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French International RL Results

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Hi guys,

I am half of the team behind the Rugby League record keeping/History website

We are based in Australia but want to try and provide as much in-depth information about the international game as well.

For many years I have dug around anywhere and everywhere for many many hours to find what little match details I could about Past French rugby league games, particularly pre 1970's

We try to list full team line-ups, pointscorers, venues etc for every single game ever played.

I have tried to contact people via the French official website, but all the email addresses on that site just bounce back.

I was wondering if anyone information about French tours, World Cup tours, and their games in the old European Championship (against England, Wales and occasionally Other Nationalities)

We're fairly happy with our detailed record for French international games thus far but would dearly love to have it completed and maybe even form an alliance with the ffr13 whereby they can use our data on their site for free (as we currently do with Wales RL).

You can check out our French RL collection thus far at

Click on the links on the left to see further info.

Thank you

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Just an update to say that all French RL Tests and International matches have now been completed on our site.


We are currently working on adding French Tour games to the site in the future as well.


The details we have are, dates of all games, score, pointscorers, team line-ups and where possible, venue, attendance and other details.

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