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  1. A few lies in there. Generally the NRL is cleaner than SL, less niggle in the NRL. If you don't run hard you should be owned and taken back, SL looks soft at times compared with the NRL. Generally Dave, i think you're talking a load of balls. I've got to go out now, will post later if i'm still alive.
  2. Isn't there something in the laws of the game that goes on about the "spirit of the game"? Milking is against the spirit of the game, and refs should feel that, and penalise milking, or just tell them to play on, i'm not bothered by slow play the balls. I want to see hard running, good contact, big hits etc.
  3. "We"? I you should have said, there's not much wrong with the tackle area in the NRL; there's not enough competition for places up here, play too many matches. Cut SL to 10 teams.
  4. Milking, it's nothing to do with play-the-ball really, it's milking pens around the tackle area, i think that's a far better title for this thread, this title doesn't explain much. Yes, in the NRL i hear refs shout, "milking, play on", J Child should have been saying that same yesterday. It was embarrassing. European RL is embarrassing RL, i sometimes feel, just play RL in the SH.
  5. Poll - Broncos Teams - Roosters, Storm, Cowboys, Souths, Tigers, Sharks, Raiders, Eels Points - 329 H wins - 3
  6. 11 + 4 = 15 It's a 17 person sport at the moment. I want it to be a 15 person sport. Most of you lot are paranoid insecure buffoons. Like reading about the insecurity in Aussie RL in 1995, when RU went full-time. Embarrassing.
  7. You'd only have 4 on the bench, and some teams won't want too much disruption during matches, hopefully that'll go for every team. If one or two out of the 15 are a bit bigger, well some ppl want to see big front-on collisions like me. And there are at least 4 components of fitness, the 'IMO' is down to what you mean by fitness and what you mean by sport. I studied sports science and was a fitness instructor, and ppl call things different names but generally mean the same thing. Anyway, i think that going to 11 a side with a 5 metre line would benefit NH rugby teams, it would bring us closer to Oz.
  8. You telling me that the referendum wasn't mainly about immigration? Rubbish.
  9. Going to 11 a side won't achieve that i don't think. A 5 metre defensive line, surely not.
  10. Fear of foreigners? That goes for most ppl, well everybody. Most ppl have a suspicion of everybody that they don't know, and rightly so; original sin? There are some non Welsh speakers who i would trust more than some Welsh speakers, so there. I'll take it further, i want less humans on the planet.
  11. There is usually more than one reason, and obviously some good answers on this thread
  12. No no no no no. It was 7 in the early nineties in Oz. Peter Sterling suggested we go back to 7 metres a few yrs ago. IMO, if we can get away with 5, great, I'd prefer 5 instead of 7. I'm just concerned that defences will be on top of the attackers too quickly on too many occasions, but fine f the attacking team can adapt, great. So, 5 then.
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