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  1. Thaler and Leeds have always had an excellent relationship but Leeds were livid with the way he lost his head tonight, all stemming from the refereeing error which led to the Hudds length of the field try and sinbinning. Errors happen, the binning was, presumably, appropriate (although McDermott disagrees on that), but Ben was in a right mood for the rest of the game which I haven't seen from him before - whatever Ferres said to him must have been pretty insulting as he was still fuming well into the second half. The Leeds performance was poor though even with the weak team; too many errors and too many defensive lapses. The most disappointing loss of the season given the importance of the game.
  2. Worth noting that the two people who complained have singularly failed in attempts to make their own clubs viable. Although the increased TV funding should just about cover Wigan's last reported annual loss.
  3. Is there anything confirming this other than a report in League Express?
  4. Where does it say England games were included in this deal?
  5. Realistically the cup is all Leeds have to play for this year now. I think everyone at the club would be devastated to lose this one.
  6. If they brought back JJB, Syd Scoop Supersnoop and the programme ratings I'd think about buying it more regularly
  7. I disagree with the whole premise of this thread - referees "seem to be making more basic mistakes"? Really? My recollection of the '80s and '90s is of repeated controversy about the ineptitude of referees - and that was before we could see their cockups immediately on the screen. They're not perfect and a couple of them infuriate me because of the way they interpret the game and try, and fail, to manage the players (and like any fan I have deep suspicions that one or two of them harbour deep seated grudges against my club. Silverwood.) But the reality in my view is that their levels of basic fitness, competence, knowledge of the rules and play-to-play decision-making is better than ever. The problem is the scrutiny is higher than ever as well. With RL requiring referees to make, or not make, thousands of decisions covering every single play in each game there is a limitless well of decisions or none-decisions to pore over. But, broadly, they do a decent job. As for the video ref - occasionally they get things wrong and the present setup of refereeing sending it up with a decision attached is an abomination. But I'd never dream of getting rid of it. Just imagine the first grand final decided on an incorrect decision.
  8. I was being more than a little sarcastic but, regardless, if people could remove their preconceptions (he is, after all, currently paid to promote Leeds' interests) his succesful experience at all levels of the sport in this country is unparalleled. He's probably better suited to running the RFL. If I had to sell him to the panel in charge of recruiting the new boss I'd highlight: Played the game at the top level (and lower) Coached at all tiers of the pro game Formed part of the GB coaching team in an Ashes series Established a pro team in an expansion area, launching the proper development of Rugby League in essentially virgin territory Grew that club, which struggled financially in an area at best ambivalent to Rugby League, from nothing into an established top flight team (which shortly after he left went on to win the Challenge Cup making him the only person in the world to have mortgaged his house to establish a club which went on to win major honours). Then he went to a much larger club which was struggling in every way imaginable where he bedded in financial controls, junior development pathways, trebled turnover, brought in dozens of high-paying sponsors and brought almost unparalled playing and commercial success over a 20 year period. Formed part of the team which went into the RFL and negotiated with key stakeholders, including Sky, in the aftermath of the 2000 World Cup. At Headingley he oversees a team of more than 30 community staff and RL development officers (up from a total of zero when he came into the club) - more than any other RL organisation in the country other than the RFL itself. In summary, Hetherington understands what it takes to run clubs in expansion areas and in the heartlands, has experienced huge clubs and tiny ones, clubs with lots of money and clubs with none. He has seen the game from the perspective of a player, the perspective of a coach, and the perspective of a boss. He already runs a large and apparently succesful team of community staff and development officers. And he has already been party to the negotiation of TV deals. The problems are threefold: a) he'd probably never leave Leeds now b ) since his current job is to protect/promote Leeds' interests, people assume that he would carry these biases into a new role. c) he can't resist winding people up at times.
  9. Gary Hetherington is by far the best qualified person from within the sport. If they could persuade him to take it on I'm sure his appointment would be greated with approval from all in Rugby League.
  10. I'd disagree that there is no middle ground - most Americans are reasonable people but politically it's difficult to find common cause when one party is somewhat centre/centre right in UK terms whilst the other one is batshit crazy. Most Democrats, at least in Congress, would lie somewhere in what remains of the wet part of the UK Conservative party, or perhaps be Orange Book Lib Dems. Republicans are just a strange amalgam of religiosity, strict constitutionalists and paid up spokespeople for the gun lobby, big business and the military-industrial complex.
