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  1. Music video produced by CSKA Moscow and Belgrade Partisans after their match: https://vk.com/thrawn?w=wall1054347_3589 "Mom I'm a partizan", translated lyrics here: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=https://lyricstranslate.com/en/%D0%BC%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%B0-%D1%8F-%D0%BF%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%B0%D0%BD-mom-im-partisan.html&prev=search "On March 24, 2018, the CSKA rugby players played with the fraternal army club Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia ), and a couple of hours later they gathered at the legendary Sally O'Briens Pub and, together with @basta, recorded the army version of the song “Mom I am Partisan” And how do you spend the third time?" Nice little video that gives a sense of it all. Sadly CSKA seem to have since switched codes, or changed their focus.
  2. An absolute masterstroke from Leeds to make the side with no atmosphere and tonnes of empty seats the main televised stand.
  3. Yeah, it's a pretty rubbish paper, however it astounds me that some of the same people who decry the decline in RL's national media profile are cheering this. The Daily Mail (7.8m daily reach) doesn't have a RL section on their website or a specific correspondent. The Telegraph (3.2m daily reach) has an RL section, averaging 1 article a week this year, and no specific correspondent. The Times (1.6m dr) seems to have one article a week from Chris Irvine in season. The Sun (7.4m dr) now isn't covering RL. The Express (1m print dr) doesn't have a single RL story on it's website, never bought the print edition. The I (700k dr) has token RL snippets in the quick bytes section. The metro (3.6m dr) is much the same as the I in my experience. The Daily Star's (1.1m dr) website is useless, and never bought the print edition, any idea how much they cover RL? The Guardian (5.4m dr) has about one article a day, albeit about half of them are NRL-related, and hence don't appear in the print edition. So out of all the national papers in the UK, only one (Gruinard) covers RL somewhat adequately, losing the Sun's coverage would be a very bad thing.
  4. A 14 team SL just makes sense, it gets rid of the loop fixtures, and allows the top level to expand sensibly. The rumours won't go away because it's entirely logical.
  5. IMO this definitely wasn't a resigning issue, I can only speculate that the reason he did resign is because he wanted out or less involvement, perhaps to set up Ottawa?
  6. Could you just quickly clarify whether you're a parody or not?
  7. Name and some different coloured lines would do it, maybe even using the American Football style posts. However obviously that's massively contentious.
  8. These are all good ideas, but what about the Leigh Sports Village? -RLIF
  9. However Austin has no (or 1) more home match, whereas Toronto has 7, that should lead to a rise just above 2k. 75 matches averaging about 2k equals 150k ticket sales.
  10. Key is in the second deal, all startup leagues just want exposure. If CBS likes what they see and pick up say 3 games a week for $2m a season then the league will be okay, if it's basically the same as the first one then the league will stumble along losing money, with some franchises probably shutting up. Yep, it desperately needs to get it's attendance up, 2000 odd average (bar a surprise surge at Lamport) is not great, to put it into context, despite playing 2/15ths as many home games, TWP will pull half the total attendance of MLR. It'll keep going on pride and cashed up owners, for some like Houston, NOLA, RUNY, and Toronto money isn't really a problem, and for others like Austin(?), Seattle, DC, San Diego the losses, even if £0.5m/team/year, will be rounding errors when it compares to how much their parent clubs lose (see the SRU paying $700k for 25% of DC MLR, or Stade Francais paying $1m for 20% of RUNY). For a long time the beat of the drum from USAR to the Union world has been "Union is the fastest growing sport in the USA", "breakthrough is just around the corner", with things like the 7sWC in San Fran acting as reassurance, as a result sunken cost fallacy/over optimism will set in and it will keep on stumbling on. The big wildcard is the tv deal, with the collapse of the AAF, a spring rival, and MLR seemingly doing okay on CBS (the final being moved to the main CBS channel for example) even a moderate value deal may be enough to sustain it at breakeven. If we take ticket sales averaging $30 a pop, 2250 average attendance, $30*2250*8 = $540,000, the current salary cap, then the tv deal just needs to cover flights for the league to be sustainable, for example net $2m/year. The next step for Argyle Imo is to take the best of MLR and TWP to create a domestic League 1. I can't really see Ottawa being sustainable in the Champ/L1 while flying across the pond 5 times a year, hence a competition involving Victoria, Ottawa, TWP B, Vancouver, Alberta, Halifax, Montreal, Hamilton, a salary target of $0.6m/year with the winners playing off vs the winners of L1 (ideally I'd also involve Elite 1 in the playoffs). The main effect this would have is to cement League as the top form of rugby in Canada, all of a sudden you'd have 8 sides regularly playing semi-pro rugby, doing outreach, recruiting the best juniors etc, creating the real community growth that TWP hasn't delivered on yet. League needs to learn from Union, and speculate to accumulate, and these 8 sides could probably be run for not massively more than a couple Ottawas, there's a halo around Canadian League currently, so now is the time to lure investors into investing in long term sustainable structures.
  11. I'm unconvinced that doing it the 'good' (from a M62 perspective) way, i.e. slowly building youth links and community outreach is sustainable given the constant flights over the Atlantic, and presumably few travelling fans, ideally the RFL would sanction a NA conference for League 1 that only plays vs L1 for promotion playoffs. That would make it much easier for clubs to slowly build.
  12. Oh yeah, I reckon that Ottawa could be great. It's ran by a guy with money, in a good location and a decent track record. Odds on for success. NYRL on the other hand is run by a chancer, in one of the most competitive market in a world, in a stadium that's not in NYC.
  13. It's also the small matter of a completely different sport.
  14. This year they've tarped off further sections and this year are average 15,478, well towards the bottom of MLS https://i.redd.it/i0fns3khl3r21.png Well presumably the bigger player and supporter base a sport has, the bigger crowds will be. People want to watch the highest levels of 'their' sport. Toronto is perhaps the only exception to this in world sports.
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