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  1. KR will be pleased, think they've got a decent side and will test a few of the bigger names and get some wins at home against them so for London to lose is no disgrace at all. This is very much a tough deal for London, the side coming up that wasn't a SL side has everything against them to succeed. IF London do go down then it's going to kybosh RL in the capital somewhat so I really hope that they can stay up, squad depth is going to be a massive factor as the season goes on for them.
  2. with what money, we had to release Watts last year because of cap space (don't believe the BS about the spat/discipline!), Radford/Pearson clearly thought having four cheap squad players/no marques were the way to solve the problem ...
  3. Denton Rovers RLFC

    If money was no object...

    really, on what basis is that then? You imagine that people will just flock to use your new stadium because it's new and shiny?? You do know that there are plenty of other already long existing stadia and clubs, entertainment places that will be not easy to draw people away unless you are planning to run your mega expensive stadium at a loss for several years at least or unless you have something amazing that everyone wants to come see and pay good money for. It's far from 'home free' as you put it by just building a stadium in London, not even close! Tell me how many big stadia/clubs make a profit in London on non matchday alone?
  4. we were hearing he'd broken his arm, he did come off early though in the Salford game?
  5. Agree about Cunningham, he's a massive loss to them, despite Rovers display against Warrington I think they are light in the same way Hull are. London by a couple but it's still early doors as to how teams are performing and as we see most weeks there are pretty unpredictable results that only the most optimistic supporter of the so called underdog would predict.
  6. personally not fussed who wins so long as it's a good game, If Wigan win I won't be disappointed and yes they are sort of in a lose lose situation aside from the money and prestige. I've gone SYD by 7-12 but based on what, that we think SYD are the better team, very probably, but are they up to the races though?
  7. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Learning Disability Super League

    They had to get at least one thing right, it's great progress and long needed, more inclusivity means not just better for communities and people who are far too often excluded from sport and participating in social events but it helps the image of the sport as a whole. Well done to all those involved in bringing this about.
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    FEV's new ticket scheme

    Well that's not the case for the ones at Hull and has been specifically mentioned by SMC, apparently the type of scanner is important as some can read a paper ticket but not ones from a screen. That's why we can't have tickets on a phone or tablet.
  9. Denton Rovers RLFC

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    You can't d it at Hull on a media device as the scanners are not capable of reading the code on the screen, when the stadium management bought new scanners a mere two/three years ago they clearly never considered this! SNAFU.
  10. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Man of Steel panel

    It'd run the current England and indeed Australian team ragged in terms of talent IMHO, more skill and nous I'd still like to see Schoey at 6, Hanley at 2 Offiah at 5 (their original positions), Robinson at 1, Jiffy at 3
  11. Denton Rovers RLFC

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    do those averages include the double header twickers games, I remember the shenanigans before with multiple counting of attendances in union as part of home average attendances! According to Wiki SL (av att 8,568) is 46th in the global list of ALL sports leagues, NRL is 25th, premiership union is 28th. Oh and clubs like Bath report attendances that actually exceed the maximum designated capacity of their ground! Saracens report 10,000 exactly at multiple home games for a 10,000 capacity stadium ..hmmm
  12. How do you know he didn't? One cannot have it both ways, previously in the hull v Cas thread Cas fans and others are stating that the player has a head injury, ergo something must have occurred even though there's no sign of any contact (which is very clear to see there isn''t and the player makes a miraculous recovery ... again), yet here a player obviously makes contact to a player in an exposed position and they suffer a serious concussion from that and now there's no contact that causes the concussion??? Maybe the doctor, hospital and Tomkins are lying, you should have a word with them.
  13. Denton Rovers RLFC

