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Giving Wire and Tony Smith credit on their achievements

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Wendall mate, Wire are a super side right now, there's class all over the field and they are superbly coached.

Can I ask why you just don't enjoy the fact?

It's a great feeling knowing your side is capable ( I say 'capable' because it doesn't always work out B) ) of beating anyone on their day, and you, as a fan, have the right to swagger around the grounds with the biggest smirk in the world on your face. However, a word of warning; right now you possibly think it will last forever, but I can tell you now - it won't. Take my advice, stop looking for the negatives, and just enjoy the now.

Well said. B) Enjoy the moment while it lasts. And no doubt Wendall, Wire will get their load of hate and put downs, just like you dish it out to others.

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Tony Smith certainly knows how to get the best out of players with financial support behind him. At Leeds and Wire he has done good work in getting already decent players playing better week in week out. At GB it is different because the players aren't with him all year round and have very little time with the coach compared to a club coach. At Huddersfield where support wasn't behind Smith as much as at his later jobs, he struggled - or rather the club struggled - but then you could argue that he was just getting started as a manager.

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