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  1. J Ashworth IMO should have bn yellow carded. And A Walker was stripped and should have bn a pen to Salford, but the Saints could have bn 20 points up by half-time. The right team won, I never felt Salford were gonna win.
  2. I want to see RL Finals played on dry rugby pitches, not wet soccer ones.
  3. British RL needs to build a big stadium with a retractable roof with an APS, so kids and that can use it during the year and not waste too much electricity on lighting. I'd put in in Sheffield.
  4. I thought there weren't any 4G pitches. We'd only got as far as 3G, with a little bit extra, so i read.
  5. other sports. Surely nobody can argue with that, but do you want to see more artificial pitches in British RL?
  6. A bit of brain damage can be good for some people. They know what they're getting into in any case as you know.
  7. Didn't want them to get rid of the McIntyre system they had a few yrs ago, 1 v 8 etc.
  8. Ban kicking and drop-goals, still obviously have penalties and conversions (which should be drop-kicks). Go to 12-a-side.
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