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  1. TBone

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    Agreed, doubt that's how it was sold but... surely? Either way it doesn't overly bother me as I'm not a Hull FC supporter The other way to make sure you have cover is to do a Leeds and nick one of the best players from your DR partner, thus making sure that they can't screw it up by getting promoted.
  2. TBone

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    Presumably these signings are for the reserve grade as Pearson promised to put a reserve team out next season. Well, at least you can hope that's what's happening!
  3. Just listened to the Whippets & Flat Caps podcast published on 12/10. About 12 mins in Wilkin stated that he is definitely joining Toronto.
  4. The 8 team league was tried in the middle tier in the 92-3 season. IIRC it wasn’t well received and was dropped. interesting looking back at it as it included London Crusaders and Bramley. It was also the last season for the Yorkshire and Lancashire cups.
  5. It’s one thing getting into SL, another to stay there - ask HKR and Leigh. Once a team rises to the top of the championship they need extra ‘bouyancy’ (more/better players) to rise above the bottom of SL.
  6. TBone

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Leigh were in the middle eights? Not. Widnes easily beat championships clubs? Not. Leeds, easily avoided the middle eights and romped home in every match? Not. The fact is there just aren’t enough quality players around (supply) so teams end up having to pay inflated prices for journeymen (demand). And giving championship clubs more cash just exacerbated the situation (more demand).
  7. Not quite true, Lenigan et al wanted 10 teams but, on a rethink, they went for 12 to appease the othe clubs enough to vote for the change in structure. You see we don’t actually have 12 quality teams in SL now.
  8. Leon was seen talking to Whitehead, Bateman and few other ex Bulls at Odsal -- maybe he was tapping them up for this game
  9. TBone

    London in Superleague

    Corrected for accuracy
  10. TBone

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    Find out next week apparently.
  11. Evalds replaces Gildart in the Knights and Lineham replaces Minikin who has withdrawn with injury.
  12. It seems that Gildart is one of them. And Gale's replacement will be named next week.
  13. It's Tuesday, the day we are supposed to find out who will be replacing S. Burgess and L. Gale, anyone heard anything yet?
  14. TBone

    Man of Steel 2018

    Maybe its time to have two awards... Man of Steel, to someone who shows real steel (persistence, grit, commitment, determination and stands up when the chips are down) throughout the season, an all-rounder Man of Light (or some such), for the one who has lit up the league with flair and an expansive attacking game Also agree that giving the choice solely to the players is a bad idea! Maybe a panel should be selected each season with representatives of players, coaches, the media, supporters and even officials (after all there's not many of them and they collectively see ALL the games) the panel selects the awards at the end of the semi-finals.
  15. If the Dixon you refer to is Kieron, he has played SL for both the London Broncos and HKR (90 or so games in total) and 3 times for England Knights in 2012.