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  1. 10 years of that useless salary thief Woods would have contributed £3M when you take into account his perks and golden handshake. Investing some of it in a team who can drag the sports administration into the 20rh Century, never mind the 21st would have been far better use. We'll always be dragged down because of chairmen and the 'leaders' of our sport, it's basically repeating what has happened since at least the 50s/60s. That was the era when the sport had a massive chance to branch out, when there wasn't anywhere near as muh for folk to do. Time and again the sport simply kicks itself in the knackers.
  2. keep thinking small time and we'll always stay that way. Presume you're another that would rather see the RFL continue to invest in the heartlands as a solution to increasing the sports profile, sponsors, money. The biggest problem here is that this should have happened in the 90s, whilst Hughes has put a ton of money into London he's naive and comes across as being small time/clueless with regards to making London work. As O've said before, not helped by the hapless RFL and their reluctance to invest in the game in the Southern regions, not just financially.
  3. Six tries in 22 appearances in the last two years isn't exactly shouting being good enough for me. We should have waited before signing Swift if this was the play the club wanted long term, I realise that Ratu may not be able to play all the games but I'd rather he over Fonua with Swift or a young winger to get a chance as back up (Swift still doesn't make any sense as he's not a back up player,. Can see us wasting more money paying Swift off which would be crazy! In any case three years is a hell of a long contract for a player who is bobbins in defence and hasn't exactly being pulling up trees in attack either. The money he'll be wanting as well will mean we'll be scrimping elsewhere. I'm sure all the youngsters in the squad where we are bringing in players from outside the club for their positions will be enthralled ... AGAIN! Hull FC, not a club where you want to be in the academy because you'll get feck all chance unless injuries are really bad and you won't get properly developed because the coaching set up doesn't have a clue.
  4. You are so far off the mark here I don't know where to start! have you been watching any of the women's soccer world cup? As for men v women in RL "doesn't seem that much", the sport is mainly about physicality, you can't exclude it when comparing. A national conf prem team would best the best national women's team IMHO.
  5. Taken a few moments before mine from the opposite side
  6. You're still contradicting yourself, if "most" people choose to spend their money elsewhere (family shopping for instance) then they must perceive the value/amount of what they would be spending on admittance as a defining/critical factor as to affordability to go or not, because they have, according to your very own words spent the money elsewhere. You've said this twice already in two different ways but still contradicts what you're saying. "or not spend it at all", so what you're saying is, some people choose to save their money as opposed to watching rugby/or spending it on something. So if the game was free or a very low price £5 for instance, do you think this particular group would attend? We know that this is the case with some fans as they don't/won't attend or attend very infrequently and the critical reason is the price. Fans mention pricing often, it's come up as a topic thread here, we know it gets discussed on other fora, we know it gets discussed down the pub, at work, at home, it's what people look at first and foremost other costs. I read on RL fans a few years ago some Wakefield or Cas fans (I can't remember which tbh) saying they wouldn't come to the KC because it was too expensive, about an extra £2-£4 compared to what they paid at home or elsewhere. That the amount difference was relatively insignificant to travel/beer/admittance fee altogether obviously passed them by or, the actual price of getting in was a defining factor.
  7. By definition you've said price is a factor.
  8. a lot of fans including myself will go even we're dog do, personally I've never baulked at the price, go or don't, no-one is less of a fan. What annoys me is the gibe's from certain types (particularly on a certain forum) always wanting to deride people due to games attended/money spent, it's very small minded.
  9. For Hull FC £26 for the reserved seats in South and East stand, £24 for the ones on the periphery. Kids tickets are £10 I think, occasionally we take my nephew but he's really not that fussed anymore. So I guess that would be £72 for 2+2 The season ticket equivalents are £19.28/£18.57 (East stand is more expensive than centre of South and South and East on the outer ends are £17.50/game. Kids season passes are £80 equiv to £5.71/game Whilst I understand you want to encourage season passes, personally I think there's too big a gap for match day tickets, especially since the actual cost to the club is virtually nil as it's more to buy a physical ticket AND much harder to buy than printing a ticket yourself. Also season ticket holders (called full memberships by the club) get to buy £5 tickets for two other people for the odd game. I did buy a general membership for two seasons which got you a small discount off match day tickets as I find it hard to get up for Thursday/Fridays that often so I've been limited to about 6 league games and a cup game or two (though not this season sadly). It really wasn't worth paying £45 up front to get the benefits that I would rarely get chance to use and about £24 worth of match ticket discounts.
  10. Sorry but he overcame that fear some while back, if he doesn't call the game by attending live that's on him. No one is forcing him to do anything. "Warren has gradually overcome his fear of flying, though he does still have some fear as evidenced by a well publicised helicopter flight to a game on the Gold Coast in 2012 made necessary due to a delayed flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Overcoming his fear has seen him travel to New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada for the network's swimming or rugby league coverage." https://upclosed.com/people/ray-warren/
  11. That's the thing, I really don't think he has the work rate in him, he's a laid back player, goes from being rubbish to more than half decent but doesn't seem to be able to sustain it. I'd rather have Brad Fash than Griffin doing second row duties. I hope to god we don't sign Fonua, it'd be a mistake for me.
  12. now you're being ridiculous, so you'd rather not promote the sport, continue going down the same tired avenues/areas that are not able to sustain or bring more interest/money into the sport, it would seem that's precisely your thinking. Jesus wept you are such the atypical insular flat capper
  13. Has Griffin got a bit fitter/lost some weight? I know a lot of people have been touting him for a second row spot but I really feel that wouldn't be a good move IMO, it was good to see him do what we signed him for, and I'd rather see him continue in the centre position.
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