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  1. 1 Briscoe 2 Day 3 Makatoa Hardcastle went well and Turner was a lot better than last week. Well done Ryan Carr for getting the lads up for this after last week. The support was great once again. Bring on scruffy Duffy and his mob next week.
  2. Featherstone fans meet up at the Castle pub it isn't a real ale pub unfortunately but the atmosphere is great. yes you can drink during the game. Me and the wife eat at yates or weatherspoons but there are loads of chip shops, cafe, ect. Hopefully you change our luck.
  3. One steward should be fitted with a camera like they do in football and any incidents or foul and abusive behavior should be handed over to the police. I didn't think i would be saying this in our game. I am disabled and have been abused by foul mouth idiots at a few grounds and it needs to stop now before it gets out of control. I enjoy my visits to Rochdale and have always been made very welcome, i went up in the lift so didn't see any of this but it shouldn't be tolarated. In my opinion i don't think a steward should risk his or her saftey if there is a few of them but i do think they should call in the police for us genuine supporters saftey.
  4. Thanks for the replies, looking forward to a few beers and a sing song in the Robin hood again. Then on Sunday we will spend some money in the Raiders bar. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Looking forward to our game at the weekend, we are coming for the weekend again but i got a call from premier inn where we are staying letting me know about road works and i was wondering if anyone new how to avoid some of them. Thank you in advance, Looking forward to having a beer with some of you again. #U.T.R.
  6. Pr-purchase £23 plus £5 to sit down numerous walkie talkie messages because no one new how to open a barrier so i could get down the slope because i can't manage the steps. One disabled toilet in a bar which was wet through i was like Bambi on ice trying to get the toilet. Second time for the cup game nothing changed just cheaper. i have a horrible feeling we will draw Bradford away in this silly cup.i will still go because i follow my team and Rugby League is the best game in the world in my opinion.But some clubs need to improve their stadiums if they want to charge top prices and not sit back hoping someone will help them out with a freebie
  7. York was unfortunate to get us on our probably best performance of the season.Really enjoyed the banter with your supporters in the beer garden at the last orders, you were a credit to your club. See you again on the return fixture.
  8. Don't knock the ones that come. they did make some noise and got behind their team.
  9. At last a kicking game that troubled opposition and not straight down their throats.
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