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  1. Id rather save our energy for the league. Just go through the motions and don't get any players injured. Sorry..
  2. Swinton fan here. Don't get too down , nothing is certain in this league. We've been fighting against the drop for years and one good result can propel you up the table. Plenty still to play for Good luck for the rest of the season.
  3. Great result at last ! Roll on the next win.
  4. If only the season could end now and we'd be safe ?
  5. Shame it wasn't called off. Lol On a serious note I do wonder where we can get a win this season. Basically might boil down to two games against Rochdale. Hope I'm wrong... It's hard to be positive though it's clear the team is trying hard. Just don't have the stamina or nous to win.
  6. Just don't say it...it's tempting fate
  7. Just win a bloody game..lol
  8. It's no surprise that clubs get treated differently dependant on who the club is. Rugby League has been complicit in trying to destroy clubs like Swinton, Rochdale and Oldham. I for one would not have shed a tear for Widnes had they gone bump as they would not have shed a tear for us. The days of Rugby League being a family has long gone. The strain of their plight is evident today ...currently forty points up on Featherstone. It must be so tough for them...is there a fund I can send a cheque to ?
  9. Of course we could now win every game till the end of the season ?
  10. Poor is the only word I'm not sure where we are going tbh. I understand the difficulties in this league but if we are going to be whipping boys year after year, what's the point? Rather be in a lower league and competative. You can't attract any new fans with thumpings and poor performances (yes I know against Bradford the team played well.) I actually thought we had recruited well and this season would be different . Is it the coaching ? I'm sure someone will now come on now and tell me I shouldn't question anything...
  11. Did Sheffield really have no pre season games? A long season lies ahead ...
  12. Hope it was a one off
  13. That was humiliating and worrying.
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