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  1. I had a similar experience with The Proclaimers (memory says Sheffield City Hall 2010 ish), I went expecting mediocrity and was well entertained by 2 of the best singing, song writing musicians we have in Britain. The Wonderstuff backed on that day too, 'Size of a cow'. Included a lass who could play a violin better than average too.
  2. I would have to get my timing right in telling my Geordie mates that the Stotty was a Yorkshire product. When I am up there everything goes on a Stotty . Ham and pease pudding, Sausage and pease pudding or full breakfast are the favourites.
  3. Swallows have just arrived in the last hour where I work near Leeds. I always use St George’s day as a guide so 1 1/2 days early, not bad for a few thousand miles, no map, compass or diary. They have loads of energy left, feeding and checking out last years nesting spots.
  4. That's a nice piece of work and everyone will have their own list and reasons for their choices but I can't see anyone doubting the no.1. With sustained pace he would have been a 10. The best player that I have seen in a Rovers shirt.
  5. If you haven’t already done it, email your MP and encourage your work colleagues to do the same, they will have to react, adequate kit is essential in quelling the virus.
  6. I was going to post this one myself, he was fairly unknown to me at the time but I was impressed by the way he shrugged off tackle after tackle, one of the best tries I have seen. Luckily the Featherstone lads worked out that you couldn't tackle him from his waist up and employed the 'can't go without his legs ' approach.
  7. I have to agree, reminded me of pubs in the sixties/seventies when most had a Tommy and an Eddie and occasionally you could spot a pair of coppers in the back tapping drinks from the Landlord. If it tours again please give it a big shout on here. One for against the wall...…..posters who go off topic...……. I fall on my sword.
  8. 1978. 5th November. GB v Australia at Odsal . Included a tough as teak front row of Mills, Fisher and Lockwood and the best British standoff I have ever seen in Roger Millward. And of course a GB win. Fairbairn; Wright, Joyner, Dyl, Atkinson; Millward (captain), Nash; Mills, Fisher, Lockwood, Nicholls, Lowe, Norton. Subs. Holmes, Rose.
  9. Returning empty bottles to the shop/off licence/pub/club for refunds, give them to the council now for free.
  10. He had the ball grounded before the line with his arm also in contact, at that point it is tackle complete, he can’t lift it and plant the ball again no matter how much momentum there is. The decision is made though and that is that.
  11. I am still struggling with the first try decision, previous on field rulings have always been if the ball carrying arm touches the floor it is tackle complete, if a player fields a ball and goes to the floor and an opposition arm touches him it is tackle complete. Here the ball carrying arm touched the floor and then was lifted and the ball placed further forward. commentary fwiw were happy with it, and so were Hicks, VR and Cummins.
  12. An addition to fake injuries may have to be claims of an injury from biting. I thought after the failed attempt in the World Cup on Mcgillvary that it would die a death but we may have seen a return in Fridays Sky game. The replay appeared not to support the accusation, it will be interesting to see the result of the hearing.
  13. As a teen it was the car I admired most, never had enough brass for one and going by the modern price can’t see it happening now. Got a couple of rides in a mates dad’s Mexico and it was the real deal, a great car, you have been privileged.
  14. Not heard a cuckoo in my area for the last 3 years after never missing for as long as I can remember, are there other areas missing them.
  15. I like your proactive positive attitude, although the big one is yet to come out of this group, bottom place gets the beers in.
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