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  1. Denton Rovers RLFC

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    I'll take your lack of response as a no then shall I monkey Lover?
  2. Denton Rovers RLFC

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    That part alone tells me you have absolutely no idea, have you even been to London before or actually looked at an atlas, ever? Greater London spreads pretty much the same as Hull to York, except it takes longer to travel that distance in London. If you think people who live say in Walthamstow would be interested in a non local team 20 miles away then you are off your rocker, 26 miles from Loughton/Romford, all part of your 'London'. London have moved from place to place many times, they've lost multiple more fans than they currently have because of this, a city such as London has so many differing cultures that have not a huge sporting interest past soccer if any spor at allt, never mind RL (a significant % will not have even heard of it). London has so much on offer for people that a small local club is swamped, it is a mega city that is totally different to anything you chippy northern types can grasp frankly. To get established and get known/gain moderate support in London will take decades, the London team were on the brink of doing this but because of the RFL and the later owner it went #### up. Rebuilding from scratch as they have done and be where they are is no small thing, yet people like you are ignorant of even the basic facts regarding catchment area. Pathetic
  3. Thank you to FlyingKing for the updates on the game, have been playing board games with the grand kids this arvo so haven't managed to listen or keep an eye out on this game. The result really does put the cat amongst the pigeons, IF London beat Fax and score a hat-full with KR slipping up this evening and next w/e then London could go up automatically. However that also applies to Toronto too. Every game at the moment matters and both Halifax and Widnes have and still could have a big influence on what happens. As I said in the KR/Toulouse thread, six teams could all end up on 8 points with only pts diff deciding things. KR win tonight and that steadies their ship and puts them top. Despite losing Salford are short odds t go up with their big pts diff and Leeds will be looking to seal their place by beating Fax tomorrow. lose and they are under a bit of pressure just like KR are tonight. Well done to London! Next season is going to be so poor by comparison without the M8s!
  4. You said Toulouse were finished, you were wrong, currently as it stands they aren't finished they are still in the hunt. Will they make the MPG, maybe not, but you saying they are done when they clearly aren't is just silly.
  5. You had 7 out from your 1st XVII selection last week (despite you saying you wouldn't rest any), will you rotate different players or keep the same ones out? Think Saints by 6
  6. What a load of tripe, you don't know how games would work out with x, y or z player, simple fact is you could say that of any game over the history of any team sport that the result would be different with differing personnel playing ... or maybe it wouldn't, just just cannot know, what if x, y, z player got injured in the first few minutes, or sent off. They weren't playing so guessing based on hypotheticals is patently just pointless nonsense.
  7. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    It does go both ways, players are humans too and subject to human error, things said or done in the heat of the moment, maybe too many people forget that fact? An obviously wrong call against a player or team is bound to infuriate players/coaches/fans, you try to shut off from it and take it, when it happens numerous times in a game whilst not acceptable it should be recognised that on occasion humans will make an error of judgement and say something they regret. If we are to offer up that leeway for the officials seeing as they are humans subject to human error, why is same not being offered for the players in these particular circumstances? Or is integrity and human error only being judged on one group, surely that would be discriminatory and ignores the human factor in what is both a physically and mentally demanding sport?
  8. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Obituary Thread - 2018 Arthur Mitchell, dies at 84. The first Western black man to be internationally recognised as a star. Danced with the NY City Ballet for 12 years in the 50s/60s, latterly director of the hugely influential Dance Theatre of Harlem. A pioneer who helped paved the way for so many others.
  9. Salford to win but a London win and it's all on big time for the last round.
  10. Widnes to step up and give Toronto fans twitchy bum time.
  11. C'mon Fax, put the cat amongst the pigeons
  12. looks like Widnes based club West Bank have been an absolute shower with thuggery on the pitch and 'supporters' attacking away fans. Hopefully the club does not get accepted for the 2019 season, absolute disgrace!
  13. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Condolences. Having seen my auntie slowly die of cancer and my nan slowly die from MRSA I feel your pain, it's a sort of selfish relief that they have finally gone and not suffering anymore and you not having to see them slowly ebb away, don't feel guilty, it does not diminish your love and loyalty one iota. My nan wasn't lucid for quite a long time but I'd spent a good while chatting with her when she was in hospital, It was a 350 mile round trip and I used to feel sick and anxious all the way up and come home feeling desperately sad. I'm glad you found your peace with your mum.
  14. Er, Toulouse, London and Toronto can all overhaul KR and whinos, in act no-one is mathematically through to SL yet. If Toulouse, London, Halifax and Widnes win, it's all in the air and down to the last weekend, if Widnes, Toronto, Toulouse and London win the final round of games that would leave the top 6 teams all on 8 points and pts diff the first deciding factor as to placings. Unlikely I know but it's far from over. Still think KR will win by 12+ but it's important that IF TO do lose they keep it as tight as possible, London are likely to lose to Salford but have Halifax in the last game which they'll ancy to win and it's an absolute must they do. Toronto are far from out the woods also, if they lose both their remaining matches and even if they only lose by 4 points in each game Toulouse only need win one game and have an aggregate + 13 pts scored and they go through to the MPG in 4th, if London wins one game and has a +15 pts diff in those two matches they also jump Toronto and go into the MPG against TO. That would be mental and whilst unexpected it really is not out of the realms of possibility. It's really exciting, every minute so far has mattered, even against Halifax as they have as much say in the final outcome as any of the clubs. And yet the clubs/RFL want to get rid of this...##### idiots!