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    Huddersfield Giants Sunday 3pm

    I thought their 34 looked handy and was a good kicker too. I thought a few of their lads showed why they are at the giants and when they fill out will be a handful. Their forwards all went pretty well. Hope their hooker is coming on loan as he has good hands and game awareness. Difficult to judge with all the subs but we were decent in patches, and have been clearly working some different moves. Penky is a different class though isn't he? Great news about Fui as he is box office on reputation alone, I get the argument about what you get out of him in minutes vs cost. But he still causes havoc on the pitch and I'd much rather have him in a town shirt in the opposition 20 than not. UTT.
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    Moi moi

  3. The Voodooguru

    Trouble at Haven mill?

    Anyone heard the crack about Haven holding Carl Forsters registration so he cant play for Rochdale? Crack at work was there has been a fall out and Carls brother and Tony stewart have been on twitter with Stewart promising to to spill the beans on the goings on. Sounds worrying for them.
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    James Duerden

    No wonder they have such long faces.
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    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Callum must have appreciated his laal song too as he was clapping the lads at the end. 🤣 Well if you take the devil's shilling.....
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    Trouble at Haven mill?

    I don't know if it is a stretch which is why there is a question mark after it and I asked if anyone had heard anything. I've watered down what the haven fans at work were speculating on as I'd get accused at stirring it, but they were saying it was the tip of the iceberg and were worried what would come out among other things. But I agree after he carried them and played injured for so long he would expect a bit more respect.
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    I guess if it's come out of the blue Town will have budgeted for that income too. Just hope it isn't too big of a void to fill.
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    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Think it was a bit of both, some of the pens were justified but some of the holding down pens were not consistently applied to both teams. We were at the point in the second half where we were guessing when he was going to blow when Haven were struggling to get out in their own half. He's usually a good ref but had a stinker yesterday, even had his back turned at one point when an infringement was happening and missed 2 clear knock ons. But the TJ's should be helping him out too. Discipline wasn't great either and we did gift them far too much field position yet still won at a canter so plenty more to come.
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    Southward Memorial Predictions

    No surprise there really.
  10. The Voodooguru

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Surprisingly straightforward for town. Haven and Hewer were equally poor. But taking nowt from our lads for a first blow out of the season they were pretty good, All the new lads looked good and Buffer was very good. Wasn't overly keen on Karl at hooker as I think he's better elsewhere but he was ok. Our line defence was very good and left them toothless. We were lively all over the park which was excellent so early in the season. Haven were very predictable with all the crash balls, Dion running on the edges, and was it Thompson their number 5 who was prob their best player but again too predictable, as was Burns complaining every other tackle. Think it was shocking that Hewer felt it necessary to act the way he did, especially with the lack of consistency with the holding down to always give them a way out of their own half.
  11. The Voodooguru

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Think you have replied on the wrong thread chief.
  12. The Voodooguru

    new stadium - todays press

    Could be a game changer and make it very viable.
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    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Oh man some people are way too precious to be on here, surely a bit of banter is allowed isn't it?
  14. The Voodooguru

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Oh no, I hope thats a joke! I wonder if Griffiths will get a look in as there is usually only one star of the show in Tims world....
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    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Surely out of the two teams we should be the better prepared. The vast majority of last season's squad is still together under the same coach, Haven on the other hand have had a bigger turnover of personnel and have a whole new coaching set up.
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    Southward Memorial Predictions

    I really hope our mate Mr Crashley isnt reffing again...
  17. The Voodooguru

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    It's a pre season game so could be anything really, I'd imagine it will be close with either team winning by less than 10 points. With home advantage and having a season under our belts with Leon I think we will sneak it though.
  18. The Voodooguru

    2019 signings

    Has anyone noticed the face transplant on one of the photos of training on facebook? Obviously at least one more to announce...
  19. The Voodooguru

    Dan Abram

    Matty Henson came to train with Town along with some lads from the south of the county but has decided the commitment is too much for the semi pro game at this time. There is another tour to Oz next year and wants to go to that too.
  20. The Voodooguru

    2019 signings

    I think he might know him VERY well.
  21. The best book ( well it's the first book in a trilogy actually) that I've read in the last year has to be The Blackhouse by Peter May. It isn't a particularly new book but I've only just gotten round to reading it and then the other two right after it as it is a cracking read. I couldn't even begin to pick a best ever top 5.
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    2019 signings

    Brett was awesome on his day, if he can find that form again Haven have a superb signing. But if he isn't fully committed due to his work situation then who knows? No doubt be will go full tilt in the derbies, but he's got nowt to prove to us whatever the reasons are why he turned his back on us. Good luck to the lad, except when he plays us. UTT!
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    Seasons Greetings

    A very merry Christmas to everyone in the rugby league family. Even our snotty nosed little brothers down the road deserve a few gifts from Santa this year. I wonder if a new calculator is on Tommy Todd's wish list as the batteries must have gone flat on his current one? Only Joking! Merry Xmas everyone 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅
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    Another top drawer signing after his performances last season. UTT!!
  25. The Voodooguru


    I'm not on the haven site but if the lads at work are anything to go by there is plenty of jealousy at the signing of Danny. The age thing is a smokescreen for the green eyed monster as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't care less how old anyone is as long as they do the business on the field. Olly and Penky were outstanding last season, and back in the day the likes of Dessie, Ged & Phil didn't do bad either at the back end of their careers. We need these old heads that know how to win tight games and manage games.