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  1. We score 50 points and yet we didn't play well especially the first half, although Rochdales defence worked very hard at keeping us out. The second half as Rochdale tired we seemed to be hitting the ball and running lines better, even then there was some poor passing and dropped chances. God help other teams when we do get our game on song.
  2. Well done West Wales and against a team that has improved this season.
  3. To be fair Padge we already have that, where else can you get full-time teams competing with part-time teams in the same division, and in some cases not really know what the score will be.
  4. Dunbar with all due respect, there were skillful players around both in that era and before, the big difference is the 5 yard rule with defences, as can be seen in that game, attackers had no room to move before defenders were among knocking them about. Players roles were totally different to what they are today.
  5. I think Jones will start at stand off and leave Bussey at hooker. The forwards pick themselves for me. Definitely a backs to wall job but if we're focused anything can happen.
  6. Day Golding Walters It's a pity we couldn't give it to all the team that played, because today was one where every player played for his teammate either with the ball or tackling or scrambling back and preventing try scoring opportunities.
  7. I think the way we are in the league, it's better to get an experienced player at half-back, Morgan Punchard is developing into a great little player who will get some chances in the 1st team, but to put him in games were there's a lot at stake, I think it would put too much pressure on him with the expectations required.
  8. I think we all have memories of games that had trouble both inside and outside the grounds, but that isn't relevant to how people need to feel safe at grounds now, when we keep saying it's a family game we've got to make sure it is. Finally in the past games were a lot worse than what we are seeing today, but people won't tolerate that behaviour anymore.
  9. Day Makatoa Walters A special mention to Scott Wheeldon, today he started the game with a heavily strapped knee and was struggling to walk let alone run, after he was subbed he was trying to run in a warm up before going back on, he was still hobbling but he went back on and ran and tackled with no holding back. For me this typifies what this team is about guts and a willingness to help his team-mates, and today he wasn't the only player carrying a knock, but I thought he needed singling out for his contribution.
  10. Well done all involved in getting Dane to sign a 3 year deal. Some positive signings long before the end of the season, looks like for the first time in a few years this team is going to have some continuity.
  11. Well done Batley, although that was never a penalty to York in the last minute.
  12. Good to see the club being proactive after Sundays loss.
  13. Whatever the rights or wrongs of what happened last season, one thing seems to be overriding anything that happened to contracts, the players that were there previous are going back to Leigh I think that says it all, no I'm not a Leigh fan at all. I'm more concerned about my own team and how they preform.
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