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  1. Wayne Bennett pi**es off SL clubs

    Not like Wayne at all! ;-) My opinion is this; how badly do we as a game in the UK want to beat the Aussies and the Kiwis in a Series and win the World Cup? Given Wayne's pedigree, track record and achievements if said jump, everyone in the game should be asking him how high Sir? The self interest is depressing. A perfect example of what results can be achieved by putting our International Game's good above any individual club's, is the England RU who since Clive Woodward's involvement have yielded a fairly impressive return against the SNAZAR countries.... .....look beyond your own backyard I would say to the SL Clubs who are moaning.
  2. Bennett in the News

    Laura Kuennsberg and the BBC will make out he has a link with Jeremy Corbyn next to bring down the Monarchy!
  3. Luke Robinson to retire

    Sad news. A genuine whole hearted professional who has been a credit to the Wigan and Huddersfield clubs. Always a big smile on his face when he has played. I remember- and forgive him- for his 3 tries he destroyed Saints with when he really burst into people's consciousness! All the best Luke.
  4. Neil Jukes promoted at Leigh

    First up well done to Neil Jukes. He has learned his trade from coaching kids all the way through National Conference Amateur sides, Lancashire County where I had the pleasure of being coached by him. He has then starting with Leigh's Academy side worked his way through the ranks. The Coach I know us astute, a great communicator, and trust me can handle egos. I believe he will surprise many. Good luck Neil. Top man,
  5. Great idea.......Lockers, Escare for sure, Danny Brough? Innovative ideas to grow the International Game on any level is a good thing.
  6. Is Stevo barely hiding his one eyed support of the Rhinos tonight? Or has he mentioned Leeds still not being recovered from the Cup Final.....or fallen out with a fellow commentator?
  7. England 17 for the opening game

    1) Widdop 2) Hall 3) Atkins 4) Shenton 5) Fox 6) S.Tomkins 7) Eastmond (if fit) Fielden 9) Sinfield 10) Morley 11) Burgess 12) Ellis 13) O'Loughlin 14) Roby 15) Westwood 16) Graham 17) J.Tomkins My only change would be Graham/Fox I'd also have in the Squad:- Wellens Burrow Briscoe JJB Gleeson John Clarke Steven Wild Luke Robinson Gareth Carvell
  8. Gonna be tasty at leeds on Saturday

    Maguire is a sneaky little rat- always third man in and grapple tackling. If he was thick enough to try what he did- albeit successfully and cheat- then he deserves his injury as a lesson that cheats never prosper. What annoys neutral fans like me is that Maguire can be playing as magnificently as he has been and also carry on like he does. As for cowardly- Mister Peacock should look closer to home at the Rhinos who possess the biggest one in the league in Ryan Bailey. At least justice was done and Radford got off for dishing out what he deserved!
  9. Do we deserve to be in the National Papers?

    Yes we do deserve more attention! Amateur RL gets bigger crowds than County Cricket yet it gets pages and pages of national media coverage! Just as RL is criticised as being M62 centric, Rugby Union is equally M4 centric- does the media care at all? Not a jot. We are fighting bigotry and snobbery on a grand scale and it will take unified effort from everyone who is an RL Fan to change it. A full stadium for the Grand Final gets no coverage no matter how good the game...because close on 70,000 Northerners isn't as important as 15,000 Leicester supporters.....or so the papers think in Fleet Street. It does need a spark though to kick start the change. We must beat Australia is a Major competition or Test Series..........over to you lads!
  10. National Stadium for Rugby League

    RU makes money as everything that comes through its turnstiles at Twickers/ Cardiff/ Murrayfield etc. goes straight into their pocket and as such- no renting of grounds/ etc. Any way to make the reality of a National RL ground/ HQ should be explored as the Long Term benefits are wholly in the best interests of the entire game from juniors upwards!
  11. England 4 Nations Team

    As much as I hate to admit it Maguire is on fire on should be a shoe in- but its imperative we get Tomkins and Eastmond on the pitch at the same time too- for me Eastmond@ , Maguire@6 and Tomkins@ FB. A few suggestions barring injury- Props- Morley, Graham, Fielden, Carvell Hookers- Sinfield*, Roby/ Lunt 2nd Rows- Ellis, Joel Tomkins Loose Fwd- Burgess Centres- Ryan Atkins, Wingers- Ryan Hall, Peter Fox Squad- Flanagan/ Heighington/ Wellens/ Burrow Sinfield found his International position last Autumn and for me should start there.
  12. Bring back the Clashes for the Ashes?

    Give me Great Britain Lions anyday of the week. Give me a 3 Test tour with the Aussies 2nd string playing say teams outside of the play offs mid week- they need the financial support, never mind Leeds etc. Vice versa if we're Down Under give me the GB Lions playing 3 tests vs the Aussies followed by 3 tests against the Kiwis with perhaps an U23's side playing mid week games against the NRL sides supplemented by the players not selected for the tests. We've got the International game off life support with a great World Cup and a promising 4-nations last year, preceded by slowly building it back up with the Tri-nations Concept. Now's the time to put a plan in place to put it in rude health- bring back the Ashes, bring back "Tour" games, keep the World Cup in it's regular place and have a Tri-Nations. 2013- World Cup 2014- Aussies/GB Tour to NZ- 4-Nations plus extra Test for Ashes between GB and Aus. 2015- Kiwis/ GB Tour to Aus- 4-Nations plus Aussies and Kiwi's play extra Test for Trans-Tasman Trophy. 2016- Aussies/ Kiwi's Tour to GB- 4-Nations plus extra Test between GB and Aus for Ashes 2017- World Cup 4th Nation place to be played off for- out of winner of Northern hemisphere sides and Southern hemisphere sides the week before main KO. That way one of say PNG/ Samoa/ Fiji etc. get to Tour Europe and one of France/ Wales/ Scotland/ Ireland get to tour down Under for at least a game perhaps play in a secondary 4 Nations tournament. These games could be played as curtain raisers to the "main event" after them. I don't think we're far off getting something that can be grown TBH.
  13. Eastwood transfer listed

    Dear GetaLife, Aussie/Kiwi- who gives a stuff. As one poster says- they should Man Up!
  14. Eastwood transfer listed

    Just read on the BEEB web site- another Aussie hardman finding it tough going in the Super League. Misses his Mum and Dad- ah bless! Is it me or the Aussies becoming a bunch of soft prima donnas who only like it when the sun is out, they can run through unopposed and everything is going their way?
  15. Ryan Bailey- without a doubt! Followed by the rest of the Rhino's squad as a collective 2nd place. Leeds seem to have a real culture of niggling and throwing a bit of rubbish about in the tackle. Danny Maguire gets away with murder with the grapple tackles/ facial's he gives.