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  1. Just replacing Bradford really. I'd also say that including Hull in that top tier is exceptionally generous. won a couple of cups, while not threatening the real comp for well over a decade.
  2. Wasn't the original BEIN offer to just extend the current deal, which SLE turned down? As for adding Toulouse, that doesn't mean that all of a sudden there'd be a tv deal. If Toulouse drew lower viewing numbers than Catalan (likely), then you've effectively doubled the cost of televising all the games, but less than doubled the viewing figures, which isn't an attractive proposition.
  3. So there's the first tangible 'achievement' for the new SuperLeague board.
  4. It's confirming that Talksport was talking about the Super League rather than the Championship, which was your question? Could be a lot of fuss about nothing, but we've more or less reached peak sports TV market across most of the developed world, especially in the UK. Sky aren't gaining subscribers, another £10m/year for SuperLeague would have to come from somewhere else.
  5. About half of ours down here have them, and there's a few significant differences, firstly it's only one month of subscription needed for PL football, not an entire 9 months, secondly, SLeague is an irrelevance in 80% of the country, pubs won't buy an Amazon subscription for a sport that very few/no people watch in the area (how many southern pubs are going to shell out £5k+ to show Super League?), whereas if SL is on sky they'll put it on because they already have the rights.
  6. It would be a massive risk with regards to visibility of the game, there's 5m-20m odd sky sports subscribers who regularly go onto sky sports and watch whatever is live. While I suspect that more people have access to Amazon Prime, far far fewer regularly use it as a 'landing page' to start browsing for stuff to watch. In addition most pubs that currently show RL would no longer show it. Amazon charge as much as sky or BT for rights to televise games in pubs, so bar a few RL pubs along the M62 most wouldn't be bothered to spend even more money to get the rights to show a sport that very few clients care about (I live in the south, in the past year I've seen 1 Wigan shirt, and gone into 4 pubs showing RL as it was the only sport on, that's it).
  7. Isn't MLS a great example of pro competitions growing out of a massive player/community base? Soccer is definitely historically bottom down in the US. You also need to invest resources/have a high profile team for talent to start being produced, TWP aren't there yet, and New Jersey PE teacher RL never will.
  8. Which NRL side will pay $1.7m/yr (1/6th of the NRL salary cap for the top 30 players) for a winger?
  9. The fact that USA v Cooks got about 50 in the crowd and was streamed at 2 fps from Jacksonville isn't a great sign.
  10. Utterly pathetic. Thrashed by PNG. The only question left is whether England is the 4th or 5th best Rugby League national side. On the evidence of today, 5th.
  11. Here's an article: https://www.ideawebtv.it/2019/10/08/rivoluzione-saluzzo-north-west-roosters-si-passa-a-15-e-con-un-nuovo-tecnico/?fbclid=IwAR2HmOaeGzTd9pvVSUWS-ngamkAYzzkLG_K9-cJj70vpDxzDZZqegJeF4RY The Saluzzo North West Roosters will no longer be protagonists in the Rugby League, the thirteen player rugby. This is the main novelty communicated by the company of Manta on its Facebook profile, specifying that it is a choice dictated "by the immobility of a system increasingly far from the real needs of those who like us love this game and just for this reason do not feel like having to abandon it. The choice, in short, presented as a "goodbye", stems from the lack of an official championship and normalized that could give guarantees to the association of the Marquisate. The club, however, will still live, "reinventing itself" in the Rugby Union championship of the Italian Rugby Federation, for the most traditional fifteen-player rugby (the oval ball in its declination most known to the general public). "Our first goal is to protect our athletes" - said the company, which, just as regards the technical part, then made it known in another post that after three seasons Elio Giacoma will no longer be the coach of Saluzzo North West Roosters. Christian Albertini will replace him at the helm of Saluzzo, who will then be entrusted with the new project to fifteen. They did say that they'd be willing to switch back if a proper system got going and they were properly supported.
  12. If GAISF Observer status is the start mark, full member inclusion is mile 1, Olympic inclusion is about 49 miles down the road.
  13. There's very few acronyms that are more associated with one thing than 'IRL', the acronym for International Rugby Association is one of them, it may also then have knock on implications for the Sport Accord registration.
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