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  1. My sympathies. Once had, never forgotten. the warmth of liquid running down your leg as you don't quite make it and then sat with a bucket exiting at both ends. Only the once fortunately, it really steps up your hand wash routine for ever after.
  2. Amazing that some people feel that it is a good idea to buy from these places.
  3. I know it's a while since you posted this but thanks Futtocks for doing it. I have only seen it today and have been watching on Sky 328. Loved the 1956 Robin Hood (loads of young lad memories there) and spotting Nicholas Parsons. Looking forward to more from this channel.
  4. My sentiments are the same. My work involved visiting every mine in the North Yorks area and each of them had what you describe in that sentence, in particular careers for the not so gifted and educational opportunities for the ambitious. The sports and social side was superb. I look back acknowledging that times have moved on but at the same time privileged to have witnessed it and to have been a part of it.
  5. Sorry Trevor my mistake, I thought you meant the one where positive test cases were contacted directly for details of recent contacts.
  6. I have not heard of Track and Trace being scrapped. I know of 2 people working shifts on it for the last 2 weeks including today.
  7. I would have to get my timing right in telling my Geordie mates that the Stotty was a Yorkshire product. When I am up there everything goes on a Stotty . Ham and pease pudding, Sausage and pease pudding or full breakfast are the favourites.
  8. Swallows have just arrived in the last hour where I work near Leeds. I always use St George’s day as a guide so 1 1/2 days early, not bad for a few thousand miles, no map, compass or diary. They have loads of energy left, feeding and checking out last years nesting spots.
  9. Not heard a cuckoo in my area for the last 3 years after never missing for as long as I can remember, are there other areas missing them.
  10. I have to agree on this one, the litter ejecting traveler/motorist is a big annoyance to me, the sight at the side of slip roads as I am queuing to get off is sickening. Always the same stuff, well known brand takeaway wrapping/boxes, ale cans and a lot of clear plastic bottles with orange juice in them although I am not sure that's what it is. On points on the license I know of one person who got £60 fine for throwing a cigar butt out in stationary traffic, done by a copper walking by. I will add my rant now - the 'environmentally confused' who pick up dog droppings from over the fields where it would break down naturally, bag it, then carry it and then hang it in a bush as they leave the field. How do they think that works out.
  11. I recognized him as the dogger as soon as I heard his voice, it took me straight back to Kenny Senior in Phoenix Nights, a very funny character. I have also seen him do a very accomplished stand up at The City Varieties Leeds some years ago as part of a Tour with Paddy Mcguiness and some others from Phoenix Nights. Would always welcome seeing more comedy from him.
  12. After finally conceding to the fact that my legs and lungs no longer want to work efficiently enough for me to carry on playing the sport of my choice I got into reading fiction again for the first time since school. I had been given a Kindle and discovered Flashman and read the whole series and a few more of GMF's books, so to find that there may be an unpublished novel of his is great news to me, thanks for the link CKN. I am looking forward to the day that it is published if it comes to that. I have read a few similar to Flashman and find them to have copied GMF's style and content to the edge of legality and one writer even has the cheek to continually discredit his character while ripping off the content. The Sharpe series is my read of the moment, excellent research and writing by Bernard Cornwell.
  13. Going through Robert Louis Stevenson books at present. Treasure Island last month, Kidnapped this month. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde and Catriona to come.
  14. You had room for pie after todays dinner? Fair play to yer.
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