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  1. Let's be honest we fell for their tactics again.. We were well on top and the scuffle played into their hands and we never recovered. I think one of the pluses last year was Bridge constantly talking to the players so maybe he'll be a catalyst?
  2. How did Morris get on? Also is that a new record for Benty? Thanks for posting
  3. Yeah, about that...
  4. Tough game but if we defend like we can and put in a full performance no reason why we can't get the win.
  5. No, he was starting to show some good form as well. Sure he'll be back very soon
  6. FailsworthYed

    Rl app

    That is Kyle Amor, you can make out the saints shirt
  7. FailsworthYed


    Yeah agreed, we lacked his aggression coming off the bench and hopefully he'll be back stronger.
  8. That was the worst news of last weekend for me and I was surprised it wasn't closer v N Wales.
  9. Should be a good game this, a great opportunity for our lads to see what they can do. Who knows we might be able to sneak a win..
  10. Yeah, he caused chaos again didn't he. Seems to improve with every game Zack. Good stats from a the back's
  11. We've got haven in the 1895 and Widnes in the cc
  12. Hands up all those that were junior roughyeds, got a pink card with my photo in and got in for 50p if I remember rightly
  13. Really good idea. Surely a no brainer
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