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  1. 6:30pm kick off at Craven Park. This has just been arranged with Salford hence the lack of publicity. Our twitter account is still active and the info should appear on there later. Cheers - Keith.
  2. Highlight for me was the young Salford fan crying uncontrollably with pure joy after the match, That clip should be used to promote both the final and Salford going forward.
  3. Couldn't agree more - some very simple things would improve the sport and the referees control. 1 - Stop calling players "mate" and by their name. No need to be so pally pally with them. 2 - Only captains to (respectfully) talk to the referee about incidents. Anybody else does it - yellow card. 3 - Stop coaching (eg bind in the scrum, get back the ten, etc). Simply penalise them when they don't do it. It will soon stop happening. The referees job isn't to make the game flow, that is entirely up to the players and coaches who are currently becoming grubbier and grubbier.
  4. Nice to hear kind words from a Fev fan - thanks for that. Our boys were very, very good today and to win by 50-4 was testimony to all the hard work they have put in all season. The scoreline makes it look like Wigan was a bad outfit but they were anything but. Our lads were just very professional and although we don't keep stats, the completion rate must have been 90% and we gave away virtually nothing all day. Head coach Dave Cairns described the performance as "virtually faultless, as near to the perfect display as you will ever see". That about sums it up to be fair. I can't find a video of the match online but hopefully the RFL will get it out there. It will be interesting to watch it again.
  5. Barrow has ran a self-funded U19s team in the College RL Premier Division for three years. In that time four of the lads who have played in it have played semi-professionally. Halifax ERA in the same Division has produced many more that that number of pro players. So too have others such as Wakefield,
  6. From local newspaper. Hope this clarifies.: Cumbria County Council have announced a two-week road closure of North Road due to start on April 29. The road will be closed from 7.30pm to 6am. The work is being carried out to enable Thomas Armstrong to carry out resurfacing works.
  7. The final is Wednesday May 1st at Featherstone's ground and our opponents will be Wigan Warriors Foundation College.
  8. Furness Raiders entertain Wyke College (Hull) at 2pm on Wednesday (27th) in the semi-final of the Association of Colleges National Cup. The match is at Craven Park and admission is free. Come along and support the boys as they try to reach the final for a second successive year.
  9. Totally agree about Blackmore Phil - he was immense. Farrell very good too.
  10. I thought we lost this match in the two minutes before half time. At 6-6 we got a kick-able penalty but chose to run it. We immediately got another penalty in the same place and again chose to run. We gave it away on the first tackle (penalty for double movement) and Sheffield went to the other end and scored to make it 10-6 at half time, That 6 point turnaround (6-10 instead of 8-6) ultimately cost us in my opinion.
  11. Matt was a great early sponsor of the Furness Raiders U19s and helped us get started three years ago with his sponsorship.
  12. Off topic but what a great photo Padge. Very few of the modern breed of photographers seem to take "panoramic" or wide shots which show a number of players. Most modern photos are close ups which don't give a feel for what has happened or is about to happen. This picture tells a story and I can picture what may have happened to that point and what may happen as play goes on. I can't do that with most modern pics.
  13. You do realise that Barrow's original colours were red and black don't you?
  14. Kick off times in the College league are set at 2pm and that I believe is the case for all College sports. Generally it is lads and lasses at College wanting to do a sport on Wednesday afternoons. However, the College RL Premier division is slightly different in that all the teams are RFL Cat 3 accredited sides linked (generally) to professional clubs and a College. All our players are at College and (in the main) serving a recognised apprenticeship. When we started up we got huge amounts of advice from both the RFL and the College set up but we always knew that sides could insist on a 2pm kick off. We have worked tirelessly (and still do) to secure later kick offs but sadly don't always get what we want. As things stand at the moment I believe we have secured 7p kick offs for home matches against Halifax, Wakefield Trinity, Hopwood Hall (Rochdale) and Huddersfield Giants, We have already played Salford Red Devils at home at 7pm. So only Pontefract (Hull) and Warrington Wolves haven't been able to accommodate our request. Two out of seven aint bad. This week's match is likely to be our last afternoon kick off - 2pm Wednesday at Craven Park v Warrington The above is only a quick summary but if anybody wants a craic about how it all works feel free to call down the college on any Monday when we train (6.30pm to 8pm) and I can give you more detail.
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