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  1. Why should he show remorse for his beliefs though? And wasn't it a retweet of someone else anyway? Of course it's a polarised argument like brexit and people will be in one camp or another so no point going round in circles. Interestingly isn't SBW refusing to wear any sponsorship over his beliefs? Surely this is more damaging to RL and their partners than folau but interestingly SBW is aloud to have his own beliefs?? Union have ignored bans from RL like when barba played for Toulon or when solomona 'retired' from RL so I hope he plays well and their loss is our gain! Think his 1 year contract maybe a salary cap thing as his salary will be e empty this year. Also If he keeps his head down NRL clubs will surely come knocking like they did for barba..
  2. Saints and it's your closest team, good stadium, dedicated family stands and good for glory hunting !
  3. Most people have prime for next day delivery.. the tv is just an added bonus. This would open a market to new fans especially as they now have soccer. Also it's an easy sell to the other half.. well we could get prime so your shopping gets delivered next day
  4. No 20-40 Wigan get bigger than both union and football teams (orrell before Whelan destroyed them) Or you could just be pessimistic!
  5. I said clubs should aim for 20-40k What do you think clubs should aim for? Attract as many away fans as possible and hope the away team carries us?? Clubs that should be aiming for over 20k are Leeds, Wigan, Hull, Toronto and poss Saints and Warrington but would need to enact their stadium expansion plans. Catalan are poss hitting a max and poss why they where let into SL as they are no threat to become larger than the establishment. Toulouse could in future aim for 20k plus
  6. Yes it did. I was astounded myself but there you go
  7. I said 20-40k obv you are small minded with no ambition for growth Some clubs are not far from 20k now so not too ambitious for top end of SL!
  8. Pretty sure it was hull sharks who went bust and the merger reformed as hull with hull getting the best players and Sean Mcreay
  9. Academy's cut players every year and these players walk away from the game or go to union....
  10. Did they? I thought hull went bust and a merger was forced? Gateshead's didn't get any central funding which I ever agree with...same with Toronto. Gateshead's played on in the lower divisions and continues to this day.
  11. It depends what you class as heartland what criteria?
  12. You Fool Just because this is what you want to happen doesn't make it the truth
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