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  1. Didn't know but checked on google and he commited suicide before due to make a court apperance on a shoplifting charge,very tragic end
  2. Mcgillvary has been on loan at Batley and Barrow.Can't recall Cudjoe playing for anyone else
  3. Giants are in danger of going down another blind alley here ,giving out contracts to players before coaches,whoever comes in will find his hands tied recruitment wise,a major rebuild is required without Mr Brough pulling the strings and he has just signed on for another year.
  4. Would be a lot happier if the club were activly recruiting a coach in Australia like St Helens did last year rather than waiting for applications from all and sundry as the club statement states
  5. Not sure about Tony Smith due to the circumstances in which he left the club last time and if the club could match his ambitions.However he still lives locally and he may still have a soft spot for the club as we gave him his coaching break in this country.The club statement implies that they will look to Australia for a replacement having had sucess in this area in the past with Smith and Nathan Brown.All i hope is that the rugby becomes more entertaining because a game based on Danny Broughs kicking skills alone is like watching paint dry
  6. The George was bought by a local businessman with the alleged intention of being turned into a 'boutique' hotel ,scaffolding did appear outside the hotel for a while although photographs seem to indicate that little or no work has been done to the interior.It is now on the market at a considerably higher price than was paid originally.Local opinion seems to edge towards the council doing something about the hotel ,highly unlikely given their financial state.From a business point of view it will continue to have its age old problem of lack of parking maybe the council proposal for a multi storey nearby will make it a more attractive proposition for investors.
  7. There was a guy called Tim Anchors i think played for KR who was from USA moved onto Huddersfield played 'A' team and a couple of first team friendlies
  8. Would struggle to raise a team now ,are there actually thirteen full time employees let alone substitutes
  9. It's not the bound to be the league structure that is reducing falling viewership more likely to be the huge drop in playing standards and entertainment value
  10. I think that all the posts indicate that there are plenty of people concerned with where the game has gone and is heading are our leadership concerned ?,time for some type of think tank to be set up with input from all interested parties including spectators or do we not matter any more
  11. Allways thought 16 was the ideal number for soccers world cup only expanded to 48 for commercial reasons please don't go down the same route ,make qualifying for the finals more difficult and you will get more competitive qualifying tournaments and more competitve matches in the main tournament
  12. Why refer to the Superleague season in roman numerals we are in the 21st century tha knows
  13. My opinion and i have watched the game since the mid 1960's ,unlimited tackle rugby was done away with because it created boring one sided games.the scrums have been a farce all the time i have watched rugby ,look at the penalty counts in the matches in the 1960's and 1970's three or four attempts to form an acceptable #### and then a penalty was given eventually reduced to a differential penalty because of the number of matches decided by penalties.Yes i do think the game was better under the 5 yard rule certainly more skillfull we seem to have substituted speed and brute force for skill and please dont suggest playing the matches in four quarters they last way to long as it is ,public transport stops at 11pm round our way and its a 7 mile walk home,we're in danger of going down the American Football route of 4 hour matches at least it would give some plenty of time to sup endless pints of beer after all that's why we all go to the games isn't it
  14. Perhaps he could check his heritage and see if he has a granny from Scotland ,would fit right into their team
  15. Surely better to have all competitive matches with an eight team tournament and two groups of 4 ,do away with the quarter finals ,they are supposed to be matches not walkovers, precisely what have Scotland and Wales efforts achieved for the game in those countries.Better to have a Great Britain team and if necessary a seperate Ireland team.Tournament would still last 5 weeks which is plenty long enough
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