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  1. I played rugby with Tim at Ponte Labour club many moons ago. RIP Tim and condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I think in the Championship there's no easy games. If you approach the game with the wrong attitude no matter who you're playing, you'll soon find yourself on the wrong end of the scoreboard.There's some very astute coaches coaching the so-called lesser lights, but they still know all the structures and plays.
  3. Games like Sunday are no good for the old ticker, but if all games were like that you'd not find me complaining.
  4. A player who wears his heart on his sleeve. always gives his all. He's learned when he makes an error not to let his head drop. His skill level is improving all the time which can only benefit the team.
  5. Considering the majority of clubs use the same attacking structures. I don't think it is so much of not working on defensive structures. Mainly it's the players themselves not sticking to those structures, which when your defence is under pressure can happen, by over reading players or believing by moving up without other defenders, they're doing the right thing. I'm no coach, so these are my opinions. If they are wrong I'm happy to be put right. Cheers
  6. At the moment the go to forward is Junior Moors, not only is he scoring tries but creating tries with his off loads. As for Jack Bussey what a player, I think he played the full 80 on Sunday. He's like you say able to offload, but there's more to his game, his skill set is brilliant.
  7. To be honest I don't know. Featherstone use the loan system themselves by loaning 3 players out to Champ 1 clubs, giving them some game time util they're needed by Fev.
  8. Bring back D/R that'll stop all those pesky loans.
  9. Oh you sad man. I don't have to defend my club to you. As they say ignorance is bliss.
  10. Manfred Mann stick to trying to sing, because your ignorance regarding Fev is embarrassing.
  11. It's early in the season. There's teams that appear to be at a peak, but it's a long season. Once your team settles down they'll be fine.
  12. All contributions will be greatly appreciated. i admit they're not good, but with what's gone on this past year, I'm sure money was required elsewhere.
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