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  1. League 1 Team of the Month includes Mo, Phoenix and Adam Lawton, plus Luke Nelmes from over the border.
  2. That’s a shame. I would have liked to have faced their very best team. NOT!!
  3. Hope everything goes well for you, sir, and you’re back where you belong very, very soon.
  4. Cornwall won away at Midlands. That’s a shock.
  5. Fabulous. Not only do we have a very strong squad - the whole club oozes class at the moment. Love it. Safe journey back, my friend.
  6. Big win for us. Bigger loss for Keighley, who were leading at half time. Does this mean that Hunslet have improved and are now in the race? This is the most significant day possibly of the season, for me. 2 wins from 3 over Keighley should be enough. Get in!!
  7. Keighley 0-8 down at home to Hunslet after 25minutes. Dare we get excited!!!!
  8. Paga really impressed me at Midlands last season. TBH it looked like we'd gone there expecting to hammer them and they raced into a lead and were all over us. Then Paga's chasing down seemed to galvanise the team and we ran out winners. After that he seemed to be off the lead a bit and lost his discipline for me. With the experienced heads in the current squad (and his need to be better to get in the team( I think he'll get even better ad more consistent for us. Hope so anyway; the lad is definitely a talent.
  9. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/oldham-featherstone-rovers-prop-battle-29050587?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0RvizmNmfY6xgqc7dStZkjUpYApwHymTUHQY7xHRR5u8C8EQZZCn_3ANY_aem_AWIs9GSFIZ222mKtJ_y_L2Fr037zhgdsUXtDhu3dLIt0IGOBskofZEzZNtIoH8hi77Z2JJ_b8LM5jRDoP8FhbN6T
  10. Going to be no pushovers. They’ve come a million miles and have given us some real tests over the last couple of seasons.
  11. Absolutely brilliant that. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Agreed. However, whatever our feelings, perceptions, etc, for me it's time to move on now. A new era has begun, far more unexpectedly and excitingly than surely any of us could have dared expect. Dredging up stuff won't help - it's the future that counts from now on, Come on, you 'Yeds!
  13. Consistent refereeing? Applied the rules to both sides? Good performance? Fans happy with her? Hope the rfl don’t hear that…she’ll be running the line next week if they do!!
  14. ‘Bit of a scrappy one today,’ says Bailey Aldridge on the club’s Roughyeds feed on Instagram. Incidentally, the social media presence of the Roughyeds is unbelievable. The club is working its backside off. Tremendous stuff.
  15. We’re not going to steamroller and nil everybody. Key personnel changes make a difference. Good to get these boys who aren’t playing regularly into the swing of things. We don’t want to be found wanting and underdone against the top teams. With the knowledge and experience in our squad and coaching staff I reckon lesson learned from today and similar marches/results will be sharply pointed out and learned from. It will be interesting to see the result of Keighley v Crusaders. Cru could be the dark horses this year- as they were in fact last season. They could well take points off the supposed too teams.
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