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  1. I can't argue with any of the points raised, it's about trying to maintain composure when we're under pressure and not concede penalties, which as a supporter is easy to say when the players are struggling to get back and defend. The players have to keep their enthusiasm and belief in themselves things will come right but the longer we wait for that win the more pressure they'll find themselves under.
  2. wasginger

    M.O.M Leigh v Featherstone

    Josh Walters Watson Boas Thomson Teteh
  3. wasginger

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    Watson Boas Cameron King Singleton
  4. I just think irrespective of what happened on Sunday we've got to put that behind us, yes it was a bad decision, but playing the conspiracy card doesn't do the club or the coach or players or us as supporters any good. As a club we've always picked ourselves up and started again no matter what obstacles we think are put in our way.
  5. wasginger

    M.O.M Bradford v Fev

    1. King 2. W. Boas 3. Turner Great attitude and commitment from the rest of the team.
  6. wasginger

    My Home Debut

    What a great initiative. Well done to all involved in this.
  7. Wolford 6 I'm surprised as well seeing as some Bradford supporters only paid £10 to get in.
  8. wasginger

    Could we shock everyone this year?

    I think it might take a few games to gel properly, but we have enough talent in the side to overcome any challenges. The main point this season is having a coach who a, recognises when a player is injured and get him off. b, When things aren't going to plan not just stand there without adjusting the team. c, have a belief in all your players not just those taking the field.
  9. wasginger

    Correct ticket reminder

    I see we've signed another player on loan, perhaps if people buy their food and drinks in ground we might be able to sign him permanently. Only saying like.
  10. wasginger

    Correct ticket reminder

    Never mind Robin soon be Spring and then Summer solstice.
  11. wasginger

    Have the mind games started?

    Let them do the worrying, you've got a good coach and some talented players, perhaps he's not too confident of his own clubs success.
  12. wasginger

    2019 Squad

    Is Conor Carey any relation to Phil Carey, who unfortunately got injured in an A team game and never played for the first team. We signed him from Canberra Raiders.
  13. wasginger

    Injury updates

    Barrow this season have introduced u16's free admission, now I'm not sure whether they need to be accompanied by an adult, although that's the usual practice.
  14. Nowt like a cold shower after a game in winter, and at some clubs there was nowt like a shower maybe a pot sink to stand in or just a cold water hosepipe.
  15. wasginger

    2019 Squad

    There is but he plays the wrong code.