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Grey Beard

Is this guy for real?

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I don't know quite what to make of this....

Is he taking the mick or is he being serious. If the latter he needs to get himself up to speed. Aimless kicking from backs to backs in RL? Since when? I have been watching both codes now for over 50 years and I always thought that aimless kicking from backs to backs was pure RU. Sadly that has come back to haunt them with a vengeance now and slow the game right down. The scrums in both codes are a disgrace but at least in RL they get on with it and not be too finicky about binding properly and all that - some of the scrums at Murrayfield last w/e took over a minute to bind properly!!!.

As to Another David Duckham or Phil Bennet - amen to that but it ain't going to happen, they were one offs (rather like Alex Murphy and Billy Boston)

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Yes, he's for real.

Rugby Union supporters know nothing about rugby. If they did, they wouldn't watch it.

Rugby Union's ###### - always has been. I thought it was getting better at one stage, then we have the turgid Calcutta Cup game last week.

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