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NCL1 fixture history 22/03/14

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Dewsbury Celtic .v. Oulton Raiders (1991/92 12-15, 1993-94 11-20, 1994-95 12-18, 1995/96 22-16, 2013 58-12) 5 times Oulton have been to Crows Nest park in the NCL, winning the first 3 but losing the last 2.


Ince Rose Bridge .v. Milford Marlins (2005/06 56-8, 2006/07 34-22, 2010/11 20-12) Milford have visited Ince Rose Bridge 3 times and are still looking for their first point.


Myton Warriors .v. Saddleworth Rangers (2009/10 25-18, 2012 68-4) Rangers have only visited Myton twice in the NCL and lost on both occasions.


Shaw Cross Sharks .v. Millom (1997/98 32-20, 1998/99 14-13, 1999-2000 42-0, 2000/01 56-4, 2008/09 38-20) Millom are still looking to take a point home from Shaw Cross after failing 5 times. The closest they came was 15 years ago.


York Acorn .v. Rochdale Mayfield (2002/03 32-4, 2003/04 24-16, 2005/06 26-12, 2006/07 36-40, 2008/09 50-12, 2012 38-34) Acorn is not a happy hunting ground for Mayfield with 1 win and 4 defeats from 5 visits.


Eccles .v. Normanton Knights.

1995-96 Season.                                                                                           NCL division 2.

ECCLES                                     33 NORMANTON                                           17

Tries:- Paul McMullen 2, John Basson, Steve Morley, Dave Potter.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 6.

Drop goal:- Dean Pickup.

NORMANTON                                         13 ECCLES                                                       17

Tries:- Keith Durrington 2, Malc Catterall.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 2.

Drop goal:- Dean Pickup.


1996-97 Season.                                                                                           NCL division 2.

ECCLES                                     18 NORMANTON                                             8

Tries:- Pete Jones, Dean Pickup.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 5.

Sent off:- Pete Jones.

NORMANTON                                         28 ECCLES                                                       16

Tries:- Andy Everitt, Dave Potter, Phil Sampson.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 2.


1997-98 Season.                                                                                           NCL division 2.

NORMANTON KNIGHTS      20 ECCLES                                                       12

Try:- Matt Bateman.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 4.

ECCLES                                      33 NORMANTON KNIGHTS                       16

Tries:- Matt Bateman, James Davenport, John McAtee, Dean Pickup, Paul Viller.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 6.

Drop goal:- Dean Pickup.


1998-99 Season.                                                                                           NCL division 2.

NORMANTON KNIGHTS      30 ECCLES                                                       41

Tries:- James Davenport 2, Dean Pickup 2, Matt Bateman, Craig Evans,

           John McAtee.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 6.

Drop goal:- Dean Pickup.

ECCLES                                      32 NORMANTON KNIGHTS                         4

Tries:- Lee Billingham, James Davenport, Craig Evans, Paul Smith (Hull),

               Paul Viller.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 6.

1998-99 Season.                                                                              Challenge cup round 2.

ECCLES                                       37 NORMANTON KNIGHTS                      16

Tries:- Matt Bateman, James Davenport, Chris Hill, John McAtee, Dean Pickup,

              Ian Stewart.

Goals:- Dean Pickup 6.

Drop goal:- Dean Pickup.


2001-02 Season.                                                                BARLA National cup round 1.

NORMANTON KNIGHTS       14 ECCLES                                                      10

Tries:- Steve Fernley 2.

Goal:- Dean Pickup.

Sent off:- Alan Evans, John McAtee

Sin bin:- John McAtee (2), Kris Smith.

Man of the match:- Steve Fernley.


2010-11 Season.                                                                                           NCL division 1.

NORMANTON KNIGHTS      30 ECCLES                                                       12

Tries:- Chris  Smith, Glynn Watson.

Goals:- Andrew Muscat 2.

Debut:- Mike Foster.

Man of the match:- Andrew Muscat.

ECCLES                                      30 NORMANTON KNIGHTS                       18

Tries:- Mike Forgham 2, Christian Higgins, Mike O’Boyle, Richard Openshaw.

Goals:- Mike Carney 5.

Man of the match:- Mike Forgham.

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