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  1. The only slightly interesting point in this thread is that Leeds don't send seating tickets to away clubs. With, currently, surplus seating capacity in the north stand I don't understand why a batch of tickets at the western end of that stand weren't sent to Wigan, I'm sure there would be some takers.
  2. What point is there in developing a ground fit for a club with 1,000 crowds which would also be suitable for a club, from south of the river, who get 30,000 crowds? Such a ground would also have killed Leeds RL's financial advantages stone dead.
  3. Purging moderates from the Tory party will not end well for them. They have always been successful as a broad church who can at least pretend they are not a party of extremists.
  4. Again shows how utterly insane this process is - Child had to give it because it wasn't certain (but it was likely) that it was a knock on. Get rid of the on-field ref having any input, let the video ref decide without any advice from the person who's just admitted they aren't sure.
  5. One Nation Tories have certainly changed a lot since I used to vote for them if JohnM is representative.
  6. It's an old trope that bears zero scrutiny. And I'm never really sure who the Republicans think this plays well with given how solid the Jewish vote is for the Democratic party, how casually racist the GOP is in general and how accommodating of white supremacists certain leading figures of it have become.
  7. Are you really trying to say this mess is in any way the fault of the EU? They have negotiated in good faith and have compromised reasonably all things considered, given they could just tell us where to go at little real cost to them. It's all down to the liars who led the Brexit campaign and who have failed to take ownership of the giant unicorn they wished into existence. It's also down to the people who allowed themselves to be deceived into voting for this nonsense - I've not seen much sign of them taking any responsibility either.
  8. They do that every year, just skipped a year due to what was happening. And yes it's always just when the pitch starts to look ok after all the unpleasantness that's happened to it over the winter. The club said being knocked out of the cup gave them a window of opportunity to do it in. I'm actually impressed how quickly its grown back.
  9. Leeds by 30. It was all in the mind and now they've unburdened themselves with a nilling and with the steadying hand of Agar on the tiller they will start to pump our results in a late surge for the playoffs.
  10. Would the club exist without Hamilton?
  11. The US has a long record of sending back politicians for decades, often these were the southerners like Robert Byrd or Strom Thurmond, Richard Russell or Sam Rayburn (Rayburn would probably bristle at being included amongst the first three). Biden was the 18th longest serving Senator in history but his 36 years pale against Byrd's 51 although I imagine Biden's record stands up to rather more scruting (although Byrd repented in later years). Over in the House Don Young (the representative from Alaska) came to Congress at the same time as Biden whilst Patrick Leahy (the current senior senator from Vermont) was first elected to the Senate two years afterwards. I wouldn't over-estimate the Democratic party's ideological drift - they aren't quite like the Republicans who have become beholden to far right groups, and whose elected representatives are petrified of primaries. In contrast the Democrats very rarely eat their own. The Fox News-led AOC and the Twittersphere is slightly misleading - the party is becoming more progressive socially for sure, but that's just reflecting the country as much as anything. But on lots of matters key Democratic primary voting blocs like Hispanic voters and African American women are much more moderate than others. And they want to win - I suspect the well-established pattern of selecting moderates like Obama and Clinton (both of them), John Kerry etc will continue. One thing is certain, enthusiasm will be high on both sides of the 2020 election regardless of who the nominee is. Even the most lacklustre Democratic candidate will benefit from this.
  12. It's difficult not to admire Joe Biden. A man who has endured unimaginable tragedy in his life. Who overcame that, despite wanting to quit in the early days, to become a very popular senator with his constituents in Delaware. Who was selected to be vice president not because he would bring a swing state along with him but because Obama wanted someone whose opinions on matters foreign and domestic and whose life experiences would be useful as a senior counsellor in the White House. Some of Biden's failings are also his strengths: his apparent authenticity, his apparent honesty, his decades of experience, his clear emotional empathy. You can equally read those as too folksy, too old fashioned, too much baggage, too touchy. Is he the right candidate? I don't know yet, the primaries are a proving ground, and one in which he has struggled before. He is as qualified as anyone running. But Presidential elections are about moments in time as well as candidates. Whether the moment is Biden's or if his time has passed is open to question. But I'm pretty confident he can beat Trump if nominated.
  13. Has Yorkshire Knight signed in under the wrong username?
  14. Some suggestion of duplicity, self-interest and deception involved with the people who campaigned for Brexit?
  15. I'm sure they've declined at a time when top flight regular season attendances have increased. 'Big team' at home vs 'small team' would generally have got below average crowds. 'Small team' at home vs 'big team' would get above average. Makes sense. Then you'd get some absolute blockbusters involving two big clubs which would pack the place out which just doesn't happen today - e.g. Wigan vs Leeds 1988 CC 2nd round 25,110 Leeds vs Widnes 1989 CC 2nd round 26,080 Wigan vs Warrington 1992 CC 2nd round 21,736 Wigan vs Saints 1993 CC 2nd round 21,191 Leeds vs Bradford 1994 CC QF 22,615
  16. It's a pretty neutral analysis of the results of an interesting poll.
  17. The problem remains that you can't "trust" them to deliver Brexit because Brexit is almost impossible to deliver without disastrous implications. It's all well and good personalising it, and people like Johnson are charlatans indeed, but ultimately the problem is the unicorn doesn't exist.
  18. You literally put a cross next to her name FFS. When will you take some personal responsibility for what you did?
  19. Does anyone really know how he can feel at home in the Conservative party as it has now become, shorn almost entirely of its moderate non-nutter wing?
  20. Much better Leeds teams have done much worse at Belle Vue than that. Out of context it wasn't epic but it's been some time since I last saw Leeds not wilt under pressure. A lot has been said about the quality of this side but a lot of their problem has been dealing with the sheer pressure of the situations they've been in and the fear of relegation has haunted them every game. If we can just nudge away from that mental trauma we can perhaps start to string some performances together.
  21. Says someone who proudly and knowingly voted for a terrorist sympathiser.
  22. Look this graph proves nothing and shows nothing. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. We have no control of it. And Brexit hasn't even happened yet so it can't be related to that.
  23. It's a consistent theme - people who don't believe in the effectiveness of government either deliberately or as a by-product of their ideology undermine the effectiveness of government services through propaganda, underfunding or bonkers, ideology-inspired structures ("creating a market" in sectors where it is entirely inappropriate). This applied to our railways ("oooh we don't want to go back to the days of British Rail") to, now, the NHS to the never-ending decades of lies about Europe. Undermine the integrity of the things you oppose, underfund them and, like all good modern conservatives, refuse any responsibility for what you've done when it ends up a mess but swiftly utilise the mess to advance your own agenda.
  24. I don't really get why the opinion of Muslim people should be taken into account when deciding on this matter. It's interesting but it shouldn't have any effect on whether we strip someone of their citizenship rather than bring them to trial.
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