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    I don't want to put any negativity to the buzz around the ground at the moment, but i was very disapointed with the match day programme. I have collected programmes for many years.
  2. I thought your number 8 went well blue ox, a blonde haired lad i think his name was Morris,
  3. Prices?

    If my memory is correct for the friendly matches the prices were £10 £8 £5
  4. Rob Smith's birthday

    Happy Birthday Rob & thanks for all your hard work

    Thanks for that, i would prefer full matches but i'm just gratefull for the memories. I don't mind when we lose as long as we play well but i don't like to see us get whalloped

    I am loving my Rovers TV especially Rovers gold but i was wondering if Ryan Sparks is a Leeds Rhino fan because for the life of me i can't understand why he as put Leeds giving us a good hiding on.
  7. 5 Players leaving Toronto Wolfpack

    Great post, i was thinking the same where are all the players coming from
  8. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Great lad is Kyran i'm sorry to see him go. He is fast and can play full back aswell, i wish him all the best
  9. Season over ;Low and High points of 2017

    Always high points when i'm watching Fev, with the best group of supporters in the world in my opinion If i had to pick a couple of low moments would be what seemed a lack of effort at home against Fax and Warrington
  10. Saturdays Grand Final

    Maybe if Cas had spent the money on the up keep of their ground like they should of done, they would of had a much lower budget. All the people praising them and they have screwed other teams over.
  11. Saturdays Grand Final

    It will always be We hate cas for me. Having Old Rover for a Dad, left me no choice
  12. Saturdays Grand Final

    I wouldn't want cas to win the meat raffle in my local, never mind the grand final
  13. Lower league coaches

    Kelly at Dewsbury worked miracles this year, i don't like Mark Aston but it would be intresting to see what he could do with a big budget
  14. Cas sign Garry Lo

    runs with pace and power but still a bit raw. Not the finished article but a great work in progress.
  15. Cas sign Garry Lo

    Very good always had a good game everytime i've seen him