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  1. Properly young demographic at that game. Probably laid a lot of the groundwork for the attendance rise over the decade or so after, as they started bringing their kids and spouses.
  2. Chamey

    Hemel and New York

    I suspect the issue would be that Air Transat only flies to Canada, hence flying both teams to Florida or the like would be cost prohibitive.
  3. Chamey

    Hemel and New York

    I know that there's no shortage of construction magnates in NY, but MLR's Rugby United NY's owner James Kennedy is most certainly one of them.
  4. Chamey

    Hemel and New York

    Didn't the clubs reportedly block the Wilby consortium? Will this bid have a different fate at the hands of the self-obsessed clubs?
  5. Chamey

    Shaun Edwards

    Ultimately, if you announce somebody as signed, you need to have a contract in place, utterly amateurish if Wigan didn't get him to sign one. On the flip side there could have been a contract in place, with pre-commencement break clauses just in case Edwards gets offered. job he prefers, or Lam does well. This is what I reckon happened, with Edwards rather publicly exercising his break clause.
  6. Among all the negativity this popped up on my timeline: Great to see from Widnes, little things like this create a lot of goodwill.
  7. Always great to hear developing nations getting their players playing a higher level of rugby.
  8. For a moment I was concerned that this would be a little page 3.
  9. It'd be informative to see the average, average attendance of the 12 highest clubs in this table each year they were in SL: There's not much to be gained by including bit part players like Widnes, KR, or London in the average attendance if you're looking at the general direction of the league.
  10. We need a 14 team SL, with no loop fixtures and Toronto/Toulouse, yesterday.
  11. Chamey

    Are Wigan in crisis?

    There needs to be a 'not at the moment but fingers crossed' option.
  12. Chamey

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    The purest bait I've seen on this site yet.
  13. Chamey

    Boston! I could go on, but American Football is suffering a serious decline in it's youth participation, which will lead to an ever lowering quality of player, and less interest in the sport. It's nice to see your level of general ignorance and inability to use google though.
  14. Chamey


    You're going to have to cite your source for the first sentence, because if I'm not mistaken AmF is having serious struggles at the grassroots. I don't want to further derail this thread, so I'll keep it fairly brief, there are signs of progress for rugby (for the advancement of one in this day and age often means the other follows), NBC for example now run a channel which is basically Prem Football, Rugby and the 6N (NBC sports), the 7sWC drew a big crowd, and MLR will be on the main CBS for a few games later this season. On the flip side MLR crowds are hovering at MLL levels, which are not great. So as ever the truth lies somewhere in the middle of what you claim and what most union fans think, yes it has a foothold, with relatively widespread grassroots, however that in no way means that the sport is just waiting to take off. MLR will likely bump along for the best part of the next decade making acceptable losses for their owners, averaging 4 figure crowds, but that should not be seen as failure, for in our brave new world survival in itself is an achievement, and if you don't believe me ask speedway, or cricket grassroots.