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Political Animals announce Rugby League Cares as new charity Partner

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The Political Animals RLFC have announced Rugby League Cares, the sport’s new charity dedicated to supporting the rugby league family and its local communities, as the club’s new charity.

The club, which comprises politicians of all levels and all political parties, provides an opportunity for decision makers to experience rugby league on the field.

Rugby League Cares brings together the existing rugby league family of charities - the Rugby League Foundation, the RFL Benevolent Fund and the RFL Heritage Trust - into a single location to enhance the good work currently undertaken. It focusses on four areas of the game: Grants; Welfare; Heritage; and the Benevolent Fund. More information about the charity and its aims can be found at

On making the announcement club captain, Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland said “Rugby League Cares is a fantastic and integral part of the sport of rugby league. In combining the different parts of such important rugby league charities together, it is able to manage deliver more, in terms of financing and activities.

“The Political Animals allows politicians to play the sport we love, and by linking with Rugby League Cares, we are able to see what good it does in our communities. On behalf of the club, I welcome them as our new charity and look forward to working with them.”

Terry Flanagan, Chairman of Rugby League Cares added “Although Rugby League Cares is itself a relatively new charity, its various elements have existed for some time. Under the single banner of Rugby League Cares, we feel we can do much more for the sport. In becoming the charity of the Political Animals, we are able to connect with a group of political decision makers at all levels. I hope that as we grow, our relationship with our politicians will do the same and together we can demonstrate how much good rugby league does throughout the UK.”

Mark Ramsdale

PRLG media

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