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  1. Match thread versus York

    Upgraded today worth every penny, wouldn't do it in the summer though but great in this weather, well done to both teams today, SHOCKING weather!

    I was told they were just for the friendlies and the regular sized programme would be available for normal games, we can be wait but those on Sunday were far better then a team sheet.
  3. Darrell Griffin

    No problem Iam new to all this lol
  4. Darrell Griffin

    He appears to be a tad jealous of Rovers does Oxy boy, well that's how I see it.
  5. Darrell Griffin

    Green eyed monster comes to mind
  6. Prices?

    Or there is a special price for all three matches, best check the official Rovers website.
  7. Darrell Griffin

    Chase?! Never in a million years!
  8. Featherstone reveal new look for 2018

    Be better for an away shirt in my humble opinion.
  9. We all know the rules before season starts
  10. To be fair it will surely be the plastic fans not the diehards