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    RU succeeds because of ABC1 demographic which is far greater than that in RL, this in turn is attractive to sponsors (punters not not buying a ticket because it isn't discounted to £20 for an international!), broadsheets are read by this demographic, this demographic are prepared to and willing to spend money to travel to games. You can call the blending/poaching of RL talent what you like but the biggest influence has always been and will continue to be the demographic that has followed the sport, run the sport and fed the sport its money. RL has had multiple chances to expand the sport going all the way back to the late 40s, if you look at the attention the touring Australians used to get at a national level in the 50s/early 60s it's massive compared to now. At the time the governance of the sport was more with the chairmen then it is now and they were happy to let the game stagnate at club level in the pit villages, mill towns and industrial heartlands of the North particularly the big clubs who in those times had a heck of a lot of punters coming through the gates. The only people with any kind of marketing savvy was Eddie Waring. The sport has been its own downfall because of lack of foresight, lack of venture and investment, lack of ability to formulate plans and ignorance of the rest of the world outside of RL.
  14. 'accident' implies unavoidable, that clearly is not the case on a prone player who has no way to brace or defend themselves, this is why NFL have brought in rules for precisely this type of scenario to avoid/reduce head injuries! The disciplinary system in itself is so inconsistent in its thought process far too often, players been deemed guilty on pretty much no evidence and being asked to prove not guilty, yet also ignoring contact that need not occur that does cause injury and just call it 'accidental' when it's a known thing that certain injuries will occur if you do x in certain scenarios. That's not just specific to the incident in this game but many occurrences. You don't 'accidentally' strike the head, either you strike the head or you don't, if you do there's either intent or reckless thought, the only other scenario is UNLESS a situation occurs that whilst in the motion of making a legal tackle the would be tackled player moves in a split second before contact in such a way that the tackler cannot pull out or physically stop their momentum to the original point of contact. /i.e. when a player is brought down or slips a split second before contact is made. In those cases no matter how bad you are virtually left in an impossi ble position as a tackler as you cannot predict what is going to happen a fraction of a second before. It is also physically impossible for a player to change that action with such a short timescale, the signal to the brain and then being able to change the momentum of an arm or your whole body just doesn't happen instantaneously. THAT is accidental contact.
  15. Sicknote,? 26 appearances last season and called up to England knights last March before his injury. Bad injury in 2017 limited to 14 app but 26 app in 2016. So you're wrong.
  16. Head has nothing to do with neck. Hope after what happened at Cats and Hull head knocks are going to be looked at even more closely for gamesmanship
  17. Sorry but define 'general public'? I bump into people from all around the country and the vast majority of the 'general public' know about RL, they just don't watch it either on TV or live matches. I could ask you how many of the general public know anything about the premier league and actually bother to watch a match or MOTD on FTA?? In the worlds biggest sport in (arguably) the birth country of said sport, 340,000 go watch live top flight soccer every week, in a season that's not far off what RL was attracting in the late 40 Viewing ratings for Premier league matches on SKY and BT are circa 0.9M and 0.6M per game respectively, that's not households I believe MOTD gets an overspill/crossover of subscriber.punters. So maybe 1 in 40 either watch or attend top flight soccer, hardly in the general public's hearts and minds is it?
  18. Leeds by 2, maybe it's the cold/rain getting into my joints after cycling back from work.shops but just got a sneaky suspicion that Leeds are gonna steal it. Or Wigan by plenty, we'll wait and see.
  19. Yeah, Thompson never has been a front rower, in fact he's a few kg lighter than when he left. Radford tries to use him as one but he isn't, not even close, he'd be far better out wider where we could use his speed, but then that's a bit pointless because we're not fast enough to get the ball out wide to give 2nd rowers and the backs space or are simply trying to smash it up the middle (again!!) Radford did try that ONCE with Thommo and he was very good (Wigan at home I think it was in 2017). I can't say I'm impressed with Matongo, takes the ball standing still mostly, sure he's still young but he doesn't run his size for me. Paea is dreadful, Mini is a shadow of his former self as is Manu. We've lots of project kids in the forwards and signed people from outside the club but we haven't replaced Ellis and Watts, and why haven't we ... because we can't afford them under the cap. People deluding themselves that it was a spat as to why Watts left and just like when Westerman left the first time, he had to go because we were FUBAR'd cap wise, so what happens, we spend the remnants on a handful of what was it Pearson called them "Proper signings", the bloke is full of poop! We only had the marquee player because another club was paying half the wages. Our squad is so weak it's laughable and the results will show us that. The injury excuses are just that, excuses, we had TWO players out you'd say were 1st XVII Kelly and Bowden, arguably Green but most are slagging him off anyways. Please Lee, do the honourable thing and fall on your sword so we can save the season ffs!
  20. Yeah, if you say so.
  21. we weren't the better team, Cas were, the scoreline tells you everything you need to know.
  22. Carlos has been average, Matongo, Paea even Westerman nowhere near, Lane has done alright, Thompson was a utility back originally and has an engine but isn't a bustling forward, more a wide runner but we don't play that game. Manu and Mini both big earners are simply wasted money!! These are the coaches decisions to retain these players, it's his job to make the best of what is virtually a fully fit team barring Bowden and Kelly. With a bit of luck Radford will be gone before Easter!
  23. there was zero contact, not even close, the player got up just fine then all of a sudden went down and starting holding his neck. Sorry but gamesmanship all over it!
  24. there was, the Cas player went in with the forearm to the face but SKY didn't show that replay again!
  25. WTF clearly knocked the ball out!