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  1. That’s a shame. I liked him- he was a worker.
  2. Now that is what I call a good signing. I said elsewhere that with the likes of Ridyard we could well have stayed up. Let’s hope he stays injury free and has a strong pack in front of him. Excellent stuff
  3. Slightly (totally) off the subject- but nice to see that Lee Kershaw has earned a new 2-year contract at Wakefield. He did a good job for us.
  4. Replaces Abram at full back I’d guess.
  5. I thought Dan Abram improved towards the end of the season and put in some good efforts. He was out in some difficult positions due to poor defending and ball control in front of him. But yes I agree with you 100%~ the likes of Hawkyard is (and was) what we need. Similarly in the halves- a knowledgeable hardened rugby brain who knows the ins and outs when it gets down and dirty, to bring on and sort out the youngsters. You have to wonder about Swinton-if our last season’s players are the best they can target you have to wonder what they’re aiming for.
  6. Lucas Onyango put in a very strong stint for Oldham Roughyeds a few years ago. Also played for Widnes. Born in Kenya and works for the Kenyan RL. Nice bloke, too, in my experience.
  7. Good grief. Has he not suffered enough?
  8. I’d bet any money that Swinton b Oldham will be the first match of the season.
  9. We could do with the likes of a Ridyard. Someone like that might have kept us up last season.
  10. Wilkinson gone to Swinton too? They’ll be signing Stuart Littler next. Hands off!!!
  11. I’m happy with the appointment. Let’s hope he has the tools to work with and z workplace in which to do it. The sooner things are put in motion the better.
  12. The man is a legend. As is that Dave Naylor fella.
  13. I read on the website that the Oldham Past Players Association dinner is completely sold out-waiting list in operation. You could have sold out a fair sized banqueting hall to fit the past players from this season alone.
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