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  1. wasginger

    Sheffield Eagles away

    Well done another true Rugby place.
  2. wasginger


    What about the reveal today about Huddersfield, they lost over a £1 million last year and owe creditors over £14 million. Now I might be clutching at straws here but how are they not insolvent. Yet S/L clubs moan about throwing money at the lower leagues.
  3. wasginger

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    We have different factions talking about how much funding the lower leagues should get or shouldn't get. In this mornings LE there's a very interesting article regarding a S/L club that last year lost over a million pounds, and what makes worse reading is they creditors over 14 million, now when is a S/L club classed as being insolvent. Does that club deserve it's hand out from S/L or should the rug be pulled from it.
  4. wasginger

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    Davies Ridyard Hardcastle
  5. wasginger


    Don't worry Blue Pike you won't be the only supporter walking away, although I'm referring to some S/L supporters not far from us, because I can see a proper franchise system being brought in, where if a consortium with the right amount of backing make their intentions known of establishing team in a large town or city with modern facilities. Goodbye some clubs in the M62 corridor. I firmly believe that's what some of these S/L chairmen have as their agenda.
  6. wasginger

    Please Tell Me this isn't True.

    Oh I hope it is true, the great Hull signing a player from a pub team.
  7. wasginger

    New league structure revealed

    Giantstrides regarding my not attended a S/L game is merely down to my own club not being there. I do watch S/L on telly and like in all divisions of the leagues there are good and bad games. I take your point about it looks as though the game is getting closer to being mainly a media game rather than relying on people attending, how that will appear I don't know , how will they create atmosphers have canned applause and chanting. lol
  8. wasginger

    New league structure revealed

    Some of those in S/L at the moment are there purely due to the system as it stands, I've no argument as such with that, but if statements are to be believed from some S/L chairmen about pulling up the drawbridge, then if I was some of those clubs perilously close to the bottom of S/L I'd be looking over my shoulder, because if you think those same chairmen talking about pulling up the drawbridge are going to sit back and accept either failure to compete on the field or failure to attract supporters without wielding their axe for another scapegoat well. I believe those chairmen are angling to get the clubs they see as worthy of competing against their own clubs and the other clubs they think that can't, they'll get rid of those as well. I certainly think S/L are more interested in a global competition than a so-called parochial one.
  9. wasginger

    New league structure revealed

    Trouble is TBO they're self interest has started the slow death of Championship clubs. If that's what they want go for it, but that'll be it for me.
  10. wasginger

    New league structure revealed

    What do the S/L clubs really want after 2021, the total demise of the championship so any money generated would solely go to the S/L clubs. If that's what they're wanting just come out and say that, then such as myself can watch our clubs until 2021 and disappear. Don't worry you'll not miss my money I've never seen a S/L game live, but what you will miss is the players from those areas that have game to the wall. As I say if that's how it's going to be get on with it, at least supporters from outside S/L can make their choices.
  11. wasginger

    cas ground latest

    Yes there is David, it was in local paper yesterday. They've applied for permission to increase the capacity, apparently they know they're going to fill the stadium as was planned, so they're increasing the capacity (drum roll) by an incredible 245. Now then if that isn't a load of BS just to keep them in the spotlight I don't know what is. There must be some changes in league structures due.
  12. wasginger

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    By the way I forgot to mention Richard Moore, as far as I know he's out injured as well. So even without D/R and Ulugia if all fit that would have been a squad of 19.
  13. wasginger

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    We're improving we've named a 16 man squad for Friday.
  14. wasginger

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    Yes around that figure, although the noise and atmosphere made it seem more.
  15. wasginger

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    Honestly no, in fact I just hoped the players could dig deep as a team and give their all. So what happened as you say will live long in the memory banks along with I was one of the 2,200 that saw it unfold not the 20,000 who'll claim they were there.