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John Drake

Foul, abusive language and personal insults.

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This message has been pinned to the top of the forum for over a week now.

Notice to all members

I'd urge everyone to read it and take the message seriously. A few people haven't, and have had warnings and suspensions dished out to them, including FOUR seperate instances this morning alone.


As of midday today, Sunday 26th September 2010, suspensions and/or formal warnings WILL be issued by the moderators against *any* forum member found to be using terms of personal abuse aimed at other members, gratuitous trolling or attempting to bypass the swearword filter.

These will be at the discretion of the Site Admin and moderators in accordance with the Terms & Conditions accepted by all members when they joined the forum. If you're not familiar with these already, please reacquaint yourselves with them here.

The aim is to reduce/eliminate the levels of abusive and/or offensive comments on the forum which have been on the rise in recent weeks, and to improve the overall experience of using the forum for its intended purpose for all members, regardless of length of membership or number of posts made.

If you spot any posts that contain abusive or offensive comments, please report them to the moderators and DO NOT respond to them yourself.

Initially, it is intended that a first offence will cop you a warning and a 24 hour suspension. A further offence will cop you a second warning and a week's suspension. If you don't get the message after that and carry on posting abusive or offensive comments on here, your third warning will be issued with a permanent ban attached to it.

Help us make this forum a place where people can enjoy lively discussions on all manner of topics, whether Rugby League related or otherwise, without being subjected to personal abuse or deliberately offensive comments.

Also, please only report genuine instances of personal abuse or offensive comments to the moderators, not simply comments from people whose opinions you happen to disagree with, as that's allowed!

The moderators decision will be final in all cases.

Thanks for your support and co-operation.

John Drake

Site Admin

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