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  1. Great news if that’s definite. I’d organise a few friendlies now if they do.
  2. Bit of a flukey try that one, but we'll take it. Good defensive half, penalties excepted, from England, scratchy in attack. Good to see Tyler Dupree at this level. Could go higher if he keeps developing. 12-0 Knights. HT
  3. It's on now. French commentary. Can't understand French - but it's making more sense than Barry and Tez. No offence.
  4. So called franchising before was a joke. How many current SL teams had plans for amazing new grounds, still to be playing in the same old ones. Next thing they’ll be resurrecting the disastrous ‘merging’. RL will only grow when more people play it; more people watch it; and the experience and purpose are there- ie decent grounds, the possibility of growth and catching up the big teams. Therefore I think promotion/relegation is a must, and also terrestrial television coverage. Re Oldham specifically- I agree that we need to build and grow organically,which the club are making small but hopefully significant steps towards. But to restrict the long term (even theoretical) ambitions to the best of the rest would be a shame . Thanks for the clarification folks- much obliged.
  5. What will the new organisation look like/require? Can anyone summarise it?
  6. Agreed. If we appeal the penalties may well be increased. Your concern is backed up by Morgan Knowles (a player I admire) who’s ban was rescinded on appeal allowing him to play in the Grand Final. Coincidence? I think not.
  7. Whittel gets 4 match ban. Cameron EIGHT (ie almost half a season). MoiMoi a caution. The water sprayer nothing. I think we should invest in a good lawyer.
  8. Fans' Player of the Year I think it will be Owen Restall but I'd vote for Emmerson Whittel. Players' Player of the Year Martyn Ridyard (for his captaincy) Coaches' Payer of the Year Tom Spencer (100% appearances, one of the team leaders, and one of Stu Littler's mates) Clubman of the Year no idea, not Jason Muranka I would imagine Unsung Hero Jack Coventry Best New Prospect. Joe Hartley
  9. Watching Crusaders v Hornets on Sportsman tv. Rochdale pasting them at half time.
  10. Friday September 30th. 7:30. Oldham Event Centre. (see the website for details.) The following Awards up for grabs: Fans' Player of the Year Players' Player of the Year Coaches' Payer of the Year Clubman of the Year Unsung Hero Best New Prospect. Who do you think might be contenders for each category? Who would you choose?
  11. He shouldn't have thrown a punch, but on the other hand if he had to it might have been quite satisfying to land it on Mr Chase. No offence.
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