32nd team). Teams have been added without threatening existing teams. Some new teams have failed, but most have flourished. Hockey has been introduced to California, Florida and Arizona, and a few years ago the top young player selected at the annual NHL draft was Auston Matthews, from Phoenix, inspired to play hockey because of the Phoenix Coyotes came to town. There is a similar story around the Toronto Raptors of the NBA and the growth of basketball talent in Canada (though basketball was hardly unknown here before). So that's how it works here. Top-down and bottom-up each have their place.
  13. You missed one: the Toronto Marlies (The Maple Leafs' AHL affiliate) beat the Rochester Americans to open their Calder Cup playoff defense. So we were 6 for 6 in the Six!
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