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  1. Excellent by Crooky, played very well probably unlucky not to get mom. Good figures for both bridge and langers again.
  2. Crooky probably deserves mom on today's performance, not quite sure why Brook doesn't get a sniff? I liked bowman at centre and I agree we've issues at prop, but matt wilk has to play next week.
  3. That said superb defence throughout, been impressed with Harry Aaronson, great for him to get over for 2 tries
  4. Very poor again that, job done but not convincing at all..
  5. Couldn't agree more I'm afraid. Don't know how or even if things will ever improve, which is very depressing
  6. Pie in the sky currently, its not a story peculiar to our club though. Lots of clubs are struggling mind you our attendances are probably among the worst in the league. I know we have the smallest ground in league in terms of capacity, shame this as we are also the oldest club in the league by some distance!
  7. Stats tell you the amount of defence we made ourselves do largely through our own errors. The first try entire team stood there and watched..
  8. We got smashed on the penalty count , whatever it was it would be in Donny's favour
  9. Glad we're out of it. Poor performance in attack offered very little, decent in defence though
  10. Great win, well done lads
  11. Personally feel Bridge is a huge plus and when Whittel came on all 3 of them worked well together. All in all a good team performance
  12. Let's be honest we fell for their tactics again.. We were well on top and the scuffle played into their hands and we never recovered. I think one of the pluses last year was Bridge constantly talking to the players so maybe he'll be a catalyst?
  13. How did Morris get on? Also is that a new record for Benty? Thanks for posting
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