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  1. Fev1983

    FEV's new coach

    I hope the gamble pays off, big decision, 5th place for me just ahead of Bradford.
  2. Fev1983

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    Why would he want to get involved? 5 years of pain to make a few million when he does that with every major bout he promotes.
  3. Fev1983

    The New Coach, what are our hopes and expectations?

    Still in with a chance of 5th place against Toulouse at home on 7th Sept. That would be a success for me!!
  4. Fev1983

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Nothing beats Fev in the height of summer, ask Toulouse 😉
  5. Surely already being recycled 😂
  6. I hope Beaumont gets rid of him when he realises that he is sh*t. Scu*bag, curly haired wa*ker.
  7. Fev1983

    First game of the season.

    Bradford first up, Leigh 3rd game, can't wait!!!!
  8. Please, please, please Leigh @ POR
  9. Fev1983

    Summer bash fixtures

    Surely we can't lose again!!! 😂
  10. Fev1983

    Jarrod S

    I heard the funding has gone from £475,000 to £225,000, not sure how true, if that is the case then riddy would have been 1/4 of our spend!!!
  11. Rubbish, you expect Fev to just sit back and let Leigh pinch there staff. Beaumont again thinks hes above the law.
  12. Duffy is a scumbag, it was announced he had signed a new 2 year contract but yet he says he didn't have a contract, wether in place or not, the club has paid his wages presumably since April, I hope MC takes him to the cleaners, no integrity, no class, scumbag.
  13. Fev1983

    Bradford Bash?

    Move it cause Fev can't play at Blackpool.