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  1. I can't think of another coach we have had from other side of the hill, can anyone else remember one
  2. He's not the messiah you are after, he is a very very naughty boy
  3. womens F A Cup was at wembley with 35,000 this is the only competition we have left that the Aussies are jealous of and Sky are trying to ruin that because they don't have the final
  4. 1 Turner 2 Hardman 3 Davies
  6. What a great signing that is. Will be easily the best hooker in the division bar none, it was a joy to watch him at Fev, well done York
  7. I want a home draw for the good of the club. No travel expences, beer sales, burgers, programmes, ect Bradford would be good
  8. Home draw would be nice
  9. 1 davies 2 thackeray 3 hardman a good team perfomance, i thought tagg was playing well untill the injury
  10. I think the rest last week will favour cas, hope i'm wrong though
  11. Comments like that don't do you any favours. I personally don't want Delaney in the team if all are fit from last week but i can't speak for the other Fev fans
  12. I had the same problem, along with many others when we went against Fev, surley it is losing much needed income. Still enjoyed my visit though as always
  13. I was grateful to the 3000-3500 that turned up to support their team at Post Office Road not many SL clubs take that away following
  14. So much for the Rugby League family. The Bulls supporters didn't get them in this mess but some people can't wait to put the boot in, talk about kicking a man when he is down #good luck Bulls