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  1. Fox Sports studios for the rest of his career i would guess. Always felt he's too much of a cool dude to be a coach.
  2. Tips - Eels, Penrith, Broncos. Sharks, Knights, Roosters, Storm, Raiders Points - 290 H Wins - 5 Poll - 3
  3. Heard he is highly thought of in QLD. He was apparently in the race for the Broncos job.
  4. Turpin should have seen red, disgusting, others should have seen red too.
  5. ... And like a torrent rush Rebellious Scots to crush Go save the Queen Britain is Wales and western England.
  6. No. They won't come out week in week out. Take the occasional match up there. There are too many NRL and AFL sides. 14 of each sounds about right to me, well actually i don't think that Aussie Rules should exist at all, they should play football instead.
  7. Tips - Sea Eagles, Eels, Penrith, Knights, Storm, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Sharks Points - 302 A Wins - 2 Poll - Chooks
  8. Tips - Broncos, Sea Eagles, Penrith, Dragons, Eels, Tigers, Raiders, Storm Points - 299 H Wins - 4 Poll - Cowboys
  9. Depends how you look at it, i know what you mean, but you can make an argument for almost anything.
  10. Behind darts? Give over. RL is part of many communities.
  11. Like it, haven't heard of one of these for yrs.
  12. I think my top 8 in March was - Storm, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Cowboys, Penrith, Broncos and Dragons I though only 1 of 3 could win the GF. Think it'll be the Chooks once again.
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