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  1. St Helens and Warrington are not in Lancashire.
  2. The salary cap is a negative as it protects the status quo. The sides at the top control the next generations of players and the other clubs feed off the scraps. There needs to be a bigger geographical spread and reginal zones similar to union
  3. Toulouse proving they are SL ready? Widnes should have conceded for a 24-0 loss? Whats happened to the 2 lads who they signed from Saints?
  4. Good, lost 2 assistants though with long being a big loss in attack, plus he told leeds how to shut us down and our weakness in defence. We should improve now knowles is back however bentleys a big loss
  5. Its only as discrimintory as countries only picking players who play in their national comps, like England RU and Australia RL, RU and the all blacks..
  6. No ones mentioned that SL has golden point when all other UK leagues do not... The actual rules of the game are the same, the other differences are slight and not important.
  7. Thank you for the info, all sounds promising, it must have taken place as the winners were announced on the radio
  8. Anyone who is awake and doesnt believe everything they read in the tabloids will know that some of these pictures are from years ago
  9. Everything is not in place if they need to sign 24 FT players, so they are not SL ready
  10. People think Covid is fake as theres lots of bull around it. This nonesense then provides evidence to say covid is fake. The fact You tube has banned people talking about covid is an example of this
  11. Didnt know that! Fair enough then. Still seems odd though
  12. I heard on the radio that a school from Wrexham had won the crusaders cup (or something to that effect) does anyone know any more about this, it sounds like expansion AND media coverage and got me excited!
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