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  1. I would go as far as wiping the 6 again from any contact during a set of 6. Deliberate knock on aside that is
  2. Do catalans bring in no commercial money? Please elaborate as I dont understandcthis comment
  3. Why not? Some would be on around that anyway, and its no different to the rest of the country
  4. The end of the term of the contract, some will be up at the end of the playing season. Any refund to sky would be a part refund. Four months is a quarter of a years salary saved
  5. To all those quiting Amazon prime, this is only an option if RL creats its oen content to sell.
  6. The players have taken a pay cut, the reduced wage is no different to normal peoples wages and what they need to cover. the furlough scheme would have covered the playing season.
  7. Really? Are you for real? Furlough ends at the END of October The grand final was scheduled for the BEGINNING of October....
  8. But would they have needed the tv revenue if they didnt have to pay the players?
  9. The clubs didnt have to play and could have furloughed players for the season But they didnt
  10. The marketing teams are probably still on furlough
  11. I dont think he would play centre and could possibly struggle at first. He doesn't come across as a quitter though and let's not forget he played at the very highest level in union.
  12. Every small thing adds to the games atmosphere you just wouldn't notice until its gone
  13. I think it was an excuse to give a try to hall against saints in a play off semi So the 'great' cough cough Leeds team could reach another final
  14. Adaption is to use schools, colleges and university's to maintain participation. If there were incentives for schools to participate in leagues and competitions then more would play across a wider area.
  15. Most players including footballers are paid per month, its an outdated thing to quote per week as not many people are paid per week anymore and dates back to when players picked up a match fee
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