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What does the future hold?

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I couldn't make it to Gatehead on Sunday but I read the report in last night's Oldham Chronicle and if the reporter is to be believed they played very well, and he seems to think that the team is improving week on week into a very creditable promotion prospect.

That is very encouraging, but then I got to thinking of what would happen if we were to get promotion, more likely from the play offs, but by the remotely possible automatic route?

The main questions I want answering are, would we be allowed to go into a higher division if we remained at Whitebank? If we were to move from there where would we go? If we were allowed to stay provided that we carried out major improvements would we have the finances to do the work in time? If we were to get promotion and then got refused admission to the higher division, would that be an end to ORLFC as I should imagine most of the players who might stay if we went up would up sticks and move on. No self respecting player would want to come here after that knowing that all their hard work would most likely go unrewarded.

The other thing regarding the future that is puzzling me is that a few weeks ago there seemed to be a lot of activity regarding the possibility of a takeover by the fans and the possible involvement of Bill Quinn. I think one person said he/she had contacted Bill and he was all for it and would attend a public meeting to outline his stance. When invited the silence was deafening from the person who said they had his ear. Also one other person volunteered to set up a meeting at a suitable venue and suggested a date during the week 8th to 15th of June. Then that suddenly went silent as well. Was this then all hot air or is something bubbling under the surface? 

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