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  1. What do you know about Campbells background in this sport. He's one of very few chairmen, that started off playing rugby in the amateur game, and was good enough to be signed on professionally. So I'm quite sure he understands how the game works from grassroots level upwards, again more than some other chairmen. As for your last point I can't see how that will work, if as you say clubs have a right on what happens in the game both on and off, I'm afraid an independent governance would be in for a very rocky road indeed.
  2. You spout some absolute garbage. Firstly Campbell certainly doesn't need a tin foil hat to make comments. Secondly making ridiculous comments over the past 2 days, no, the first comment was about replacing Toronto and keeping the S/L to 12 teams for this season and keeping the integrity of that competition, but like everything else related to Featherstone, no reply, good PR with your member clubs. The second comment about what it would cost him and the CLUB, why shouldn't he make his point clear. This man has turned his blood to water to keep this club from going under, he's also modernised the stadium by a way that was thinking out of the box, and thanks to the volunteers who helped dismantle, transport and reassemble those stands. Something some S/L clubs could have done, but no took the easy option and sat on their hands. It's stupid people like you that is and will kill this game, by alienating supporters from lower divisions. Personnally I wish I could have used my own language. One sentence would have been suffice.
  3. Forget all your small talk about who or why they're not fulfilling the fixtures. What plans have S/L put in place since Celtic Crusaders sad demise. Answers on back of a stamp.
  4. I think this subject goes beyond the confines of sport. Now I'm not a firm believer in capitalism, but even I can see this won't be allowed to go on much further. Business especially big business will force the governments hand to start lifting the restrictions. This country needs to be working irrespective of what industry to try and keep our heads above water. I can't see sporting events being included in any lifting of restrictions though.
  5. Yes we were down to 12 men, I can't remember for how long though. I'm sure it was Harold Box that got sent off, I apologise if I'm wrong. We then went up to barrow needing to win there to win the league. Happy days.
  6. There are 2 tackles that stand out for me from the 1967 cup run. The first tackle involved Mal Dixon turning round and catching Alan Hardisty running down the Bullock stand side. What an effort. Then in the cup final itself. Brian Wrigglesworth again turning round and catching undoubtably the fastest winger in the game at that time Bill Burgess, definitely a defining moment in that game.
  7. Featherstone v Barrow 1967 Challenge Cup Final. Full-Back Brian Wrigglesworth turning and catching Barrow winger Bill Burgess. a player who could catch pigeons, when he caught the ball people thought that was it he'd score, but wriggy turned and nailed him before he could get away. What a memory that is.
  8. I apologise in advance for my comments. What is wrong with everyone. I'm no Johnson lover at all, but on this he's correct in what he's doing. It's time to put things in perspective. Sadly there has been loss of life, but where was all the outcry when people have died through benefits being taken from them, and the lives lost there. Or the lives of the homeless dying on our streets or the elderly not getting looked after properly in care homes. This country can't go on either a part lockdown or a full one. How would that work. It's like Football n ow playing behind closed doors, don't the players go back into the outside world after playing those games. Absolutely bloody ludicrous. As for Rugby League, at the moment we should follow what Cheltenham has done this week. Carry on.
  9. I thought today D/R didn't quite work for us today. I'm not blaming those players for our performance. I think Sutcliffe at loose forward found it difficult to get in the game plus getting a knock early doors didn't help. Josh playing in second row for the first 20 minutes struggled with his timing of taking the pass and the set patterns, after that period he settled down and really showed up well..For some reason in Sutcliffes side of the field, we either didn't seem quick enough to move the ball or took the wrong option and went on their own. Defence at times was slow moving up, but credit to Swinton for keeping going and making us uncomfortable. Finally not the best of afternoons but it's a long season and I'd rather take our time to hit form, providing we keep winning.
  10. Well played Dewsbury. Played as a team, and everybody knew exactly what was required of them tonight. A warning to other clubs, don't think Dewsbury will rollover against you.
  11. No we don't have any players at all that will threaten anybody. ?
  12. Well played Barrow, at times you showed good movement of the ball, and some strong carries from your forwards. Good luck for the rest of the season.
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