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  1. Tonight's Do!

    I have watched Batley for over 35 years and cannot remember Batley starting a season with(on paper) a better squad of players. Hopefully exciting times ahead next season for the Bulldogs supporters.
  2. War Chest

    The War Chest should be continued next season. I agree with the comment that the War Chest was a good idea.
  3. Middle 8's and Championship playoffs

    The top two in the Championship and the teams that finish 9th and 10th in the Super League play four home games and three away games. The 3rd and 4th place teams in the Championship and the 11th and 12th place teams in the Super League play three home games and four away games. If the league positions where the same as now after 23 games. Batley would play Salford, Leeds and Halifax at home and Hull KR, Leigh, London and Huddersfield away. http://www.therfl.co.uk/rlnewera
  4. Halifax

    Looking at the Halifax squad. Lets hope the Halifax supporters are not singing the Andrea True Connection song at the end of the game. A well known song from the 1970's. Glad to see Ainscough, Minikin and Walker back in the Batley squad. The game should be a cracker with Batley winning a close game.
  5. Kear back to the Wildcats!

    Why would these two players leave before knowing who the new coach will be? I thought J Brown signed a new two year contract at the end of the last season. The early season games show Batley have a good squad of players which should attract a good coach.
  6. 2016 Recruitment

    It is good the club is run on sound/solid financial foundations. Three ideas to help the club increase its revenue. 1.The club now have an electronic scoreboard. Why not organise a meeting with supporters/businesses who currently sponsor the club and supporters/businesses who support the club. Ask the supporters/businesses what they would pay to advertise their business on the electronic scoreboard per match or for the season then sell the advertising at that price agreed at the meeting. 2.The Pink Weekend (raising money to prevent breast cancer) held this season was a success and generated good positive publicity for the club. I would assume the Pink Weekend will be held next year. In addition to the Pink Weekend (where all the monies raised go to the charity), also organise a fund raising concert during next season with a breast cancer charity where the money raised is split between the charity and the rugby club. 3. Why not setup an email address where supporters can email marketing/promotion ideas. If the club like an idea they can then contact the person who submitted the idea and take the idea further.
  7. SS signs for the Dogs

    With the exception of Brad Day and James Brown (who could play in the second row). I am not seeing another second rower out of the other second rowers signed on who can bust tackles and pass a good ball. Hopefully the club will sign a new player who can break tackles and pass a good ball . Batley's second row options for next season will then look good.
  8. Putting it in perspective

    Hi Kevin, Have the club thought about linking up with a University. Please see the attached job advertisement for a Lead Club Coach at the University of Birmingham which is part time with a salary in the range £21,666 to £23,276. With potential progression once in post to £26,946 a year. Salary will be paid pro rata. https://atsv7.wcn.co.uk/search_engine/jobs.cgi?SID=amNvZGU9MTQ4NDQzMSZ2dF90ZW1wbGF0ZT03Njcmb3duZXI9NTAzMjUyMSZvd25lcnR5cGU9ZmFpciZicmFuZF9pZD0wJnZhY194dHJhNTAzMjUyMS4xNF81MDMyNTIxPVBhcnQgVGltZSZwb3N0aW5nX2NvZGU9MTE3JnJlcXNpZz0xNDQwNzcxNjgxLTc1MGViMjYyMTUzNmRkYTE5NjExZWIyZTBkYjBlNWE5ZTAwNjE5NGM= A link up with a University opens up the opportunity of signing a 'full' time player/half back (coaching at a University and playing for Batley). The link up might also open up the possibility of a second team (this opinion is based on not knowing the standard of University/Student Rugby League).
  9. Putting it in perspective

    I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion whether the opinion is negative or positive. If someone is commenting on a players performance and is not at the game it shows the person is interested in the club. Why not ask the individual why he/she was not at the game and how they are able to comment on a players performance.
  10. sunday's squad

    I am also baffled by the absence of Southernwood and Hirst. It also prompts the question why didn't Batley sign another halfback before the transfer deadline. With one halfback on the field Batley went from a top six position in the league to a bottom two position.
  11. Dewsbury Away

    Dewsbury to win by 14 points. Dewsbury will probably rest 'key' players against Leigh.
  12. jc

    I hope Campbell shows a bit of loyalty to the club. The club have signed him on in previous seasons despite his off the field problems.
  13. Leigh on Sunday

    Third game in just over a week for Batley against the best side in the Championship who will want to improve on last weeks defeat. Batley 6 Leigh 68 if it is a dry day. The weather and playing uphill in the first half might keep the score down.
  14. Looks like same old, same old

    The big negative about Leigh losing is that they play Batley next Sunday. Leigh must have had a bad day at the office today. Cannot see Leigh having a bad performance two weeks in a row. They will play well next week which is bad news for Batley's points difference.
  15. Statement of intent

    In regards to signing halfbacks Batley could try and sign Jordan Lilley on loan from the Leeds Rhinos. It is reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post that he could make his debut for the Leeds Rhinos against Wakefield tomorrow. He is also the England Academy scrum half. Batley get an half back for a month or couple of months and Leeds have a player gaining experience in the Championship.