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  1. I was grateful to the 3000-3500 that turned up to support their team at Post Office Road not many SL clubs take that away following
  2. So much for the Rugby League family. The Bulls supporters didn't get them in this mess but some people can't wait to put the boot in, talk about kicking a man when he is down #good luck Bulls
  3. I hope the Bulls survive, it was great talking with the true fans before and after the game. I don't buy the everbody is against us rubbish. Most true rugby league fans want the bulls to survive.
  5. Maybe they could merge with Newcastle, that might get them back in the big time
  6. Done good luck
  7. 75k iv'e heard
  8. I go to Wembley for the day along with many others Bradford and Hull KR should never have been relegated because they are well supported is all you read on the general forum. Not an option for a Fev fan we were thrown out for you and Paris
  9. Good luck York, i think the rugby league family are all behind you
  10. BRIBED where is the evidence of bribery
  11. The fantastic season your club is having with all the great publicity your club deserves, One idiot could damage all that great publicity for his own greed. Hope the club and police deal with the matter, without it been in the media good luck Batley keep doing the right things and don't let one man spoil the hard work that goes on at your club. My favourite away day
  12. They deserve it because they have been the best team in the championship for a while now, with a real money man putting his money into the club he supports to have a team capable of beating S.L. teams, Wish we had is money at Fev. Don't Sheffield want an investor or a stadium built for them anymore..
  13. Get well soon lads
  14. Good Luck Batley
  15. THE TEAM THE STAFF/VOLUNTEERS THE SUPPORTERS Thank you all for a great roller coaster ride this season.