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  1. It wasn't how it was marketed and coincided with a push for expansion in Wales with crusaders. The tourist board got on board as did the local authority.. That was when RL had vision and hope
  2. The point of Magic was to use it as a vehicle for expansion to showcase the sport in new areas. It's purpose was not a nice weekend away for current fans although it's a nice bonus! To play magic in or around the heartlands is farcical and a waste of the potential that magic holds! France is crying out for attention so we look the other way. It's the same idiots who ignored the potential a new Manchester club with the fresh ideas and momentum would bring to the pro game! RL is doomed if it continues down this course.
  3. Liverpool fans don't appear to struggle getting all over Europe for their adventures!! It's the average RL supporter that's farcical
  4. If they play a weekend team they would get a week off as they would not be playing..the reserves would be
  5. They would have this week off if they fielded a reserve side?
  6. Toronto vs Huddersfield would more than double the attendance of the return fixture.. both would have little away support. If a club relys on away support then it isn't doing enough/ it is unsustainable.
  7. This is the second and third tier in a pyramid that is slowly becoming a column. This tier should be twice the size of SL with greater geographical spread. If the pyramid crumbles the tip will fall off and we will be left with nothing
  8. Well the loss of Sky coverage has been huge. There used to be RL on sky every night a few years ago.. Now there's just the game coverage. RL didn't get a larger deal from sky, sky just cut production of all their magazine shows. BBC coverage is not on in prime time and is only shown to the converted. If we look at the NFL they have an office in London to promote the game over here.. they hold fan events in London and Manchester and have all the London games on Free to air. their league final is free to air over here also. The RFL are not doing enough to publicise the sport and appear happy to stay in the heartlands where we remain small and under constant attack to new sports!
  9. You should get more provided it's spent on ground improvements?
  10. To be fair they put a roof on one stand
  11. Can see this being a success with traveling fans... cheap flights to Alicante and fans staying in benidorm before being bussed to the game on match day!
  12. shouldn't the chairman and boards of the said clubs be addressing these issues?
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