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  1. Fev1983

    No matchday programme?

    That is really poor, MC or alike should have called him to see if he wanted to do anything else or least thank him, poor from the club, lack of class.
  2. Fev1983

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    King Watson Day
  3. Fev1983

    If being born in Whitwood is a Cas fan

    You’re not real 😂😂😂
  4. Fev1983

    2019 Squad

    You’re not far off, Barba.
  5. Fev1983


    Daniel Smith, interesting.
  6. Fev1983

    Could we shock everyone this year?

    I hope you’re right!!! UTR
  7. Fev1983

    Injury updates

    What was the attendance on sunday, looked about 800. Anybody no?
  8. Fev1983

    2019 Squad

    He looks fast as, some nice footwork too, not sure how good some of the opposition was.
  9. Fev1983

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    It’s already too complicated for me and the season hasn’t started.
  10. Well said, today was a run out, especially with Davies and Hardcastle only playing the first half, looking forward to next week.
  11. Fev1983

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    I thought we were competitive the whole game, can’t wait for the new players!!
  12. Nothing like being optimistic. It was a training exercise today with 4/5 missing plus DR.
  13. Fev1983

    Merry Christmas - Up the Rovers!

    Merry Christmas everyone, UTR, 5th place for me.
  14. Fev1983

    2019 Championship Predictions

    Toronto Widnes Toulouse Fev Fax Leigh Bradford York Batley Barrow Sheffield Dewsbury Swindon Rochdale my prediction, willing to put my money to it, £100 that every team will finish within 3 places of my table, so Toronto have to finish in top 3, Rochdale have to finish in bottom 3, Fev between 1st and 7th and so on. UTR
  15. Fev1983

    FEV's new coach

    I hope the gamble pays off, big decision, 5th place for me just ahead of Bradford.