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  1. I wish the US media would stop referring to the Attorney General as "A. G. Barr" - all I can think of is Scottish sticky drinks.
  2. M j M

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Tom Briscoe has been just fine. Although we'd have hoped he would have gone on to be a superstar, he was certainly better than BJB who he replaced in the team and has been a reliable member of a team of otherwise mostly headless chickens for the past two years. People saying otherwise don't watch Leeds enough or are just trolls.
  3. Leeds not quite as dire as the last three weeks. Catalans certainly not as bad as their last home game. Neither were what you'd call good either. I'm going to stick my neck out and tip Leeds to beat Cas on Thursday though. Also, a BarrieMcDermottism: "He's one of those players who runs with his chin facing forwards" 😁
  4. I fear you may have been drinking the Kool aid, to use the vernacular. It seems so much time on this forum is taken up asking people of certain political persuasions to back up their assertions with facts. And they rarely reply. But go on, as Bedford asked, do tell us more.
  5. Will you ever explain how anyone is being "bullied"? You keep repeating the same trope but offer absolutely no substance to back it up. It's something repeated by various people on the right and I'm starting to assume it's yet another attempt to make themselves the victim, framing things so they avoid taking any responsibility.
  6. Continuing to call it a "hoax" when so much of it has been confirmed to be true rather reveals your biases I'm afraid. The Mueller investigation would have been established regardless given the vast amounts of evidence of Russian involvement in the election.
  7. Peter Smith is technically from the Yorkshire Evening Post not the Yorkshire Post (I know he writes across both papers nowadays). Just saying 😊
  8. Yes that was one of the ideas behind franchising. It gave clubs long term security to invest in their team and their infrastructure without worrying they would be relegated and go bust. I don't agree with it but the logic made sense, especially when points in the franchise process related to quality of the ground.
  9. It would be terrible if the President of the United States thought security protocols were "inconvenient" and used an easily hacked iphone with camera wouldn't it. That's not been widely reported you say? Well this is the chaos presidency. Trivia that were big stories in past administrations are sidebars today.
  10. Go on, I'll indulge you. How are we being "punished"? If I don't renew my season ticket at Headingley I get nice phone calls from Sinfield or Peacock or JJB chasing me up, offering alternative (lesser) packages. If I reject these but still demand entry every other Friday it doesn't make Hetherington a bully ruling by diktat when his staff turn me away. It makes me a lunatic. People were told we couldn't have our cake and eat it. This is what that looks like in practice.
  11. If they can sort the financing for a redevelopment this has the potential to fundamentally change the economics of Wakefield Trinity. Unlike Wheldon Road, Belle Vue isn't an oldfashioned kinda charming, it's ugly and decrepit so improvement work is essential. What they don't have, unfortunately for them, is the sort of long term security in the top flight that the league's stadium-owning big boys (Saints, Leeds, Warrington) have which gives them the confidence to make the long term investments which in turn guarantees the financial futures of those clubs. That makes borrowing money more difficult so Wakey would benefit from the council guaranteeing the financing if possible, potentially similar to the arrangements at Leeds where Yorkshire couldn't get commercial lending without support.
  12. What sort of areas might those be...?
  13. Trump won election by a tiny margin in what has become a country which now leans very slightly Democratic overall. The key question I have is who will the Hillary16-Trump20 voters be? Some never Trump republicans definitely. Who else? We know the intensity from people on the centre/left will be high so to secure re-election Trump needs to expand his own electorate. His strategy so far has been to double down on his base. That didn't work nationally in the midterms although it had some regional success. Will it work in 2020 or will he change tack?
  14. I don't think there are many Democrats who don't think this President is the most vulnerable incumbent at this stage for many cycles. It can all change but Trump's middling approval ratings are stubbornly consistent.
  15. It's not really clear why Brown didn't run - probably a combination of things. Biden would/will be in his "lane" quite a bit so that would eat into the "midwestern, moderate-but-not-moderate, friend of the working class old white guy" lane. Brown's stated position was that he never really wanted the job and still wasn't convinced that he wanted it after exploring it. I am also certain, sadly, that he looked at the likely harm Trump would do to his family and the mud which would get thrown at his (outspoken, columnist) wife and his past marriage and their divorce and concluded that the pain wasn't worth it for what would always be an underdog effort. However his mark has been made on the race by the messages he was promoting in the few weeks he was active - other candidates have used his favourite "dignity of work" phrase and he has put the lives of the hardworking but longsuffering working poor at the centre of the conversation. As it should be - it's possible to have compassion and seek solutions for the unemployed and the marginalised at the same time as seeking to address the systematic failures of American capitalism that mean hard working people have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet, or have endure lives of poverty because their paycheck doesn't cover anything more than the basics of existence. The Republican party playbook often seeks to play different groups of poor people off against each other - especially the working poor against (wink wink) welfare queens. But the underlying problems are common to all. In Brown's words, "whether you collect minimum wage, punch a clock or earn a salary, your hard labor (sic) should pay off in fair wages and benefits, affordable health care, in overtime pay when you earn it." These, alongside healthcare, are winning messages for Democrats and they should focus on them so much more than they do.
  16. The President of the United States just complained that John McCain didn't thank him for the great funeral he put on for him.
  17. This isn't surprising at a factual level but it just reveals the incompetence - and arrogance - of people like Farage. FFS even a tiny bit of due diligence would have unearthed this stuff before it got to this stage. It just highlights what we've already seen on a much larger scale - they just don't care about doing anything which is complicated, or which requires a bit of effort. Simplicity and short cuts and bullsh1t are their stock in trade, and if it turns to cr8p, they'll just turn around and pretend the cr8p is nothing to do with them.
  18. M j M

    Couple of old Rugby League fanzines

    Used to avidly read The Final Hooter and used to find excuses to trek to to Sportspages in Manchester specially to try and pick it up. And, currying favour with the forum admin, TGG was good - if missing a bit of the biting commentary of some of the bad boy fanzines.
  19. M j M

    Couple of old Rugby League fanzines

    Anyone got any copies of The Loiner? I'd love to see those
  20. The husband of the President's Press Secretary says the President suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. The President takes time out from his hectic schedule of TiVoing to proclaim the husband of his press secretary, "a total loser!". This is all perfectly normal.
  21. Of all the Democratic candidates so far campaigning the one who has impressed me most with his balance between sincerity, intelligence and authenticity has been Pete Buttigieg, the barely-known mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Whether Mayor Pete can come from nowhere to win election is open to question, but being a fresh face is a proven winner with a country tired of overpolished, long serving Washington politicians. Buttigieg also has a good knack for tapping into the Democratic zeitgeist.
  22. M j M

    New Grounds.

    Planning approved concept for the western terrace - Will never be built in this form as it will further reduce capacity, but this was as large as the council were willing to go with.
  23. M j M

    Are Leeds in crisis?

    Danny was really awful at times in the years leading up to him not getting a new contract (or being offered a derisory one). The fact that he ended so brilliantly makes even more frustrating the way he played during the regular seasons beforehand. Some Leeds fans will try to whitewash this but there wasn't too much outrage when it was announced he was being allowed to leave. Lolo may well be a good player. He may well be a good full back. What he doesn't appear to be is an appropriate half back partner for Richie Myler. That was the role we were recruiting for: a controlling half back who would be the key decision maker and allow Myler to do his thing. Walker is our full back and even if we think he won't play every week we definitely didn't need to recruit in that position. As for leadership it's clear that this is lacking to a degree. Brett Ferris being captain right now tells its own story.
  24. Trump has been notably active on Twitter this weekend. I wonder what he's angry about or desperate to distract from that we don't know about yet.