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Geoff Lee

Rugby League in Rochdale Library.

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To kick off the Adults Learners' Week, I have been asked to speak in Rochdale Library on Saturday afternoon May 18th.

I will talk about the two things that inspired me to write my four Lancashire based novels (One Winter, One Spring, One Summer and One Autumn). One was my links with Rugby League which go back to 1947 in St Helens and the other was the old saying about being at  work: "They could write a book about this place. It would be a best seller" because for forty odd years I worked in a number of firms in Lancashire and Yorkshire as an electrical draughtsman, met many characters and witnessed many humourous things.


The event starts at 2 p.m. and continues until around 3.30.  I will be reading extracts from the novels, advising those present how they could attempt to do what I have done, talking about the relevance/usefullness of knowing about your family tree in writing a novel based on your own life and times and the importance of including plenty of Lancashire humour, from the terraces, at work  and anywhere else where people gather..


You don't have to book, admission is free and extracts of my novels are pinned up all round the walls in the library..



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