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  1. It will be sunny with the odd cloud due in the second half. Nothing too much for the attendance to worry about.
  2. Not at all, wasnt it reported that he felt hard done to that he signed to play championship footy. I cant see any other Championship club to pay him a FT contract
  3. Was booked on to hand out awards at a kids presentation day and didnt show up... good riddence, wanted nothing from RL but a paycheck
  4. Wasnt he playing lower level RL when he retired
  5. Why not just say how good the play off games on Saturday were? Why take a swipe at SL. If you follow one league over the other theres unconscious bias. For me it was refreshing to see different players kits grounds etc.. There is too much of playing the same teams at the top level and that is what the RFL / SL are pretending to ignore.
  6. Warrington to win but only by 4-8 in what could be their year. Cant see a repeat of last week
  7. Agree that Cantona was ace but outside of football its this incident that made him famous to non football fans. Its also this moment that led to being harrassed by reports for the famous seagulls interview
  8. Interesring that most people are highlighting 'positives' when its the negatives that are more memorable. Or not even negitives just the stopping people in their tracks thinking am I seeing this, did it really happen. Mandella wearing a boks top is number 70 obviuosly stirred peoples emotions. Eddie the Eagle being poor but trying his best etc.. Fox missed kick fits perfectly into this category. For all the 'good' plays that are named on this thread, these can be expected from good players and teams. Its when a good player kicking a goal that most U10s kick every weekend, and he misses and costs his team a cup win. Thats what sticks in the memory as everyone wether you support that team or not can genuinely feel an emotion around the event. The other huge negative of the modern era is Ben Flower. Very much like Cantonas kung fu kick it drew huge attention as it created an emotion within people, a lot of attention from non RL fans also who thought it was shocking, very much like Cantona. Flower is remembered for this alone although he did become infamous outside RL circles very much like Cantona did. If you were to ask a non RL fan to name a stand out point from RL theres a very strong chance they would mention the Ben Flower incident.
  9. Just on SL insisting on the lions share.. how many times has Oldham been on sky this year.. That is why the SL clubs should get the lions share. Oldham like all clubs in their position should re-group and look to build around the community game, maybe even forge a link up to a SL club so at least the best kids have an affiliation with Oldham.
  10. To be fair the more that watch RL on sky the better for negotiating new TV deals. I will be watching all the play off games on sky as I did the middle 8s. If everyone did this Sky might have paud to show the championship games again.
  11. Lets be honest most ticket sales are ST sales. Soccer have been able to sell their full STs and off the back of an international tournament were England played at home. Rugby now need a big push in the off season and shame on the cowards from down under who will damage next seasons attendances and any potential bounce back from a feel good factor.
  12. Fall short of what though? Where is the bar set as this was the issue last time. Also as we saw with the academys, any decisions maybe challenged in court leading to loss of money and brings the game into disripute.
  13. Ha thats very selective. If the French clubs have higher HOME attendances than said clubs so say 4k averages compared with 8k that would be 13 x 2 home games from french clubs so 26 games with an extra 104k fans at SL games which would more than make up for a few hundred AWAY fans at 26 french away games. So in reality at say £20 per ticket its a very very rough extra 2 million per year in the game. The SL chairmen wont be bothered if they get more SKY money or a share of French TV money which would be more and more likely with more french clubs in the euro league
  14. TBF Catalan, Saints Warrington also do well in the hospitality parts of matchday. The emphasis on attendance rarley reflects that 1 hospitality ticket is the same as 10 normal tickets. Having 500 in hospitality suites and boxes is the equivilent of 5000 extra in the stadium.
  15. I dont think there is much wrong in the community game, that is at youth level. Plenty of talent playing the game and lots in new areas too. The issue is at some pro clubs, lack of pathways in some areas due to the lack of academys and players not going back to amateur clubs. Amateur clubs paying a match fee would help
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