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  1. NH RL is like S American soccer IMO. Imagine L Messi staying in S America, like J Peacock did by staying up here, hahahahahaha!
  2. No, thanks, no to rugby league being played on postage stamps.
  3. Switched the TV in in 1984, just before J Lydon scored for Widnes in the CC Final, as a former short halfback, felt i could relate to RL more than to RU, seeing ppl like D Fox, G Toovey, A Gregory & B Kimmorley play at the highest level.
  4. Instead of the scrum have the option of a 7 on 7 play instead. The rest of the team have to start with one foot on the touch line. 2 ppl with one foot on the 10m in from touch line, play the ball 10m in from touch. GET RID of the scrum.
  5. IMO American Football and rugby league are the best sports on the planet. My head says that RL is the best sport on the planet, but my heart says AF. As they say, go with your heart. Re. the NFL at Wembley, it seems that Wembley is not suitable for handling sports, i would like to go and watch the Dolphins play at the new Tottenham ground though. And you're too far away from the pitch at Wembley. But with all that said, i believe that football is the greatest game. With the artistry and skill, though the skill in soccer is overrated IMO, but still; and soccer is taking over, obviously due to fear of concussion in collision sports. Forward Paris SG!
  6. Do things to please God, not other humans. - Israel Folau 2019
  7. Tips - Raiders, Titans, Cowboys, Storm, Souths, Broncos, Dragons, Chooks Points - 302 A Wins - 2 Poll - 3
  8. It's impossible for players to play Origin intensity week in week out. Anyway, re. the halfbacks, if we lose the series this yr, i'd go for Keary and Wighton the the halves next yr. Because Walker is Aborigine i feel compelled to keep him in the halves, i know that shouldn't matter, but i'm soft, especially towards Indiginous Aussies.
  9. QLD won't be allowed that line speed in Perth and Sydney. Who'd have thought that referees can be influenced. The brain is malleable.
  10. Disagree. Qld had to win, i fancy us in Perth and Sydney. Keep the same side. #uptheblues
  11. It's all won and lost up front. Napa, Papalii and Arrow bn disappointing, expected more from them. #uptheblues
  12. I don't want big changes. Stick with 13-a-side and a play-the-ball.
  13. But sh'e well within age for criminal charges to be brought against her in England.
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