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  1. My Dad (from Widnes) told me that his car was stuck in a traffic jam and they gave up at Oldham
  2. A mate of mine plays for Crosfields. It'll be a great night, 6.00pm ko at Victoria Park tonight.
  3. Love the T-Shirt. I'll be having one of them if they become available.
  4. It is marvellous news and evidence that RL can be introduced and thrive anywhere. However, without the professional development team how much would be long lasting? When the SE funding was cut and therefore the DOs how many of the spectacular gains were maintained? Where do Newcastle get the funding from to support the development team? If it's from the club's owner it's highly unlikely that this is a reproducible model knowing that most of the current top line clubs lose money.
  5. Great, great news....especially Russia. A couple of famous old names missing though such as Dynamo and Moscow Magicians.
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