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  1. I'm guessing here, but, I think this system is a temporary measure to try and bring the quality of the leagues closer together before moving onto a more traditional leafue structure. The top 4 championship clubs playing Super League quality teams will be better for the game when the Championship clubs experience that top flight competition.
  2. The aim is that Championship go full time as well. Jon Wilkin mentioned that a few months ago too in his players union interview (mentioned something about giving players a second chance at full time). This new system is just the end of year play offs I understand, so if Chase' team did finish below 9th theyd still be playing instead of the 5 week break before internationals.... surely that point is a winner?
  3. A strong second tier is what the game has been crying out for for years. This gives us the best shot, Toulouse can join this second tier and develop properly.
  4. Well isnt this pretty. Does this mean those that want franchising are now the flat-earthers and parochial? Entrenched I tell thi!!!
  5. Matt J

    world club format

    Itd be nice, but itd cost a shedload and ARL may not be interested?
  6. Matt J


    It looks like the design from the black and white photos from the early days... perhaps this is the inspiration. Im liking how its carrying on the same colours from last season too.
  7. Looking at the old record, the most points in a season is Jamie Rooney with 429. Looking at the match stats and on the main website and adding them on for today, Id reckon he was close with about 87 points to go? Can anybody verify this?
  8. Matt J


    We've started walking up towards the gates at the the Railway End of the ground.
  9. Matt J

    If Benny scores...

    Were in the sea.
  10. Matt J

    Referee for York Game
  11. sorry what i meant to say was, who asked for it to be locked and why?

  12. hi matt, not that i want it reopening or owt, given i started the thread can i ask who asked for it to be removed an why? I have spoke to mark today, hes put me in the picture as it were,


    ps...why cant i send you a message?