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  1. You've got the surname right Robin. What about his one from out the left field, how about Michael Maguire ex Wigan coach he's available.
  2. Here's a coach for you that's available. He's not English but he's coached over here before. would a certain Michael Maguire fit what you're looking for from Fev fans.
  3. I don't have anyone in mind, but the club need to sit down and evalute this past season, because to bring 2 players from Aussie really was a waste of resources. Plus some of the other signings and loanees hasn't worked how the club wanted I would imagine. So next season do we go for true quality or stick to quantity. I do appreciate we had some terrible injuries but that's how it goes sometimes.
  4. Well done York you fully deserved your win. Thompson and Clarkson were brilliant, especially in the second half. Got to mention Harris who showed good game awareness and game management.
  5. There's many of us who have watched the club for a long time. Yes some performances have fallen short of what we believe they should be, but even when we've been struggling, obviously Batley and Leigh apart, the players have dug in for one another and managed to get the result. Now whether they won playing fantastic rugby or ground out a win. Those players got the results. Your implication of lack of intensity and commitment, appears to be aimed at one or two individuals. Now I think one player you refer to. When he first came to the club he looked out of condition, plus he's had a few niggles injury wise. I think sometimes when you sign a player he can play out of his skin for a few games, and then his play drops off and can take along time to get back, where as in my time watching the game, a player that takes time to settle in, invariably tend to stay the course better. Of course these are just my observations from years of watching this game.
  6. I know you're a Fev fan, but all season you've been either knocking McDermotts tactics, or implying players haven't been happy. Now all being well we've 2 games left of this season, and depending on the outcome, you can either vent your spleen or be left with egg on your face. UTR
  7. Right the 3 tries we conceded very poor defending, there's no getting away from that. As for tries being scored by individual pieces of skill, all tries are scored through that, and if you actually watched the game some of those tries scored was through backing up and teamwork. As for not seeing what McDermott can take from that game. If you actually listen to his interview after the game, he gives an excellent summary of how the game went. As for dreading the final one easy solution don't go, especially if you haven't got the B******s to support the team.
  8. Thank you for your reply.
  9. After watching the highlights of the Leigh v York game. There's no doubting that Leigh are a very fit team, to be able to push up and support the ball carrier aligned with the ball skills of the players make Leigh a very formidable team. They haven't just done this to York, but to the majority of opposition they've played this season.
  10. How many games did Danny Kirmond play in SL with Wakefield ?
  11. I'm no expert but I couldn't help but notice, both Fev and Leigh scored very similar tries. Now the Question I want to ask, is have Leigh peaked and on a downward turn, as far as performances are concerned, or is it Fev are starting to show that they are improving just at the right time, which has always been the goal. What are other supporters views ?
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