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  1. There isn't much between part time and amateur, There s a huge gulf between pro and everyone else. Some part time teams have pro or ex pro players who work in the back office as their main job. Crusaders were made up of amateur players who got paid a match fee. Also I was referring to the competition format not just Greece
  2. But it is... Greece needed to came through several knockout qualifying games of increasing difficulty. Newly formed Crusaders with several amatuer players played Wigan second string in a blow out 98-0 (charnley missed the last conversion) is just one example but no one says that the challenge cup should be a super league only comp.
  3. As per your comments in the last paragraph do you then consider the challenge cup to be a laughing stock as it fits this description ???
  4. 2000 in the championship at a small stadium outside of town.. not bad that and over 6000 when they played Toronto at the big stadium. IMO they should have been in over Paris and then before Catalan but the powers that be knew Catalan could only grow to a certain size. Catalan are one of the most profitable and sustainable clubs in the league and no one ever has them marked down as such.
  5. Toulouse have agreed to play at the union stadium and have proved they can draw big crowds. They also expand the player pool. London have a big backer look good commercially and expand the player pool. Attendance isn't an issue if someone guarantees SC max. Huddersfield is the odd one out and Bradford is a bigger club but are not stable. Hull KR would be a strong candidate as they have a financial backer and have the big derby rivalry which is a big draw to the game. I can see a 14 team league with Toronto, Catalan and Toulouse. And I bet with a potential funding drop there will be a few angry that the income from the French games and bargaining chip for sky to pick up the feed has gone due to greed. Elstone needs to realise it's not soccer and does not have anyone over a barrel in regards to TV rights.
  6. No they didnt, they just signed for other clubs
  7. He was Australias national coach back in the day in fact in 2003 when he lost in the final. Would be a huge publicity boost but might end up like Wigan's 'new' coach cough cough
  8. And here's the problem introvert thinking, we should look at how other sports do things well, the NFL expansion into the UK market is a huge success and if we are not careful RL may be pushed down further in the participation tables.
  9. RU don't spend 10 minutes reforming scrums they are actively looking to speed this up. Watching old footage the charging in looks reckless at best. Going back to league if the attacking team gave a little push the scrum would be on the back foot and couldn't break quickly. The best scrum I saw in recent times was when saints had a scrum near the cas goal line with 50 seconds left. Roby was at loose to pass the ball for a drop goal. Cas pushed roby knocked on, cas got the ball went 80 meters and gale kicked a drop goal with 8 seconds remaining. There are also lots of teams trapping the ball to prevent a quick break as the defenses get penalised. A little push or keeping the ball in the scrum does work and gives the backs a chance to attack. Its lazy that a forward is held out of the scrum to crash ball from the back and the laziness spread from there. Pretty sure it was from a scrum that crusaders sammut scored that classic try at magic once.. chip over the defensive line.
  10. My point was that we had a mechanism for the top tier2 club to compete at tier 1. We now don't have this and instead think GB lions is better to develop players from the home nations which it hasn't Wales got beat off Scotland and I think France were winning at HT in their game with Scotland before this tournament and everyone thought that Scotland would get stuffed which they didnt I also remember France being up against England at HT. The 4 nations was actually developing other opposition. The GB lions is a joke and damaging to development
  11. I was on about a different system ie the US player development pathways
  12. It isn't that way at all.. The high schools play football, this leads into colleges who offer free education to the best players, these then feed into the draft. There is no need to develop your own players. Of course the downside is you can't get all the best youth and control your own future signings, this maybe a fairer way though?
  13. They can only break so quickly because they don't need to push. A push from the attacking side would ensure they cant break quickly and thus create better attacking plays
  14. How does a team become competative if tvey are not competing? There was the 4 nations with the winners of the NH/SH comps involved. Scotland did very well if I remember correctly.. But then the progress was halted as the rug was pulled from underneath so we could look at condensing the international calender with a pointless and rubbish lions tour
  15. So is this the way to go then for expansion for a sport with little to no international game? Have on the road games and build it up in an area with investment into the junior game?
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