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  1. More like SL clubs creating a CLOSED shop again.
  2. Toronto by 2 Rochdale by 4 Fev by 26 Bradford by 6 attendance 12,327
  3. Can I have some of your silly powder, York by 18, we put 40 odd past them last month!!
  4. Fev1983


    All I could vision was Pamela Anderson and the Hoff.
  5. Can’t see him leaving c*s for leeds, he is settled there, back to us at some point!
  6. To rite, top 5 more important
  7. Cheers for the up dates, looking forward to Blackpool for once.
  8. Calland will have them fired up tomorrow, he no’s the place inside out and will be out to show his experience. I can’t make it because of work can someone update the score for me on here, I can’t get on Twitter on my work internet
  9. Fev1983


    Selling in dogs one of life’s wasters and takers.
  10. It looks great, will she do a foreigner?
  11. Chisholm walters bussey carey worth a mention, great game and very well played Fev.
  12. I think we will beat Toronto, they didn’t have an easy time yesterday and will still be feeling the effects, if we carry the momentum from last night then we can beat anyone in our league. Top 5 here we come.
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