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  1. Which is why no sane million/billionaire would 'invest' in any new(ish) venture in RL, especially if they don't get a cut of the TV rights money. What you are seeking is a benefactor not a business proposition. FWIW I have always thought it madness to start a club in a country several thousand miles away from the competition(s) that it will play in. Especially when the governing body doesn't have a strategic plan (full stop? but oh, shucks...) that includes expansion in your direction.
  2. Is his role to provide the level of in-depth analysis that you get from the loud, half cut guy, in the pub who likes to regularly demonstrate how little he knows about anything/everything? If so, he’s great.
  3. I’m not a fan of TWP but even I can see that LiVolsi is making a straight forward business propsition: TWP in SL (and a few other conditions?) is of value to him and he will make the following promises should that happen..., TWP outside SL, etc, has no value to him - over to you SLE/RFL.
  4. Indeed, the usual response to transgressions by a club's administration is to make the succeeding administration pay for it either by a fine or maybe, and you'll like this, taking half of the club's TV money and distributing it to the other SL clubs. You can ensure that the new Admin isn't just a re-hash to avoid paying debts etc but there are better and more effective ways of achieving that - but that't take thought and a little effort and the game's administration just can't be a**ed. So we want new money to help make our (failed/failing) clubs stronger but, just to make sure that they don't fail again, we penalise the people who are coming in. And we are scratching our heads why we don't get more takers
  5. So being head coach of a SL side for 3 to 4 years, followed by 3 years as England coach = inexperienced ???
  6. So you’ve forgetten the rift that it caused leading to the current agreement that SL will negotiate a new TV contract and pass down a few crumbs to those outside SL?
  7. Also reducing from 14 to 12. And, more recently, wanting to reduce from 12 to 10!
  8. There are reasons that Toronto were not allowed int SL to start with including... 1. there was no strategy in either the RFL or especially SLE (E is for Europe) to expand in NA 2. the SL clubs had got a taste for killing off other SL clubs and devouring their share of the Sky money to offset their own ######-poor attempts to actually increase attendances and develop other commercial income streams, So no chance of any outsider getting a slice of the pie 3. There were aspiring clubs in the championship that were clambering for a slice of the action through P&R, so they wouldn't be too happy. As it was they were allowed in at the lowest professional level, possibly with the belief that they wouldn't last long the course! You also suggest that Toronto working together with the RFL could've got to grips with the logistic problems. In that case you are more confident of the RFL's capabilities than I am. And, besides, they didn't really get it right until they were in the championship.
  9. If you’re going clones than why not do something special... they could do worse than approach the makers of Orphan Black, and maybe some of the cast too
  10. I thought that the live sky commentary team had run out of any original irrelevant ###### to talk about during the game when, during the Sts games the main commentator suddelnly started talking about the cost of a pint of milk in 1970-something! I don’t pay to listen to this drivel. I much prefer the Aus commentary where at leat 90% of what is said has at least some relevance to the game. And what is it with Sky and showing shots of one or other coach doing nothing of any interest to anyone when the bloody game is still in flow? A long while back I used to watch Sky with the radio commentary on \but the satelliite signal is so delayed now that it just doesn’t sync anymore
  11. Given that they (allegeldy) own didly squat by way of assets, are rumoured to have large debts, and have no players as SL contracts state that players are free agents once a club is outside SL, you’d be a sucker to touch them with a proverbial barge pole.
  12. IGI What is Skeletal Tracking - VR Soldier Skeletal Tracking - intel Seems to be more about body than ball
  13. How on earth was a club that loses significant amounts year on year ever hoing to be the RL saviour? (£18m over 3.5 years on sky, £10m over the same period earlier in this thread). With a full share of the Sky money they’d still struggle so hardly the shining beacon that many believe. This is what happens when there is 0 strategic planning and reliance on half-baked opportunist developments. There really does need to be an emergency top to bottom review of the state of the game and development of a strategic plan going forwards thay lays out clear strategic objecives, how they will be met, risks, issues and mitigations. Then if the strategy says development of clubs in North America, there should be a plan for supporting it rather than just make it up as you go!
  14. Why? The ball being passed in a backward direction is a fundamental tennet of the game underpining other rules such as knock on, correct play the ball, etc.. Removing it, which has been in the rulebook and accepted by millions of players and fans in over a century of the game, seems to be doing something just for the sake of it. What percentage of passes on average are called to be forward? I think it is likely to be very very small, as to those that are game changing - almost zero. If a player wants the ball to travel forwards they have to kick it, something requiring skill to do well.
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