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  1. There would probably be a sizeable amount especially if you had an option for a one off game pass similar to nowtv
  2. Saints have released packages, Short 3 day ones from 600 and 10 day ones from 1400 which includes NY. Both included Niagara falls
  3. France and Wales have practically 0 heritage players. Pretty sure Ireland are putting in rules to limit heritage players. Aus, NZ and England all bend the rules on selection anyhow
  4. Well surely before the contracts up there should be multiple bids from the tender process?
  5. He's posting in a programme which is like that of a forum. He clearly wanted to generate debate. All the saints haters wouldnt agree if he said grass was green!
  6. But how many away fans will this generate? Why do we bother letting Catalans in SL they are taking the place of a small pit village team who have been around for 100 years! There are several small hamlets along the M62 which deserve a shot as it's easier for away fans to get to being in such proximity to the M62!
  7. So because I don't agree with you I am wrong? And now your using the looking round the room for support tactic because I don't agree with you. I disagree on your opinion but respect it. You should respect mine and club owners to have their own opinion. It would be a boring world if we all thought the same and this wonderful forum would be dull!
  8. Not really GB was dead and burried. Even the BBC commentators were calling them England. Even Bennett just took it as England
  9. Or maybe you are blindly backing the EFL as you afe incapable of your own opinion ......
  10. Yep technically its correct. No label though. Just like GB have chose not to label ireland even though technically they are included.
  11. I think it's not having an impartial ref that was the issue. Clearly events leading up to the final effected the impartiality of the ref and he shouldn't have been put into the position of the final. This is the RFLs error and they should apologise
  12. They did but it was a team of homegrown players. They have been outstanding to get to this level as a full set up and producing professional players that are not cross code. At junior level they are competitive. The demise of the crusaders dented the initial good work that produced a full squad of professional players. With a little bit of additional funding and professional clubs for the promising youth players to play for they can progress to the next level. At senior international level it's a numbers game. If your a professional player you are in. In England the competition for every position is intense.
  13. Hmmm I remember Scotland winning the European qualifying tourney and then drawing with NZ and scaring England. Think they where winning at HT?
  14. GB wont exist it 5 years the way Brexit and nicola sturgeon are going. We made a choice to be England and should stick with it. Wales development has been outstanding in the last 10-15 years we should encourage that and not force them to be GB
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