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Keith Nutter

Barrow RFC Past & Present Players and Coaches Association

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I was having a few drinks with David Cairns a week or so ago and we discussed the setting up of a Past & Present Players and Coaches Association.

David, Barrow’s last Great Britain international back in 1983, has been keen on this concept for a long while now and so we decided to give it a whirl and see if there is sufficient interest.

“Joining” the association will not cost a penny and “membership” is open to all players and coaches who have been involved with any team connected to Barrow RFC – First Team, A team, Academy, Colts, etc.

The exact structure of things is by no means sorted yet and David’s idea is still in the embryonic stage. However, as a minimum, we will organise social events and dinners and circulate contact details for all members so that players who have lost touch can get in contact again. I would also plan to organise a past players/coaches day at Craven Park at one of the matches next season.

To date I have sent details to around 100 ex players and the response has been excellent with around 60 responding with a resounding yes to the idea.

However, I am sure a lot of the email addresses I have are now no longer valid so this is an appeal for ex players to get in touch with me. There are a few ex players who come on here occasionally plus if people on here can also pass the message on to any ex players they know that would be helpful.

Anybody on here who is interested please email me at in the first instance.

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