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  1. Our next Rugby League World Quickfire Q & A is with former Leeds Rhino and new Featherstone Rovers signing Brett Ferres. Post your questions here...
  2. Our next Rugby League World Quickfire Q & A is with former Leeds Rhino and new Featherstone Rovers signing Brett Ferres. Post your questions here...
  3. You can now read the answers to our Quickfire Q & A with Micky Higham online, free, gratis and for nowt, because it's nearly Christmas and we're feeling generous. https://www.totalrl.com/quickfire-q-a-micky-higham-leigh-centurions/
  4. Trust me, I know the way these things go, having been moderating this forum for nigh on 20 years now. It's to prevent your totally innocent thread being locked (or moved without explanation) that I posted the earlier comment.
  5. We don't do politics in this section of the forum. I'll leave this open here on the strict proviso it does not become a party political discussion. If you want to congratulate Lindsay Hoyle on becoming Speaker, that's fine. If you want to argue about politics, in any way, shape or form, please use the Political Discussions forum instead. https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/forum/509-political-discussions/ Thanks
  6. Yes. This. The original point of the thread. Please, everyone, get back to it. It’s Saturday night. I don’t want to spend it on here. Thanks.
  7. Loads of off topic stuff removed. You're wasting your time posting it. It's going to get deleted.
  8. Various posts removed. Please, everyone, STAY ON TOPIC!!! I do not want to have to lock this thread. If you see it drifting, or any trolling, goading etc, PLEASE REPORT IT. Do NOT respond to trolling, and don't indulge in it either. Thanks.
  9. One leads to the other. If you think someone is trolling, just report it to a moderator. Never respond. If you don't report it, and instead respond to it, you're adding to the problem, which is why threads get dragged off topic and end up being locked, because the mods don't have time to keep filleting out all the rubbish to keep them open. The earlier a problem is reported, the quicker it will be dealt with and the stronger likelihood that the entire thread won't be locked. Hope this helps.
  10. Dozens of posts removed. Please stay on topic. If you want to discuss the other code, there's a whole forum for that. It's not this one. Now, Toronto playing in York...
  11. Wrong. It's incredibly tedious for us having to keep dealing with threads like this. Thread locked, as it is no longer about Sonny Bill Williams or Toronto, it is about another forum member, which keeps happening because (a) he keeps posting the same old stuff over and over like a broken record and (b ) everyone else keeps responding to it and making it about him, rather than the original subject of the thread. I've lost count how many times myself and ckn have posted this advice: if you think someone is a troll, report the trolling and put them on ignore. Never, ever respond to the trolling, because when you do, you have become part of the problem. Now, to continue the actual discussion, if anyone would like to start a new thread, please go ahead. And if you do, follow the above advice!
  12. Way off topic and descending into personal abuse. Locked.
  13. Discuss the Test Match: New Zealand v Great Britain at Orangetheory Stadium, Christchurch here.
  14. Discuss the Women's International: Papua New Guinea v England at Goroka here.
  15. Discuss the Oceania Cup game: Papua New Guinea v Fiji at Orangetheory Stadium, Christchurch here.
  16. Discuss this weekend's Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers here. Sat 9 Nov Serbia v Greece KO 12pm (UK Time) Sat 9 Nov Ireland v Italy KO 7pm
  17. I've loved this song since I first heard it on the radio many moons ago, early 1990s I think. I used to own it on 7 inch single, although I no longer have it (or a record player either). For no apparent reason, it popped into my head again the other day and I really wanted to hear it again. I thought 'oh I'll just download it on Apple Music, they've got everything...' Well, no they don't. They don't have this song at all, as far as I could see. They have a version of it by some artist called T J White, which I'm making do with. It's not wildly different, but it's not the original version I wanted, which is disappointing. Anyway, it's on YouTube (although it seems Germino has recorded a few different versions of it himself too) so I thought I'd share it on here, so if you like it too, you can be as annoyed as me that you can't download it anywhere!!
  18. Order a subscription and I'll forgive you.
  19. You mean this... reported in League Express on Sunday night? Get League Express. Get all the scoops!
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