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  1. I'll be really pleased if we retain Hurst, impressed me last season. Pat Moran was our best forward last season but we need more strong runners
  2. Agreed or were just mentally and physically shattered. Midlands caused issues all afternoon and let's not forget they had 3 tries chalked off.
  3. Congratulations Dews from an Oldham fan, you've done extremely well this season
  4. I definitely think we're playing some of the best rugby we've seen in years, unfortunately when it's mattered we've been on the wrong side of the result. I agree re Paga and he's been sorely missed Sheridan would have slotted straight in too, however we just have to dust ourselves down and start again.
  5. Well, that was gash. We should have buried them. Too many poor errors let them back in it. We go again
  6. I think we'll definitely give Dom Newton more minutes he's done really well in recent weeks..
  7. Suspect it's purely just Meadows and Nelmesie preffered starting props.
  8. Hopefully we didn't pick up too many knocks yesterday but this is one where we'll need to be clinical and professional. I'm staying over on the Sunday so looking forward to it
  9. I was so impressed with Pat Moran. Nelmesie terrific as was baker and McNally is sheer class. A word on Paga and Ridy those two are absolute quality
  10. Big plus that Whittel is back at loose forward. Definitely missed him
  11. So far Meadows on the one game I've seen. We were second best for a lot of last Sunday but I did think Nelmes was working hard too. Matty Wilk was missed certainly, he gives us that ruck speed
  12. Agreed, they were the better side if we're honest. We didn't have any invention going forward which was a concern. Chewy moved their pack around pretty nicely
  13. I'm still not sure how we got back into it. I suspect both teams will have benefited from a hitout
  14. It was Lewis Sheridan, looked and sounded nasty. Hope he's not out too long as he's had a good game
  15. True, I'd forgotten about that. I'd always thought they predominantly blue but as I say only a minor letdown. Just happy we've got hoops. Away kit is nice as well
  16. That was my thought, but alas they're red which is a minor letdown in my view
  17. Yes, I think that we invited that pressure early on with so many errors. I don't think we got in their half until the last 10 of the first half, you have to say our try on the stroke of halftime was against the run of play. As you say second half much better, I thought muranka caused them a lot of trouble making good metres.
  18. Played well after an error ridden 30 minutes. After that we defended well and pleasing to nil them in the second half. We seemed to manage the game and made few errors.
  19. There was me thinking even Oldham can't lose from 39-0 but they very nearly pulled it off!
  20. Classic that, wouldn't fancy being a centre and being tasked with trying to keep Ellery quiet , pretty much impossible! What a player
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