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  1. Strange that no Rhino's fan's seem to have responded, everything must always have been tickety-boo at Headingley which when you look at some of the Aussies they have laid out a shed load of cash over the year's on; Peter Tunks, Craig Izzard, Bradley Clyde, Brett Mullins or even John Gallagher defies belief
  2. I think a few of the Saints young forwards would go well over there, and despite what our Wigan friend thinks it's not the club you play for, witness Whitehead, Hodgson, the Burgess boys, that determines your desireability to NRL club's it's their contacts over here who they take opinions from.
  3. Oh goody, that will take people's minds off Brexit is that before, during or after the European elections we are/aren't taking part in?
  4. The dark days was a reflection on the numerous post's on here about Hulls form and Radfords coaching that have appeared on here recently, taking into account Easters 2 games in 4 day's are you happier with a hammering of a poor Robins team than concerned with a shellacking at Saints?
  5. You must have a pretty high pain threshold if the S.Edwards saga, salary cap breaches, duff players, Lenaghans pontifications, various player indiscretions, appaling kits and coaches not to mention flirting with and succumbing to relegation, Maurice, falling crowds whilst all the time proclaiming to be the biggest club in the world hasn't had a effect on you
  6. Interesting the bit about heeling the ball back into a player in the ruck, does that mean we are finally going to get proper PTBs with players using the foot and not just rolling it backwards, too much to hope for I suppose
  7. Overall its a trend that is the current 'in thing' amongst Coaches, one team adopts it so all the others do, the obsession with a fast play the ball to 'gain' micro seconds over the defence is a contributory factor too, when the PTB was slower and the defending team was taken back 5 yds you still got fast, exciting rugby league and teams still scored tries but they had to be more inventive than rolling a team down field and kicking into the corner on the last tackle
  8. Granted Hull are high in the table but you can't be happy about the way they are playing and especially defending, it appears from what I have seen on TV that both teams seem to have difficulty staying in the game if they go a couple of scores behind, heads drop and it turns into a blowout. To have conceded the same points as a shambolic Rhinos outfit must be a concern.
  9. Have both 'ull teams ever conceded 116pts between them on the same day before! dark days on the east coast, good job they play each other regularly
  10. And Greg Bird takes Jon Wilkins title as SLs slowest ever stand-off by a tortoise level distance
  11. For my own part, not following any particular club anymore it's the way the game has been portrayed on TV in non sports programmes like the Selwyn Froggett series or the Sunday night series that included a amatuer team in it's plotline, can't remember the name but my ex used to watch it whilst I cringed behind a book or newspaper. I think we dodged a bullet that the likes of Dicky Bird or Parkinson were born 40miles to the south of our heartland, but the Colin Welland era was another to suffer through
  12. For even the most one eyed supporters every club seems to have a cringe moment, something that even the most committed find embarrassing be it new ground name, nickname, mascot, off the wall signing or publicity stunt, awful kit, merger, or questionable directors, what's yours?
  13. Lee Kershaw is the oldest looking 19 year old I have ever seen
  14. Well, Wan*fest certainly lived up to it's name as far as the Parra fans were concerned, how long is it since their team turned in a performance like that? granted the opposition were abysmal but they displayed a purpose not shown for a long while by the blue and gold. Enjoyed the occasion, Andrew Voss must have creamed himself with the stats thrown up
  15. Whilever you have religion you will have hatred and war.
  16. Just seen the highlights of the Titan's game, that's surely not the same Tyrone Roberts who played with the Wire last year? This one looks interested and prepared to put a shift in
  17. I know that St. George are the major partner in the so called joint entity that is the Dragons but the stadium at Illawarra really puts Kograh to shame.
  18. A question, sky said that they were showing all TWPs games so what happened to Friday's game at Barrow?
  19. Yes I agree, but that would have required some imaginative joined up thinking, and that's one thing the RFL could never be accused of
  20. So Leeds' backsides fell out in the second 40 yet they didn't break seat in the first half!......... predictive text I presume
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