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  1. Denton Rovers RLFC

    If this happened today ............ what would happen?

    David Lloyd basically killed off Hull FC and he did a similar number on Hull City, that was the main reason FC went bust.
  2. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Challenge Cup

    Is it? only if you have a very low point at which you consider circa £500,000 per year for the whole competition and all the clubs plus the ladies comp to be a decent sum, I don't. 2009, it was state as fact that the final prize money would be £100k for the winners, with £35k for the runners up, our previous CEO James Rule said the 2008 final was worth £300-£400k all told despite us losing to Saints. Move forward a few years and Adam Pearson stated that getting to the final was worth £250k, that's somewhat of a downturn in monies overall despite ticket prices going up significant;ly since '08! 1998 Silk Cut sponsored the CC to the sum of £486,000 for that years tournament with £100k going to the winners, that's not changed really in 20 years. An indication of this announcement being small potatoes/going backwards.
  3. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Championship GF, playoffs and relegation

    what do you mean by this, are you saying that any team that loses a game because they might be perceived as favourites have 'bottled it'? Utterly ridiculous!
  4. Denton Rovers RLFC

    salford v wigan

    not exactly free unless you avoid paying the fee the BBC charge for the 'right' t watch free to air/live broadcast TV.
  5. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Your clubs pre season injuries

    Bit insecure aren't we? Sure there will be the odd few who can't see that the same thing happens to all clubs at some point or another but these are deluded idiots, pretty much all fans understand the score, so your dig is totally unjustified! Part of the problem at FC is that the coach has continually failed to recognise that preventing injuries/fatigue means giving your academy players game time, that in itself is an important part of developing your local talent so you're not having to invest heavily from outside which is simply not sustainable. Sure sometimes injuries are just bad luck, but fatigue often leads to injuries, playing players with a niggle leads to a more serious problem (and in game performance drops as well). Coaches who grasp this and balance the need to have senior players in the side as often as possible with giving the young blood a chance even if they don't perform to the same level so that you avoid both injury/furthering injury and fatigue will have a better rounded squad and cope better when injuries do strike.
  6. Of current sporting persons (within the UK) whom are household/joe public names these days? A couple of soccer players maybe but certainly soccer doesn't have its superstars in the UK as it maybe did a few years back.Then you have Lewis Hamilton, Ronnie O'Sullivan, maybe some of the cycling lot Chris Froome/Geraint Thomas/Laura Trott possibly a couple of athletics names, Tom Daley. In RU circles there are no superstars in the public eye, not since Wilkinson (though the last big name in RU circles was actually a RL player) To expect RL to have players in the consciousness of joe public on a wider scale is simply a ridiculous notion when there are so few persons even in the very biggest sports with huge amounts of coverage that meet that criteria. And yes to the wider public the 'black pearl' is utterly meaningless, the last time the nation knew about RL on a wider scale was when the touring teams arrival made national news/news paper, that's probably the late 40s/early 50s when RL was at its peak. THAT was the time to expand, but as ever chairmen of the big clubs ruled the sport and wanted the sport to stay close to their mills/coal mines ...
  7. Well, we know of some of the bigger names but how many of your first XVII/XX players are not fit for the start of the new campaign? This is one of the major factors for clubs and how they go, Saints last year did rather well but flopped at season end, similarly Hull FC had hardly any injuries in 2016 but post CC win we were dire, that mostly was down to Radford not rotating players and taking 'advantage' of playing the same players week in, week out for the most part, an obvious mistake as they were done by the S8s, did the same thing afflict Saints? At Hull we already have 5, Albert Kelly is supposed to be out for 6-8 weeks with an AC (shoulder) problem. Kelly, Green, Westerman, Bowden and Talanoa (not injured but having 'other' issues which are quite serious apparently), Sneyd may even miss the opener against KR.
  8. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Season ticket sales

