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  1. The whole social media thing is to demonstrate support and reach to potential advertisers / sponsors One of the criteria is also improved infrastructure, game day experience and attendances so by its nature it will increase both areas. The whole deserve it on the pitch thing is also a bit of a nonsense when an average of positions finished and cups won win points. The below SL will die is also a bit off the mark when good clubs in the championship have scored highly and the clubs that are struggling in areas are being found out
  2. True, maybe the league1 clubs should take heed. It would cost practically nothing for league 1 clubs to run junior teams either and develop their own players rather than wait for academy drop outs, isntcthis what barrow are now doing?
  3. The amateur game is competitive, no promotion between local leagues and NCL or NCL and league 1. Big attendances and good venues. Youth set ups feeding through to first team. Theres a lot good about it that isn't replicated as you move up the ladder
  4. Disagree, it depends on the sides who get to the final, saints at either of those and the sales would have been far greater
  5. Middle of the M62 Road that runs through before the hills
  6. Amateur games has no TV deals, nothing to play for?? League champions and 1895 cup
  7. Well firstly you sell tickets to the games, you get sponsors and more importantly you build up the connections to the local communities and community clubs, schools. You get local businesses on board and hey presto you have a club. Amateur clubs have no problem doing all of the above its the next level that can't or won't do this.
  8. LMS , Clubb, miski ? And a lot of other players, national recognition, I agree with moving around it isn't good but you can't knock the growth and improvement, infact its the rfl failure to have internationals in the capital thats the failure
  9. The incentive is to build a club and not a team. Newcastle arguably did a lot right but have been sqeezed out, like Toronto and the other expansion clubs.
  10. Manchester is in the middle of Yorkshire and Lancashire, perfect for a final to a season that is played between the 2 old areas. And of course catalan but this doesn't matter to them as it will always be a plane ride
  11. Yes ?? Harlequins went bust after harlequins bought them when the quins were relegated, moved them to their stadium, had joint sessions with the academies then sent them under. They were bought out of administration with no debt
  12. Smaller numbers in a basketball team / squad so more to go around. The game is televised, is global , is an Olympic sport and has global superstars. In the UK it is played around the country and is on the school cariculam
  13. Union club buys league club, union club doing well now, union club closes league club down. Didnt this happen in London as well ? Think both union clubs were in the second tier for a spell too. Presume the union club is struggling financially like the other ones. Can we not implement a proper persons owner test and stop union entities buying RL clubs ?
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