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  1. Did anyone hear (think if was bill arthur) refer to hurrel as an out of control cement mixer in the semi final
  2. Was going to say the same thing, it is a 7 tackle set. In fact the first tackle is called a 0 tackle however 0 means none so how can it be a tackle?
  3. Quite right, its 'adding the extras'
  4. I don't get the whole 2 x10, we currently have 3 leagues why shrink to 2? We currently have a top league with 12 and loop fixtures, why decrease the number and increase loop games, it doesn't make sense. Can anyone shed some light onto this?
  5. Worst one is 'In the washing machine' where has that even come from, spinning 360 is a penalty once your over the horizontal and summer rugby doesn't have too many wet and soapy nights
  6. No one says champagne rugby league anymore since Steve and Eddie's retired.
  7. 5th tackle and last one coming it means...
  8. OK Coaches would coach them. Central funding would pay a portion for them as clubs wouldn't need to pay for their own academy's. Some academy's could even be self funded, especially if the draft was only for players over 23!
  9. Agreed, the sports that have someone who dominates makes household names, there's then the glory hunters who support person/team and the underdog lovers who wants them knocked off their perch. Man U dominated the prem for 20 years and that kept growing from strength to strength, Schumacher, Taylor, McCoy, Wigan, Barcelona/real Madrid, Federer/Nadal, celtic/rangers etc..
  10. Nearly 50% of the match pole wrote of the saints... that was always a bad idea, as Joynty said never write off the saints again!!
  11. In your head maybe, in the real world it would work.
  12. Well one would imagine the answer to your question is obvious... you play the other academy's! This would work with a draft system either through individual areas or as a bigger overall draft. Could give the first picks to the worst performing teams. Probably would include a Cheshire academy to the list also
  13. Yeah Ste and this saints team isn't that saints team either. Hope Knowles gets MOTM too.
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