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  1. Yes, in Eng Prem. Marquees are usually on £750k-£500k Espoirs are generally the youth, so 16-21 year olds;
  2. What are the rules around players helping players? Presumably there isn't a rule against a player offering another player assistance. If so surely the key is to have a marquee player on big wages, who then out of the goodness of his heart provides certain amenities for the other players.
  3. Outside of Sky, I've heard more about RL from Hills than everyone else combined.
  4. I'm also from the south. I'm a big fan of watching RL, but whenever I go to an event (Broncos & CCF) 80% of the fans are welcoming when they hear my accent , but 20% try to explain everything to me and bang on about Vichy and the evils of RU and it's just extremely tiresome, and driven me away from attending stuff in person. In a way it's made me such a keen follower of RL expansion, because if RL expands people won't be judged fully on their accent!
  5. Jeez, they made hard work of that. Quick Quinn, Toronto need you, they're not going to be able to put out a fit 13 soon.
  6. This is part of the issue with not expanding, if weather impacts even just one part of the country it can cause pileup. If we had more Canadian, French, Spanish and southern English/Welsh sides the sport wouldn't be at such risk from some bad winds. Should the 'heartland' clubs have to pay a bond to insure against the risk of fixture pileup?
  7. Really looking forward to this one, just wish that KO would hurry up.
  8. Your sexuality is as unchangeable as your race. If a statement is unacceptable with [race] in it then it is also unacceptable with [sexuality] in it. Neither 'Gays repent or go to hell' [Folau's published beliefs] or 'Blacks repent or go to hell' are acceptable, because they both target features that people have no control around, and sectors of society with those features have been discriminated, shamed, and often shackled for centuries.
  9. What Folau did wasn't thought crime, it was hate speech. If he didn't voice his repugnant views then no-one would have cared. Do you believe that it would be okay for an athlete to come out and say 'Black people: repent or burn in hell'?
  10. You don't have one hand tied behind your back at all though do you. If you properly based yourselves in Toronto I suspect that a number of players would take a slight pay cut in order to live a year in such a wonderful city.
  11. I can't see Toronto finishing much stronger than they start due to a tiny squad though.
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