    Same moniker as one of the multiple alter-egos of the singular biggest troll on RL fans
  9. What did you think about the old wembley? The pitch was miles away, what about Old Trafford sat in the gods or any stadia where you are high up or far away from the pitch, how does that measure up? If you're bothered about following your club, a track won't change your view on matters. As it happens both Hull FC and HKR had a fair distance from the pitch in places seeing as they had speedway and greyhounds, same at Odsal , fans are way way back!
  10. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Season ticket sales

    So you think less than 10k will mean KR break even/make a profit? 7 years ago things were cheaper, costs have gone up for absolutely everything, maybe you think all clubs actually stick to the salary cap too. You might want to ask Hudge if KR are making a profit on their crowdsextra TV money and revenue streams?
  11. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Super league minimum ground criteria

    Personally I want to sit, so does my mother and my nephew, my brother who goes now and again with his busted knee (frm playing rugby) would also probably want to sit too. He's not a small guy by any stretch but sitting at the KCOM is not and never has been an issue. Yes places like OT and that hovel that is Anfield have horrendous seats, most the grounds I've been to including all the London RL ones - Barnet, Griffin park, Craven Cottage, Crystal Palace, Stoop etc plus a few footy stadiums, Gillingham, Watford, Luton, Milton Keynes have more than adequate seats. Seats should mean that of everyone who wants to sit including short-***** and kids will see the action no matter what, on a terrace standing that limits you to being stood at the front or lucky enough that the people in front aren't 6ft, which most men are. It also makes people feel much safer in a crowd because you're not as crammed in when there's a lot there.. Sure if folk want to stand, no worries, have that at the ends, but if you want the sport to be family friendly and ensure you have a high % of ladies then you absolutely must offer seating in decent numbers.
  12. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Who needs enemies?

    Yeah, not sure why I had Mathew in my head, anyway, statement still accurate regarding Andrew, took the money and when it got a bit hard folded, wasn't all that with the fans either from what I was told.
  13. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Season ticket sales

    Wakefield is in one of the poorest economic areas of the country, doesn't surprise me at all even given the city of Wakefield population of over 100k and the wider metropolitan borough over 1/3M. Well done to KR though, not sure what the capacity of their ground is now but it'll be a good atmosphere there even if the crowds won't exactly be massive. However financially it's still not enough, they need 10k average to break even according to Hudgell and that was a couple of years ago.
  14. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Who needs enemies?

    AndrewJohns was a decent signing for Wire and you won the ... oh wait, won nowt and Johns was exposed for the 'I'm not that bothered I've got the cash in the bank' drop kick he is and got shown up by Paul Cooke and Richard Horne hahahaha. That said Hull FCs last 'big name' Frank Pritchard was garbage, wasn't fit for much of the season and carrying too much timber/fat, barely did15 minutes a half in the first 1/4 of the season, had a few good games but otherwise was a flop. Was outperformed by Jordan Thompson (who many of our fans slagged off something chronic) who in same number of games made 51% more tackles, similar number of tackle busts and made half the number of erros. Yeah the 'Tank' made more metres/m per carry but then yuo will do that coming on last 15 minutes of a half running out wide! Thank god that the doggies were paying half his wages because we got ripped off frankly, I think that's what has put Pearson off getting another marquee player, just not seeing the financial benefit of a top NRL player given the actual returns are not that great even IF you do win the CC for instance, there's no guarantees at all you'll get your investment back. Sure you might shift a bit more merch and get a few more punters through the door but in RL circles with the low amount of money on offer for winning the GF/CC, it's high risk.
  15. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Who needs enemies?

    wow, the massive over reaction here by some is far, far worse to the game than an article talking about some of the players that didn't do so well/did badly/below expectations. It does go to show you that some are so afraid of criticism or anything they perceive as negative that they'll immediately jump on anyone that decides to open discussion or writes an article about such. People from the outside see this fear as weakness, and they are not wrong. An individual or sport or business that cannot open up to failures and discuss it are more likely to fail/continue to fail, are weak with no confidence in the product or unwilling to identify problems. This reveals so much about the people seeing this as a big deal, it'd be laughable if it wasn't so desperately sad! But crack on telling us how this damages the sport, how it's "punching yourself in the face", what complete and utter hogwash!