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  1. Yeah, Saints will fold in the semi finals and we'll snatch it from 4th
  2. I was at the good friday game in '82 I think it was at the boulevard when it was the highest post war attendance of just over 20k, that was absolute rocking, only a few other sporting events have topped that day to be honest even though I was not quite a teenager.
  3. Deffo, deliberate swing arm/fist followed by a scragging, Crooks didn't react at all, it was way over the top from Taylor for something pretty innocuous even if it was foul play. Should have been a reversal on the penalty in all honesty and ref got it wrong IMHO. Taylor will get a game ban for that I reckon, silly boy! Oh and get the feck in, managed to get home from work just after half time. I said us by 20 but that is a proper tonking, goes some way towards making up for that disgrace against Warrington.
  4. Rhino was an exceptional player who mainly due to playing for an unfashionable club didn't get further recognition. Similar current players would be Liam Farrell, only Box was classier a;; round and had a deft place kicking boot when needed. was my first 'idol' who I thought was fantastic and I always wanted to be like him when I started playing. Hull by 20, we should rout the red and white bin dippers, if we don't and lose then w'we' should hang our heads in shame.
  5. I've heard we're doing a deal with an NFL player (a big name running back whose initials are ML) and have offered him unlimited goes on the rides at Hull Fair as well as pattie butties plus 'scraps' as part payment Pearson has been tendering out to others to come in with him financially, he's certainly not the big deal people think he is money wise. Fans continually talk about how much he has put into the club but fail to understand how much he has 'invested' and reaped a return from it whilst also buying up land that has increased in value. It's as if fans think he's lost out in all this, he certainly won't have and the profit we made is all his, afterall he's the sole owner of the club currently with no shares no co-directors and DJ James Clark is a faux CEO in any case so on pittance compared to a proper CEO. He's been both a skinflint of late - no director of rugby/Motu Tony type to find/attract players, no attacking coach when we've really needed it and not a sniff of wanting to get a marquee player post 2016, frankly having to juggle around player loans and getting rid of players to then only sign bit part players in return is dumb on a big scale and very annoying to say the least. The whole property investment shenanigans (with our previous lead sponsor) as part payment to players and it falling through is a disgrace that they went that way which has compromised our signings/who we could release from last year and the amount of cap space due to having to make up the 'promises' on the back of shared investments that went South! I just think it's all part and parcel of the bulldust that comes out of his mouth time and again to keep the interest in the club, remember he said he was having a clear out and four big signings and we got Thompson, Dawson Jones et al. I can't say I'm overly impressed with the Savelio signing tbh, I think it's the wrong move and a three year deal for an injury prone player is frankly ludicrous unless we are paying him peanuts. I expect Washbrook, Thompson and Green to be let go as well on top of Fash, Miloudi, Ellis, Manu, Mini, wouldn't surprise me to see Logan let go either though we have no backs in the 3/4 with any experience. I'm really not seeing Harris being what we want and he was actually no better than Miloudi in the halves but he's contracted to 2020 so will undoubtly spend another year floating about as injury cover only. I can't beleive we have yet again failed to bring anyone through in the halves.
  6. Wouldn't have got three years at Wigan IMHO, whilst it's good to resign him I think two would have been netter for us long term, that said I'm more concerned what's happening with Kelly/no.6 spot. if AP is following through with signing 5 okkers then he, Paea and Carlos must be leaving, and now that Manu and Mini have been paid off for their property investment fiasco they'll be off too, sadly both a season too long and Paea has been mostly bang average.
  7. You do realise that what I described is what happens when you have two teams in one concentrated area, not two separate towns? How many Wigan schools did you go to as a kid, do other kids in St Helens schools ask their mates if they support Wigan/Widnes etc? Do you go into the shops in St.Helens and start up a conversation about whether they are Wigan supporters, what about the pubs in SH, do you also stay away from parts of SH because it might have a Wigan supporter influence? It's not the same as having the same city with two teams in it as having two teams in towns that are just 'close' together, you might like to think it is obviously.
