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  1. IMO Widdop is better at full-back when he hasn't got top quality players around him.
  2. I think Melbourne will win the GF. My top 8 are Melbourne, Roosters, Manly, Brisbane, Cowboys, Canberra, Parramatta and Penrith.
  3. Thank you, well it's been 4 years now of more or less the same, he's obviously got worse in the last week, the district nurse phoned 999 this morning as he wasn't responding, he's in A&E at the moment, i've just come back from the hospital, my mother is still with him, apparently his kidneys have packed in, so his medication was clogging up, he's a little more responsive now, but still not awake really, my guess is that he'll be dead before the end of the week. But of course i might be very wrong and he'll live longer than me and my mother. He does believe in miracles.
  4. He said he thought he was going to die earlier when he got cold and started to shiver. He's been quite ill with it for 4 years now. Today has been the worst day since he was diagnosed i think. He's just fallen asleep, the tablets have kicked in. It's cancer of the bowel and in a gap between the spine and bowel. He couldn't stand up earlier, that's the first time i've ever seen him not to be able to do that. Just to say he voted Leave and said he a few days ago he's going to vote Conservative, that seems unlikely now, but Plaid are probably going to win here in any case. My biological father died of cancer when i was 7 yrs old, i do remember him. My step-father smokes and has done for decades, by dad didn't smoke.
  5. Someone said. "Scotland may have invented golf, but America mastered it." I'd say, "England invented RL but Australia mastered it".
  6. I think J Davies is best when in the studio talking about the sport and butting in to call out some exaggeration or some BS, and i wish J Peacock would speak more clearly at times and R Hunter-Paul would slow down, same goes for J Wilkin at times too, blinking working class people seem worried that ppl will say they're turning posh or middle class if they would start to speak more slowly. Same in Aus. A Woods is getting ridiculous, i think it's insecurity.
  7. I assume that's because there are far more golf pros than RL teams in Britain, i guess it's down to maths. But as i said you can't compare RL to soccer; soccer is semi-contact, RL is full-contact, and as for golf, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  8. Croatia got to a WC Cup semi-final in 1998, they produce some of the best soccer players on the planet. Willett is a full-time pro, could J Donaldson win an Open, yes, i think he can. RU got rid of their open cup competitions years ago, and rightly so, because it's dangerous.
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