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  1. I think this will be a very tough one. Newcastle have recruited very strongly and I worry about our mental confidence should we fall behind.
  2. Swinton and Whitehaven winning at half time. Hmm.
  3. That was a pretty impressive crowd noise you were making behind the sticks, Dave. I thought it was the Tannoy.
  4. It’s really clear from the season so far that we have to be absolutely on our game, as mistake free as possible to be in a position to win the games we need to. When we are we can- eg Halifax/Swinton. It’s the mental preparation and concentration which is key; week in week out. In this league if that slips we’ll lose. There are very encouraging signs but one slip and it all unravels.
  5. Widnes hammered Whitehaven. Finding their form in time for next Sunday.
  6. 34-6. A strong first half but the sending off gave York the spaces they needed with their classy players to really pull away from our injury hit team with players out of position.. Enough from Oldham to suggest that with key players back and the right mental attitude we can win those games we really have to. I hope...
  7. 22-6. The boys need to dig in now. Playing for next week.
  8. 6-6 HT. Roughyeds on top. But Nisbitt sent off for high tackle. Going to be a tough 2nd half with only 12 men but good effort so far.
  9. 6-0 Oldham. Plus one very close effort in the corner.
  10. Good try! Catalans do to Saints what Saints have been doing to everyone else. Kept it alive brilliantly.
  11. I was desperately trying to be optimistic. You’d think I’d have learned better by now.
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