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  1. I agree. A ‘live’ cap should be exactly that! If a club goes over they should be given maybe a couple of weeks to rectify it (e.g. removing a players’ registration for the season). If they don’t rectify it then there should be an immediate points deduction.
  2. Just click the small print 'Ignore and show my results' (or similar) under the big button, that's what I did
  3. You saw in on ‘The Sin Bin’... Paul Cullen was explaining how the match revue panel works and said that the outcome was taken into account when grading an incident. He also said that the grade for Hill’s incident is rated at 2 matches, 3 if the player has ‘previous’.
  4. Maybe this article from last year will help people in understanding the case situation as it was heading into mediation... https://www.rugby.com.au/news/2019/10/10/folau-lawsuit-court He offered an apology as part of a settlement.
  5. And he definitely didn't get sacked for his beliefs, he was sacked for breaching a code of conduct which he had signed up to. At least one commercial organisations did take exception to what he said publicly whilst they were paying him a considerable amount in sponsorship, they dumped him. And I notice that they didn't get taken to court.
  6. I also enjoyed it. It is interesting that the panel is all ex-players.
  7. it is the BBC who wrote the article stating One might speculate as to who the BBC ‘obtained’ the email from. Unless there is evidence that it was Hudgell, its a bit harsh to declare him damned for a story appearing on the basis of a leak of an email that he sent last week. Fire and brimstone/outrage seems to be the first weapon of choice for some
  8. This isn’t about the rights or wrongs of Folau’s statements, its all about brands. At the moment, Folau’s brand isn’t exactly the flavour of the month. And major global companies have made statements distancing themselves as they don’t want their brand value diluted by association. In answer to Gubrats. You say it was all done with, was it? How do you know what may/not be going on privately. I have no idea which, if any, existing or prospective sponsors may/not have raised the issue privately with the RFL/SLE or one or more of the other SL Clubs. Maybe Mr Hudgell does?. Or he may think that its not too late to get Catalan to reconsider so is putting a shot across their bows so to speak?
  9. Loss might not be from a club’s sponsor - what about if BetFred pulled the plug? or mybe SLE were about to sign with Quantas?
  10. Well, like it or not, Mr Folau’s actions in Aus led directly to a major ARU sponsor threatening to pull the plug. The RFL/SLE don’t have many major sponsors and little cash so they can’t really afford to lose any existing or potential sponsors. As regards other player’s indiscretions, none have the same global profile as Folau, therefore less likely to get sponsors agitated. I would imagine it would be relatively easy to prove cause and loss if a major sponsor pulls out. The hard part will be pinning liability on Catalan as the RFL/SLE have already said that their are no current rules that require any club to seek permission before signing a player. As long as there are no legal/immigration problems and no extant bans the player can be registered.
  11. Well, compared to Boots'n all it was very good - more about the rugby and less about the personalities (presenters). I thought that Lois was just going to sit quietly, without saying anything, in the George Burgess interview. But then she came alive in the Hurrel interview. Very promising start. (The flickering screen on the wall was a bit distracting)
  12. Yup, if Cas are down 9 first team players they will struggle. Mind you if TWP were down 9 they'd only have one sub - maybe Noble and McDermott will pull on the boots again this season?
  13. The trigger seems to have been Williame (sp?) leaving the Dragons and them believing themselves short of top class backs. Either that or they are courting the publicity, maybe even enough to attract a TV deal?
  14. Summary: Israel Folau signs for Catalan Dragons Bad vibe because of his 'religious' stance on homosexuals, single sex marriage, and a trove of other things that god will (in Folau's opinion) punish us for RFL/SLE powerless to stop his signing (and, potential, attendant bad publicity) so do next best thing and put some contract clauses on him (that worked really well previously, lets hope their lawyers are a bit better than those of the ARU) Wigan rapidly turn tables a bit by declaring Wigan v Catalan a 'Pride Day' Lines drawn on TotalRL forum and the fun begins Misconceptions: The ARU sacked Folau because of his beliefs/homophobia. He was sacked because, in the opinion of the ARU, he had breached the terms of his contract by issuing statements that oppose the code of conduct that he sighed up to and had had several warnings about Folau 'won' his court case. He didn't, it was settled out of court. The reasons for this are unknown but the likelihood is that the ARU was advised that the case was likely to go on a long, expensive, journey through the AUS legal system. Folau had little risk as his only downside was that he was sacked (by this time people will have already made up their mind about his 'character' and employability), his upside was enormous, lots of dosh, lots of publicity and no costs to bear (his cost being paid by donations). The case ended with Folau and the ARU parting ways, some words that were agreed they'd both say being said, and the ARU paying off his contract (which was probably less than the cost of going right through the AUS legal system and appeals if he didn't win, and definitely less than if he won!). Upside: for Folau he gets his pay off, he saves face the ARU are still in business, their sponsors believe that they will protect their values (and they'll be paying a lot more attention to their player contract terms) Outcome: no matter what we say on here Folau will become (is ?) a Catalan employee the lines that were drawn will be fiercely defended a record breaking single day thread length? It will be interesting to see how quickly Catalan can get him match fit, given that they've only got his services for a limited time, and whether a) he plays well and b) doesn't destroy whatever team spirit/harmony they've built to date.
  15. That seems to be the tone of the RFL/SL response.
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