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  1. wasginger

    2019 Fixtures

    Apparently Beaumonts appointed an administrator.
  2. wasginger

    Reserve grade for next season

    This for me is the best announcement we as a club has made. Well done all involved.
  3. wasginger

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    The reason we failed to have a squad of 17 players at the back end of the season was down to many factors, yes we were cost cutting but of the 2 players released, 1 was injured and wouldn't play again this season and the other was suspended, the decision with that player was to cut our losses and release him. As for D/R I don't know whether you'd noticed the amount of injuries Leeds had, aligned with the fact only a few players were available in the shield due to amount of appearances at Fev during the season. Then we had our own injury problems with a lot of players unable to play again this season. So we didn't have much choice about the players available, and don't forget some players named to play were carrying injuries but put their hands up for the cause, something that was appreciated by all at the club. Lastly, now this point really rattled my cage. Not having a reserve side, apart from now I don't think Fevs ever operated without one, and the only reason Fev disbanded theirs was down to lack of fixtures because other clubs couldn't or wouldn't run one, some of those clubs supporters then come on here spouting about bringing our own players through, when their own clubs don't run one and gob off regarding D/R when again their own club has used it in the past. Rant over.
  4. wasginger

    New Signings

    i wouldn't worry about him he'll be alright, just make sure he has players on his shoulders to pass to. Good luck to him.
  5. wasginger

    M.O.M. Championship Shield Final

    Newman Hardman Misi
  6. wasginger

    Toronto & Rule changes?

    Featherstone recently with 30 seconds to go, play the countdown theme.
  7. LTS some on here don't want to listen facts. They're only interested in their own imaginary scenario.
  8. Yes the game has gone backwards, but the worrying thing is people on this forum could see where the sport was heading, so why didn't those in the Ivory tower also for-see the problems we have now.
  9. Mark, MC said on social media that both Luke and Harry are available next week so it's a chance to give them a good send off.
  10. Gareth Hock and even he was banned.
  11. wasginger

    Featherstone on Sunday

    Well done to your supporters today, unfortunately it's fans like yourselves the RL and S/L want to disown. Who was the no35 for you today a decent player never took a backward step.
  12. wasginger

    M.O.M. Rovers V Barrow (8's)

    Hardcastle Davies Cooper All the other injured players today, who put their hands up to keep playing.
  13. gazza 77 the truth isn't welcome on here, it makes the thread pointless.
  14. wasginger

    Sheffield Eagles away

    Well done another true Rugby place.