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  1. what one of the 5* reviewer said about his book ‘Clive James on TV’...
  2. Agree re: Philbin. 5 other potential halves as well as Trueman (Austin, Hastings, Lomax, Widdop and Williams) - maybe they expect some attrition in these 2 spots? Alternatively, Trueman is along for the ride to get the feel of the international squad, maybe pick up a bench spot in one of the games?
  3. The big question about Hardaker is can he avoid self-destruction when away from his support. And its about a year since his last episode.
  4. 24 man squad on BBC site. Millions of centres - not! Gildart and Connor
  5. The initial farce surrounding the ball hitting a (Rooster's) trainer exiting the field.... the call is that Roosters were the attacking side so the law says they get the ball. However, another interpretation might be that Raiders actually 'charged down the ball' (it hit Soliola's [sp?] head, so no knock on) before it struck the trainer therefore Raiders were the attacking team. The last try resulting from the confusion caused by having 2 refs, well... One (ref A - the only one that the raiders were likely to see) waving 6 to go and the other (B) still signalling last. (A) then, seconds later, changes his call but play has moved away. If Raiders had known that it was still the last they may have tried for a DG. I'm not sure that 2 refs actually tidied anything up either, the ruck was still a mess (players holding down. laying on, rolling into / laying in the way, etc) Please don't get 2 refs in SL!
  6. But how many of the very best would want to play in the world's 3rd or (probably) 4th best league? As it is, attracting the best players to SL (2nd best) is nigh on impossible unless they are just looking for a stint in England (holiday) and/or are for some reason unable to play in the NRL and/or are crocked and looking for their last contract..
  7. Instead of the existing loop games include another comp that has rules around the number and type of players that can be used, e.g. at least 7 of the match day squad have to be under 20s and a limit on marquee players (maybe 1 or 0). Or, before the start of the season, grade each player with a number of points and only allow the coaches a fixed number of points to make up the team for each match (ala fantasy leagues, only these are for real). Maybe have checkpoints in the season where player values are adjusted based on form in the comp. Might result in a bit more supporter interest in the make up of the teams (and the veracity of player value) and will possibly increase the profile of players. The clubs will then have the opportunity (be forced) to rest some players and blood youngsters in a reasonably competitive environment. Maybe use the Thursday fixture and make it part of a floodlit RL comp (we've not had one of them for a while). Other things that might be done to differentiate the comp might be: extending the comp to championship clubs (after all the player value rules make it a sort of handicap comp), having 2 or 3 conferences and the top few teams of each play of for the title... Of course the biggest problem with this and most other ideas is getting the clubs to take them on board and someone to sponsor (pay for) them.
  8. You talk as if Bateman is yet to play internationals. in reality he has played 16 times, including a 3 match series against NZ (2016) and a world cup including the final (2017). He has not struggled in any of these games as far as I’m aware.
  9. SL: +London (Salford, honourable mention), -Catalan CH: +York, -Fax L1: +Whitehaven, -Skolars
  10. This maybe a bit like the Sinfield/Lowes setup - Sinfield is the (not the) HEAD coach and Agar holds the coaching qualifications. Either way, if it all falls to pieces again next season it'll be Agar who has no job.
  11. Yes, for a number of reasons several.
  12. 29 has always been too many... SL started with 12 teams playing home and away, with the winner declared after 22 rounds. The aim was to decrease the demands on the players so that the quality of the play increased. This was to work in tandem with the clubs really marketing the game hard and, thus improving crowd numbers. Sadly few clubs managed to achieve the increases and in an attempt to even up the competition a salary cap was introduced, at first the minimum of £x mil or 50% of turnover. This still allowed the successful (£) clubs to dominate. so a flat rate cap was introduced whilst, along the way the number of regular season games increased to reach the (pre-SL) club mantra of 15 home games (28 rounds and magic round). At the same time IMO the quality of players and, consequentially, the games diminished. I’d love there to be a return to (12 club) 22 games per season with no P&R or even 14 club with P&R. Sadly I don’t think either will happen until the amount of money in the game increases.
  13. Hmmm can’t remember how it works exactly but don’t Sts only have to win one game to make the final. So at a minimum they play 2 games to be champs, or, if they lose the first, max 3. We also have the return of the week off conundrum as well
  14. Catalonia has its own language but the region sits straddling two countries. Supposedly one of the major deciders on the part of Barcellona to go along with the RL game was the suggestion by the Dragons to conduct the meeting in the Catalan language. The region is fiercely proud of its culture.
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