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  1. Chisholm Mclelland Harrison
  2. To think I thought that TWP deserved promotion after finishing top and winning the play-offs. When all they did was cheat and probably did the same from the first season.
  3. How long has these salary cap rules been in place ? As for Mcdermott when he was in charge at both London and Leeds I'm sure he'll have worked within the salary cap. Tough that's all I can say.
  4. Time to become a bit old fashioned in our approach to test matches. There hasn't appeared to have been a lot of aggression in our approach to games, as soon as we get behind players forget where they should be for plays or take the ball virtually stood still, not good enough, not even for Amateur games. As they used to say they want feeding on raw meat at training, that's where your attitude and passion and belief starts, intensify your training sessions take the players out of any comfort zone they have and slowly start praising and generating that pack mentality. Yes it's old fashioned, but the principles of being able to play your game is to bully your opposition into demoralisation. That's the only way to get the public backing any test matches after that diabolical tour.
  5. Well to say he was only here for one season, what a difference he's made to the team and club. I hope his legacy is carried on. Thank you Ryan and good luck in whatever you do.
  6. Reminds me of the 70's and eighties. Although punches like that are just cowardice.
  7. Well I know it's Sunday night but I can't help but bite. Go F*** yourself ignorant B*****D
  8. Why mention it now, surely if he'd any objections or questions to ask. Wouldn't the right time have been before the season started.
  9. The powers that be are a waste of time, all this about clubs jumping through hoops to qualify for S/L, less than a week before the GF. Is wrong both teams have qualified where it matters on the field. It doesn't matter what criteria you throw at either of these clubs, I'm quiet sure there are clubs in S/L now that won't fit the criteria. Whoever wins on Saturday should be automatically promoted and let them take their place.
  10. Phantom I was told this morning, the team travelling back from Bristol was on the road for 7 hours. Not the ideal preparation but we've just got to go with the hand we've been dealt.
  11. What a ridiculous thread. whoever wins next week deserves to go to S/L. Everyone knew the rules at the start of the season, so why start moaning about Fev or Toronto getting there.
  12. Now that is funny, seeing if Toulouse comply with minimum standards to enter S/L. Well I never saw that one coming. Where does that leave one or two clubs in S/L already. Surely the same standards have to apply to clubs already in S/L.
  13. I don't think he's the only player jumping out of the line. The player that did it on Saturday did it at York as well. As for his defence I think we'll agree to disagree on that.
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