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  1. Steve Quinn winning goal at Wembley 83 Final, also his chase back to keep Ellery Hanley out wide in the Semi Final.
  2. How about showing some classic rovers games pay per view for Rovers T.V viewers and D.V.D'S for those who don't have Rovers T.V plus it might encourage more T.V. subscriptions
  3. i thought of Gaz Gale but didn't want you to think i wasn't trying. also Connor Caira
  4. 1 Jack RAINder 2 Jack BLUSTERY 3 Bad DAY i know I will get my coat
  5. It will save money on a winger. we won't need one. Yes i'm still bitter in the way he announced he was leaving, just before the final
  6. I don't know either but he has played there for Batley, not sure that helps my case. Think of the havoc he would cause in a tired defense though.Glad i don't pick the team
  7. Maybe Joufrett for hooker and Chizzy and McClelland in the halves providing the latter is available again on D.R.
  8. 1 Briscoe 2 Day 3 Makatoa Hardcastle went well and Turner was a lot better than last week. Well done Ryan Carr for getting the lads up for this after last week. The support was great once again. Bring on scruffy Duffy and his mob next week.
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