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  1. I'd just finished a 12 hour shift in the office sub-editing on League Express, uploading content to the website and publishing the digital edition. I could barely see straight by the end of it.
  2. Inside this week's issue: Reports and pictures from all the weekend's Betfred Super League, Championship and League 1 games, plus Women's Super League and NRL. News from every Super League, Championship and League 1 club. Editor Martyn Sadler discusses the possibility of the World Cup being cancelled due to a new Covid variant. Garry Schofield thinks a change of coach may be necessary for Wigan to maintain their winning ways while also adding a bit of flair and excitement to their game. Gareth Walker speaks to James Webster about Championship supporters being ba
  3. Just to pre-empt any possible problems in this thread, please ensure the discussion remains on how the Covid rules are being implemented at grounds, and NOT about the rights and wrongs of the Covid rules themselves, which can only be discussed in the political sub forum on here. Thanks.
  4. We discourage file uploads on here now because our server does not have the space to accommodate them. Please upload files to an external file sharing site (there are many free ones of you Google) and just link to the file on here. Thanks
  5. Yes it does include Bromley! Also Croydon, Enfield, Harrow, Romford, Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames and a patchwork of other areas in the South and South East. You can do a postcode search on the interactive map here - basically, if you're in one of the shaded areas, you should be covered by the new delivery service. Delivery Areas As this will be the first week we use this new service, it would be good to get some feedback from subscribers next week on how it went, so please feel free to add any comments here, good, bad or otherwise, so we can continue to work with the service
  6. Can we PLEASE keep this thread about Batley Bulldogs, and THEIR season, and what THEY would bring to SL if they won promotion, and not let it drift off into some endless thread about p/r in general?
  7. We're pleased to announce an improvement to our subscription service in many parts of the UK from Mon 17th May, with your copy of League Express being hand delivered on Monday morning at no extra charge. No more waiting for the postman to arrive, no more envelopes to recycle. MONDAY MORNING DELIVERY! Areas initially covered will include: North East, Hull/East Yorks, North West, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Gloucester, Bristol, South Wales and London. Click here to check our interactive map and see if your postcode is covered. New a
  8. Discuss this weekend's Betfred Womens Super League games here. Bradford Bulls v Huddersfield Giants KO 15:00 Featherstone Rovers v York City Knights KO 15:00 Wakefield Trinity v Leeds Rhinos KO 12:00 Warrington Wolves v St Helens KO 12:00
  9. Discuss this weekend's games in the Betfred Championship here. SATURDAY 15th MAY Batley Bulldogs v London Broncos KO 14:00 SUNDAY 16th MAY 2021 Halifax Panthers v Sheffield Eagles KO 12:45 Whitehaven v Toulouse Olympique KO 15:00 Widnes Vikings v York City Knights KO 15:00 MONDAY 17th MAY Swinton Lions v Dewsbury Rams KO 19:45 Featherstone Rovers v Oldham KO 20:00 The Bradford Bulls v Newcastle Thunder game originally due to go ahead on Mon 17th May has now been moved to Sun 6th June.
  10. Discuss this weekend's Betfred League 1 games here. SATURDAY 15th MAY North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet KO 14:30 West Wales Raiders v Coventry Bears KO 15:00 SUNDAY 16th MAY 2021 Barrow Raiders v Keighley Cougars KO 15:00 Doncaster v Rochdale Hornets KO 15:00 Workington Town v London Skolars KO 14:00
  11. Clearly, this is a political point, and clearly, it does not belong in AOB, it belongs in the politics sub forum. I have reinstated your access to the politics sub forum, if only to try and prevent you from shoehorning obviously political points into every other part of the forum.
  12. This has got nowt to do with Rugby League anymore. Continue the discussion in the politics sub forum, if you wish, but not here. Locked.
  13. Several posts removed. A reminder (and everyone posting in this thread has been on TRL long enough to know these rules off by heart anyway, but here we go for the millionth time)... If you want to make a political point, do it in the politics sub forum, not in this thread or any other thread in the RL section. Do not try to bypass our swear filter by using variations of spellings on words that you know full well are not appropriate to be used on TRL at all. If in any doubt, then don't use the word. Asterisks will suffice. Thank you.
  14. Discuss the Betfred Women's Challenge Cup quarter finals here: Leeds Rhinos v Bradford Bulls St Helens v Featherstone Rovers Warrington Wolves v Castleford Tigers York City Knights v Wigan Warriors Dates and times to be confirmed
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