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  1. Hunslet Parkside Predictions

    What have we done to deserve this nutter again? It could finish 10 v 10 if he carries on like he did in the first half at the wreck! At least the lads know what to expect. He's not from Hunslet is he???
  2. Keighley Predictions

    It's training night so maybe some news to come.

    That's not quite what my point was mouse, hopefully Town can emulate Barra then eh?

    Hard to argue with that pal, however it will be difficult to keep LP if the BOD dictated that he can't have players he wants because it isnt sustainable. He's a winner all his career and I'm sure his argument will be that if he gets us promotion we will then be in a better position to have sustainable young players complimented with some stardust players.

    Exactly marra, obviously if the crack is true LP who has seen both these players operate at first hand thinks they will improve us in his opinion, and his opinion counts. Are we going bust with our short term signings? You sure about this?? I've heard there is still room for another yet....

    Well sorry to buck the glass half empty trend but im gonna give both lads ( if they sign) a big warm welcome and a chance to show their worth in a town shirt. I will trust that Leon knows exactly what he wants and where he wants it in terms of players. I remember not too long ago not being able to field 17 players on more than one occasion over more than one season. So should LP and the BOD not go for the best they can within their budget or just get bodies in to make the squad up? Our noisy neighbours could only make 16 at the weekend and the crack at work is their coach also has a broken hand. Who's position would you rather be in??

    That would be a nightmare scenario for you mouse if we did gel and started winning all those games. What could you possibly find to twine about?? 😉
  8. Keighley Predictions

    Wasn't there today so can't comment on the game. Listening to the radio it seemed there were plenty of errors and poor last tackle plays. It's obvious we can't keep conceding this amount of points and expect to win games. Also poor on his part if the crack is correct with JD. But fair play to Leon for not tolerating that behaviour if it is true. On the plus side we scored 34 points away to a team that expects to be up at the top end of the league without last year's player of the year and a first choice back. Nowt that can't be fixed!!
  9. Scott Rooke

    The very best wishes to Scott if he or his family are reading this. He is getting the best treatment available and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.
  10. Steve Williams

    Awful news and sincere condolences to his family. The club will miss the passing of a true blue Townie. Nice bloke too.
  11. Scott Rooke

    Excellent news. Hopefully Scott's recovery is straight forward and he can make a return to full health. UTT
  12. Keighley Predictions

    No idea at all how the match will pan out if I'm honest. It was hard to gauge any sort of form from the Haven game because we only had 13 men on the pitch for ten mins. Hopefully the knocks the players picked up ( with the exception of Scott) aren't too bad and Leon has a fit squad to pick from. Any news on the injury front? I'm going for a 8 point win based on the potential in out squad.
  13. Keighley away - Whats your team?

    Well obviously as any fool can see he is clear to play on Februarch 32nd!!
  14. Keighley away - Whats your team?

    Well that's cleared that up then! 😂
  15. Scott Rooke

    Hope so pal, fingers crossed.
  16. Scott Rooke

    The latest update on the Town website doesn't seem as positive to me. If the RFL benevolant fund are liasing with the family it must be a serious injury. Lets just hope he can and does make a full recovery.
  17. Haven reaction

    Over the last few games this hard man stuff by idiots from both sets of fans seems to have escalated. Haven fans were kicking off in the popular side last season, the season before one of the Haven players dads was at it. The last twice I've been at the Wreck a lad that stands on the half way line has been looking to start with Town fans, last season throwing his pint over somebody and threatening them( the stewards stood and watched), and on Sunday he was starting arguing again getting abusive. Now it seems our fans have been carrying on. I know its likely to be drink fuelled but I honestly dont get it. Get a grip and enjoy the banter FFS.
  18. Haven reaction

    Those are good salaries Bob, but do you think for a minute that the club, the coach or the players will leak what salaries they are all on? More than likely a rumour made up by a haven fan and spread around Sellafield as gospel to make mischief.
  19. Haven reaction

    Forster spent a bit of time out wide attacking on the edges as they have the last couple of times we have played them.
  20. Haven V Town predictions

    Only in rugby league!! The only thing I would say on today's performance by him. He has a massive hand off that put defenders on their backsides but kind of stops when he does it so is then tackled which meant he didn't make the yards you would expect.
  21. Haven reaction

    The sites been taken over by jammies!!! I think Newton was trying too hard today, all the badge touching and reacting to the fans was daft. It was just a bad day at the office all round. To put it in perspective 2 haven tries came from broken plays when passes went to ground behind the players and both times Chris Taylor did really well to make something out of, another came from a prop kicking through and it hitting the post. At the other end Leatherbarrow doesn't connect with two attempts which are walk ins if they hit their mark. Add to the fact we didn't have 13 players on the pitch for 90% of the game gives it a bit more perspective. BTW I know IF is a big word before you all start.
  22. Haven reaction

    I'd like to see how many red cards are given for that over the season. Thanks pal.
  23. Haven reaction

    First and foremost does anyone know if scott is ok? Disappointed with the performance today. Big Tim strikes again in the middle demanding attention. Every yellow card was over the top IMO, the first one was a penalty, the next two neither player threw any punches, Bailey put his hand on the lads face ( another pen) What did Elliott do as i missed that one? Then in the second half he reffed completely differently and let things go. That apart we were poor and with 12 men we struggled in defence. Haven took their chances and at times rode their luck but deserved to win. If we can't play sets out then we can't expect to win and there were some schoolboy errors. JD was outstanding but not much else get get excited about. Not overly fussed but Leon needs to get a few things sorted in the next fortnight.
  24. Haven V Town predictions

    Hope you're right mate as long as the away team wins! Nice day for a change anyway. So at least we should get a game of rugby even if the pitch cuts up. No doubt both coaches will say the performance not the result is the most important thing, but let's bring Ike back to DP. UTT!
  25. Haven V Town predictions

    I agree pal, they will use the underdog and backs against the wall as extra motivation. Im sure Leon wont underestimate them. Hopefully the pitch won't be too sticky and allow a game of rugby to take place, ( unless they water it again ) Forsters tactics the last few times we have played them has included lots of crash balls when they are close to the line ( usually for himself) and using the likes of Taylor, Jesse and McAvoy on the fringes targeting our half backs. We are better equipped to match them in the forwards now, they have lost a good player in Scott, and are Jessie & Dion still on the ###### in Brisbane at the expense of a the Haven fans through crowd funding? so it should be interesting. They still have dangerous players as we know what Callum can do and he is bound to be fired up, Jordan Burns is also a good full back coming into the line and in broken play. For me if we don't get involved in stupid stuff as they are bound to try and wind Elliott & Ryan up I think we should have a bit too much. Being pre-season it wouldn't surprise me if it's scrappy and close, although I'm hoping for a better game and we win with a bit of daylight. I will take any win though! UTT.