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  1. I’m mystified by this new invention... how is this achieved and what are the consequences
  2. This answer has been known for a long time. When Bradford were docked half of their cut of the Sky TV money the other clubs got a taste for cannibalism and so the 14 became 12 again. Not with the original (1995/6) laudable aim of improving quality and increasing crowds, but with the mentality of self-survival with least demand on the old grey matter and least effort. (Remember the aim for earlier this year was a 10 club SL!)
  3. so, lets take Saints for instance. would a Saints team without Roby, Walmsley, Thompson, Lomax, Makinson and Percival actually give an England team containing those players a game?
  4. So would England be denied a fair swath of its first choice players or the clubs?
  5. I'm not a fan of the VR as it isn't at every game, and I've seen too many occasions when the VR has got it completely wrong e.g. Rhinos scoring against Bradford (at magic?). But, if we have to have it, then where we are now seems to be in the right direction but it would be better if was more like the NRL bunker. The VR was introduced really because the Sky commentary muppets were intent on finding controversy at every televised game and would go on endlessly about anything missed by the officials (which, strangely, doesn't seem to happen anywhere near as much with the NRL commentary) As regards the ref making the first call - IMO the on field ref should make the decision because that's what happens at the vast majority of RL games,. If the ref feels the necessity to check their decision then let them but they should make it known what their opinion is. As to playing around with having a team challenge to a decision it might work, maybe one available in each half?
  6. Well, according to Mark Evans (former CEO - on the 5Live podcast), the cost of creating and sustaining Melbourne Storm has been circa AU$100m! Thats one hell of an investment.
  7. Not sure how many of you have listened to the 5 Live podcast entitled "The NRL's most wanted". The guests are Shane Richardson (former CEO of a number of RL clubs inc Gateshead and South Sydney Rabbitohs) and Mark Evans (former CEO of Melbourne Storm and Harlequins Rugby). They discuss amongst other things the topic of SL expansion. I found it interesting, particularly the bit about setting up a new franchise, what happened at Gateshead and London, and Mark Evans thoughts on his involvement with Boston and the wider possibilities in NA.
  8. Any chance you could post a link to it please as I can't find it
  9. There is also the quota for non-federation trained players (which both Cuthbertson, Martin, and any other player who wasn't trained in the Federation between 16 and 21, will count against - the limit is, I think, 5) Update, just seen the list in the Overseas Quota thread and the NFT seems to be 7 now.
  10. I would guess that it depend on which way around they fall. You could always ask Kevin Sinfield if playing a lot of away games first-up in the season was an advantage or not.
  11. You mean, like, John Wells, Castleford Tigers' Director of Rugby?
  12. The Aussies aren't that fussy, they selected Tonie Carrol, despite him representing NZ in a world cup, on the basis that having previously played Origin prior to the WC made him eligible for Australia; they picked Karmichael Hunt, a New Zealander (his family moved to Australia at age 7); James Tamou an Australian international and New South Wales State of Origin and New Zealand Maori rugby league team representative, he was born in NZ and played his first rep game for the Maori; Akuila Uate, who was born in Fiji (family moved to Aus at age 15) and played for them 18 times before being selected for AUS in 2011...
  13. I think you meant 30/20 ... 50 is (supposed to be) halfway.
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