  8. So I was reading this piece https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2019/apr/16/rugby-key-decisions-israel-folau-billy-vunipola on RU by Robert kitson in the Grauniad, it says "Take the salary cap, for example. There is insufficient space here to examine all the financial niceties but, basically, Premiership Rugby is examining whether assisted property investments entered into by several leading Saracens players are actually benefits in kind and, as such, should be included under salary cap regulations." Now this got me thinking, is this what happened with Hull FC last season when it would seem several players including Sika Manu and Mark Minichello were allegedly according to several people on the black and whites RL fans page https://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=621329&start=110 involved in getting extensions to their contracts only on the back of the fact that their investments in the clubs main sponsor 'Goldthorpe properties' fell through/was a bust? If this is what actually happened, that it was a way to circumvent the salary cap and basically partly pay players in 'profit' from an assisted investment venture such that the profit from the investment would not have to be counted on the cap/as salary, then that's pretty shady to say the least, not to mention fraught with danger for clubs and players.
  9. St.Albans Centurions v Hemel Stags! For me passion wise it's FC v KR all day long. When you live and work in the same city as your rivals it's there all the time leading up to and post match particularly it gets intense, people you went to school with and you're divided by who you follow. One of the first things you used to get asked at work, college, school is are you FC or KR, it often comes up in conversation on the train when I come up to Hull even when it's not derby week, it's literally there all the time, every day. Some people won't go to certain shops or part of the city because of the feelings towards the other team. You could be in the hairdressers and your loyalties will be brought up, nowhere else in rugby league is quite like that because no other teams share the same city together.
  10. No he won't, he'll do very well in S but he's not going to be the epic player you're bigging him up to be! Let's face it, SL is not exactly NRL standard is it, Barba was sensational for most of the season, yes he was weak as #### in the tackle at times and went missing but he was bloody exciting when he was on it, more so than Austin IMHO. Widdop will not be the massive deal you're making him out to be.
  11. There are upward of 9 forwards aside from hooker playing and due to the workload it's only very special players that can stand out as forwards week in week out but the pivotal backs/hookers can take a lot of the credit off the back of the graft of many. Centres and wingers wil hardly get a look in because again this is usually seen as down to the halves that they looked good (not all the time obviously). It's a loaded system for sure and as a forward when you have stood out and stood out all season you really are the man of steel, not just the 'best player' in the competition. Maybe we should be looking at introducing a best/most influential player 'MVP' and leave the man of steel award to the forwards?
  12. As a long time road cyclist (since the early 80s as a teen) the standard of driving has been really shocking for a long, long time, the government introducing death by careless driving was one of the worst things they could ever have done. This was because other motorists were reluctant to convict killer motorists for Death by Dangerous knowing full well that the actions were not any different to their own more often than not. The actions have been normalised and the punishments reduced or just not happen at all, even worse you get the victim blaming bullshizzle, hi-vis, helmets are the worst and used by plod to absolve killers despite the evidence that proves these garments are simply ineffective and massive red herrings to safety, then there's the excuses like kid stepped out right in front of me or the pathetic excuses of sun in my eyes, 'blind bend' 'came out of nowhere' crud. This is almost mirrored on the rugby field, on report is taking no responsibility whatsoever, even at non televised games there are cameras that the match commissioner could look at and get the ref to come over and view it there and then. And then we come to the randomness of the disciplinary, how the hell did they see this as a one match ban, it's like that SoL hit on the Wakey lad a few seasons back. SoL gets one game because of his apparent 'previous good behaviour' but they (RFL disciplinary) have perpetuated his 'good behaviour' by not convicting him of his on field misdemeanours. Ex players they may be but frankly far too often they are clueless, fail to understand responsibility and also bio-mechanics, to say they are inconsistent would be a massive understatement! In many instances on the pitch you see players doing all sorts, flagrant breaking of the laws, offsides/PTB are by far the worst two things on a low level but it kills the game as a spectacle but refs just let it go for the most part when it comes to offsides and indeed instead of continually warning players and instructing them, pen them until they get it sorted, I don't care if refs penalise every single tackle and march a team 90m. I don't care if any backchat is pen'd every single time and following up with yellows and even red if need be, I don't care if the ref sends two off and the game is no longer a 'contest' - though have seen my own team win against Warrington in the cup when down to 11 in the 80s. Just act and stick to the laws and the players will have to step into line or simply be penalised to death every single week. Complainers that the refs are stopping the flow of the game should do one and maybe understand that taking the hard stance will improve matters in a very short space of time Making players think about their actions has to improve radically because the current method of officiating simply is not working and puts too much onus on the officials and not enough on the players, exactly how it is on the roads.
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