  11. Cruz to me is more terrifying than Trump. With Trump there's a chance, just a chance, he would just settle down and do deals and get things done. Cruz is a hard-core true believer, very right wing, very religious and very rigid in his ideology. Neither of the four options are great - Trump is a populist narcissist, Cruz is genuinely dangerous, Hillary is a pure politician with seemingly no principles whilst Bernie is an unknown quantity. Kasich has no chance but it's something when he is painted now as a moderate. In my view, and even though I would never vote Labour in the UK, the USA would benefit massively from a dose of socialism to complete the core parts of the welfare state that FDR and LBJ left undone - especially universal healthcare and more fully developed public transport networks. Plus, of course, addressing the legalised bribery that runs through the core of the American political system. But in the real world I think Bernie is too much of a risk - Sanders supporters point to polls showing how he would be a stronger candidate in a general election but I worry that the USA isn't mature enough to understand that implementing bits of socialism isn't the same as being a communist. He would be destroyed in attack ads and, unlike Hillary, has yet to be defined in the minds of the electorate. Coming even close to opening the door to Trump or Cruz is too much of a risk and so we come back to Hillary. For good or ill, she is a known quantity. She will no doubt shortly pivot horribly towards the corporatist centralism typical of modern establishment Democrats. Putting her gender to one side she won't exactly inspire too many people but as President she might just push through a few bits of much-needed progress amongst a general maintenance of the status quo.
  12. Where is the clamour for Hetherington (Gary) to get the job? His CV trumps that of everyone else in the game. Is it 'cos he don't speak proper?
  13. Your question made no sense so I feel content to ignore it.
  14. No matter how poor Leeds have been, particularly in attacking structures, this season they bear no comparison to the spineless, demoralised and dysfunctional Salford shambles that surrendered at Headingley last July.
  15. On the plus side, Leeds were better this week than they were last. Onwards and upwards (I dread to think of the hysteria going on over on rlfans.)
  16. Some intimidating history for this losing Leeds side to live up to in this fixture: we've won 29 of the last 30 games against Salford, and the last 20 straight at Salford. The last away defeat, at the Willows, was November '93 in the Regal Trophy when Doug Laughton was coach (although he missed the game with the flu) and Robin Whitfield was referee.
  17. If Leeds went into the middle 8s and could juggle it I'd be very surprised if they didn't attempt to sign someone to strengthen. I don't think the RFL will particularly help them but there are plenty of ways to shuffle the salary cap that are perfectly legitimate. The money would be there for sure if required for transfer fees - whilst Leeds could withstand relegation and could, in my view, make a more than decent stab at an immediate return, the company would take a very heavy financial hit which would have to be avoided at all costs - particularly with the best part of £10m just/just about to be signed up to for stadium redevelopment. And, yes, Leeds do pay transfer fees - where do you think Ferres came from? They paid £100k for Aiton, £60k for Hardaker, a similar figure for Darrell sodding Griffin. Hetherington is a canny negotiator and sometimes buys duds but he'll open the wallet if he needs to.
  18. I don't generally believe in conspiracy theories, so will assume that it's coincidence that for the first time in at least 30 years Leeds don't print attendances in the results section of their programme whilst they have also been expunged from the historic results section of the new website.
  19. Bradford gave away a last minute penalty and then thought the kick, which evened the scores up, didn't go through the posts (it did).
  20. It was Thaler on that occasion, so he has had repeated exposure to Alibert's incompetence in the video ref role this season. I think he's been harshly done to and remains clearly the best ref in the comp but the "don't ask me" comment was probably what really did for him.
  21. It pays to pay careful attention to what clubs say. St Helens didn't make a profit in 2014, they made a loss of over £1m. However they put out a disingenuous press release that led to much excitement on redvee proclaiming a "underlying trading profit (before interest, taxation, depreciation, amortisation and exceptional items) reached break even". http://www.saintsrlfc.com/content/club-statement-4 EBITDA is a common measure in lots of industries so it's not unreasonable to use it but if you lose money at EBITDA level in the long run you are bust.
  22. Unfortunately Wigan and Saints don't make profits. I have my doubts that even the current team playing as badly as they are would actually get relegated, but I also doubt Hetherington would try and call favours to avoid it. But, indulging this scenario, what would the implications for Leeds be? The reduction in revenues would be immense, It wouldn't be fatal but the piles of cash that sit around at Headingley for use in rebuilding the stadium might have more than a nibble taken out of them if the club decides to retain as much of the playing staff and backroom staff as possible for the hopefully, one season in the lower league. Which players would demand to leave? Not too many hopefully but a full season not playing at the top would be difficult for players like Hardaker and Watkins to stomach. Which sponsors would exercise get-out options? The shirt sponsorship alone is worth around £500k, but it wouldn't recover to its previous levels just by reclaiming the position in the top flight. Leeds' primary sponsors are tremendously faithful (2 names on the shirt in 22 years). but relegation is a different matter. All the years of relationships built up with people like Leeds Building Society would almost have to start from scratch, and at a lower level. Crowds? Getting 14k paying, say, an average of £15 plus 1,000 corporates at who knows how much. What could they expect in the lower league? 8k plus 300? Both, the latter in particular, at much lower per diems? It starts building into scary figures.
  23. This commentary is embarrassing. Catalan stick 40 on one of the better super league sides and all we hear is Phil Clark saying how much better the losing side is and bagging the winners.
  24. Parallels have been drawn in the US with the 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial election when, colloquially, the choice was between a racist (Trump's mate David Duke) and a crook (ex governor Edwin Edwards). They went with the crook. I'm not saying Hillary is a crook BTW but when faced with two unpalatable options you have to choose the least worst.
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