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  1. Interesting to see that the 2021 World Cup fixtures are still showing on the BBC website - some marked cancelled, some merely postponed.
  2. Diesel was the future a few years ago ........
  3. You forget that, eight years ago, when Sheffield last actually had a stadium, they'd just won back-to-back Championships backed by an average attendance of substantially less than 2000. Anyway, the inference was that they'd get into the top four and increase their capacity for the following week's play-off game.
  4. What gibberish is this? You just say the capacity is 5000 and everybody says "Aye, that's grand then"?
  5. Fev would find something to complain about.
  6. Featherstone has a train station though.
  7. If you're making a point, can you make it more clearly ?
  8. Newcastle are full time. They're not necessarily fishing in the same player pool as part time Batley.
  9. Criminal damage to an Audi. As it says in the quote. In what circumstances remains unclear.
  10. What actually happened is open to debate but the Court found him guilty.
  11. Yeah - I agree. Happens every day in Fev.
  12. Dunno about Batley - they've been "punching up" for a few years now.
  13. We shouldn't be starting before March. Too cold to tempt folk out of the house and the season always starts with a whimper. We play too many games
  14. Fine - I'd give that a go. No, because you need to decide where the Final will be long before you know who's in it. You have a week for the Grand Final and maybe a month before the Challenge Cup. If you're going to play a Final in France, you need to decide that at least a year beforehand.
  15. What would you suggest is done about the tickets already sold, given that the finalists might only be known a week before the final? It's a non-runner for a lot of reasons.
  16. They played their 11 scheduled away games, two home games at Sale against Swinton and Widnes, plus the default game against London, for the record. I'm not sure what your point is about not playing at home. It's not some kind of advantage. Quite apart from the financial burden, experience tells us that teams are likely to do better at home than away.
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