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  1. Yes, it's called the USARL. I'm pretty unconvinced that a professional league could sustain itself without at least some grassroots or extremely easy and mainstream TV access (ie a few games a week on the main CBS). There's very few shortcuts when it comes to sport. Even the NFL with all it's money and resources over 20 odd years has failed to get beyond a cult following by trying the top-down approach.
  2. Devon sharks beat Tarka in the final last weekend: Cornish Rebels pulled out due to teams not travelling to them: http://www.cornishrebels.co.uk/club-statement-withdrawal-from-the-2019-swrl/#more-870 after 3/6 league games (although up until that point they'd only had one home game, which doesn't make much sense) Saltash played 3, forfeited 2. All other clubs seemed to complete their schedule. More here: https://www.rugby-league.com/leagues__competitions/south_west_league/league_table
  3. Saw Warrington trending on twitter, thought that it was a good achievement. Clicked on it: ffs wire.
  4. As someone in my mid 20s from down south I associate Wigan far more with the football side and their spell in the Premier League, and so would (almost?) all of my mates. St. Helens, Rhinos, Cas, Bronocs are the clubs that come to mind when I think of RL.
  5. So zero profit generated from this tour even if it sells out due to the prices. These geniuses couldn't run a tuck shop.
  6. One issue is that by hosting it in London it artificially raises the price, but not to the benefit of the wider game. A stadium along the M62 for a £50 ticket + £15 travel is far more attractive than a £40 ticket + £40 travel. And in the first case the game actually gets more money, rather than the train companies.
  7. I suspect it has something to do with the (former?) head of Atlanta Rhinos becoming involved with the Atlanta MLR club.
  8. Trying to catch up on it on twitter, Gledhill needs to separate being a fan from being a journo.
  9. Fair enough, but in general the principle of Pro/Rel should definitely be in there to let clubs compete at their appropriate level.
  10. We need to form a European pyramid. European Super League is the top tier, then European Championship, European League 1 then below that NCL, Elite 1, Whatever the Irish competition is etc. End of season playoffs between the top L1/E1/Irish comp/Balkan Super League sides that want promotion for promotion into League 1. If France ever strengthens to the point that they make up a lot of League 1, just move Elite 1 up a tier to have playoffs with League 1 for promotion into the Champ.
  11. Agreed, relocating them sounds like a great idea to kill both the professional and amateur arms.
  12. Private equity is mental. Sharp suits by day, straitjackets by night. Take the 13 Prem RU clubs, add Leeds, Hull, St Helens, Warrington, Wigan and the P14 RU (minus Italy and SA) and you have a pan British Isles league, nice and lucrative for a big tv contract. 4 conferences of 7. Home and Away your own conference (12 games), Home or away a second conference (7), then your equivalent finisher in the other two conferences (2). That gives you 21 games, welcome to NFL British Isles style. However it all falls apart when you consider that the five crossover clubs would lose 90% of support overnight, and given history it would be mad, however the total cost of putting it together would be half a billion or less, so they'd consider it a low risk high reward gamble, knowing that they could likely salvage most of the initial money even if it went badly. I've worked with enough small and medium sized businesses who have investors who seemed like they only meant the best only to see them absolutely screw the company with mad agendas and ideas, hence it's always worth bearing in mind the worst case.
  13. Article on it, including quotes: https://inews.co.uk/sport/super-league-private-equity-investment-exclusive-robert-elstone/
  14. I suspect it's CVC. CVC have bought a stake in Prem RU, including taking control of structure, organisation and some rules. They are negotiating for a stake in P14 RU and it is reported that they want to create a pan-British Isles competition. If they're sniffing round SL then it's a short but terrifying jump to a bad conclusion. And the SL club owners aren't called Super Greed for nothing.
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